Texas Alcohol Treatment Centers

Texas Alcohol Treatment Centers:

The great State of Texas has some wonderful alcohol treatment centers. Alcohol Treatment Centers were created to help men and women that have alcohol problems safely detox from alcohol and then treat the underlying issues that cause someone to become addicted to alcohol.

Summer Sky Treatment Center was founded as an alcohol treatment center in 1985 and has been successfully helping men and women heal from substance-related disorders. Summer Sky quickly began treating all chemical dependency-related issues after opening the treatment center in 1985. Today Summer Sky treats every alcohol and drug problem that exist in the United States.

Texas has thousands of individuals throughout the state that need treatment, and Summer Sky is a place where individuals can safely utilize the expertise of our medical detoxification, inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs to help them deal with alcohol or drug problems.

Since its opening, our alcohol treatment center has helped over 25,000 men and women find personal recovery in the last 37 years. We continue to use best practices and operate our facility in a manner that respects the dignity of the individuals we serve. We know that dealing with substance use disorders can be complex. However, we have been able to develop treatment plans that are individualized and focus on helping individuals reach their goal of becoming alcohol and drug-free.

Alcohol Treatment Centers

The most important aspect of an alcohol treatment center is having access to a medical detoxification program. Our treatment centers have medical detoxification programs at the same location. This helps by allowing an individual not to have to switch locations after medical detoxification is completed and an individual can smoothly transition into either our 30-Day Treatment Programs or our 90-Day Treatment Programs.

Alcohol Problems?

If you are not sure if your alcohol use is a problem, you can easily call Summer Sky, and we can arrange for a confidential screening, and if needed we can set an appointment for an assessment to help you determine if your alcohol issue is problematic and you need treatment.

Alcohol Interventions?

Many families contact Summer Sky with situations where they believe that they need to help a friend or loved one get into treatment, but they don’t know how to get their loved one to seek treatment. Summer Sky works with all private interventionists, and for those that can not afford a private interventionist, we have trained interventionists on staff that does not cost you anything. We can put you in touch with a private interventionist or our staff interventionist. We can help you, and this is a free service, and the phone call doesn’t cost you anything. Call us, and we will connect you to the right interventionist.

Call Us Now It’s Confidential!

If you or a loved one needs to become free from alcohol or drugs, then give Summer Sky a call at 1-888-857-8857, and one of our admission specialists will be happy to help guide you and answer any questions you may have about Summer Sky Treatment Center®.

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