Texas Alcohol Rehabs Plano

Texas Alcohol Rehabs Plano

Alcohol is the number one misused substance in Texas. Alcohol is consumed by approximately 50% of Americans every month. It makes sense that with over half the population of the United States drinking alcohol each month that a certain percentage of the people consuming the drug will develop mild, moderate, or severe alcohol use disorders. It is estimated that there are about 15 million people who need help with an alcohol use disorder.

Roughly 9 million are men and 6 million are women and according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) around 7.3 percent of adults developed an alcohol use disorder in the past year and received treatment. This means there are a lot of people who have an alcohol use disorder who have not received help for their alcohol problems.

Summer Sky is a Texas Alcohol Rehab that helps people living in Plano, Texas, and the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with their alcohol use disorder or substance-related disorders. If you have an alcohol-related disorder and need immediate help with the problem, you can contact our Summer Sky Texas Alcohol Rehab at 1-888-857-8857 and our admissions department can help schedule you for admission into one of our alcohol rehabs.

Alcohol Use Disorders

If you or a loved one need alcohol treatment our Texas Alcohol Rehabs can help you deal with any problematic pattern of alcohol use that is creating impairments or distress in your life. Many people living in Plano, Texas with alcohol problems may notice that they drink alcohol more often than they intended.

Below are some examples of indicators that you or a loved one may be dealing with an alcohol use disorder. However, it is advised that if you believe you are dealing with an alcohol use disorder then reaching out to our admissions department to inquire about available treatment options is always a good idea. If you experience two or more of the below indicators in the last 12 months, then contact Summer Sky to arrange for treatment for your alcohol use disorder.

Indicators of Alcohol Use Disorders

  • Beginning or already drinking a larger amount of alcohol over a longer period than you wanted to drink.
  • You are experiencing or noticing a persistent desire to continue drinking alcohol despite disruptions to your overall health.
  • Finding it difficult to stop or moderate your alcohol consumption and experiencing an inability or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control the amount of alcohol you drink. An individual may notice that they are experiencing less control or no control over the amount of alcohol they drink daily.
  • Do you or a loved one spend more time in activities that support or encourage your alcohol usage? Individuals with an alcohol problem may position themselves where it is easy to obtain or drink alcohol. Some individuals may need or require more time to recover from the effects of alcohol before engaging in other activities in their life.
  • Some people will notice strong cravings, or a strong desire or urge to use alcohol.
  • Increased alcohol usage may begin to disrupt obligations at work, school, or home. The disruptions may be sporadic or increase with more frequency.
  • An individual may continue to use alcohol despite having persistent or recurrent social or interpersonal problems. These problems may occur more often or be intensified by intoxication, withdrawal, or the overall effects of alcohol.
  • Many people with alcohol use disorders will begin to give up or reduce important social, occupational, or recreational activities because of a need to consume alcohol, and family relationships may also become strained because of the intoxicated state of the individual who is now giving up activities that they used to place as high importance in the past.
  • If an important social event or function does not support drinking alcohol the individual with the alcohol use disorder may avoid, give up or reduce attendance because of their alcohol use. Individuals may also give up occupational or recreational activities because of their alcohol usage.
  • An individual with recurrent alcohol use may impair an individual to the point that they are not even aware they should not be operating machinery, automobiles, or performing another physically hazardous task because of alcohol intoxication.
  • Alcohol use is continued despite the individual knowing their persistent and recurrent physical or psychological problems. The drinking of alcohol only intensifies the physical or psychological problems being experienced.
  • People with alcohol use disorders eventually develop a tolerance to alcohol and they will need more alcohol to achieve the desired intoxication or desired effect from the alcohol, however, some people who are addicted to alcohol may notice they are experiencing less of an effect from drinking the same amount of alcohol that they are accustomed to consuming. It’s as if the alcohol has stopped working like it used to work.
  • An individual may experience withdrawal symptoms related to an alcohol withdrawal syndrome when attempting to reduce their alcohol consumption or stop alcohol altogether. Some people will drink more alcohol or use a closely related substance like a benzodiazepine to relieve or avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Helping People living in Plano, Texas, or the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

If you are struggling with an alcohol problem and you are living in Plano, Texas, or the surrounding area, then Summer Sky can help you recover from an addiction to alcohol or drugs. At Summer Sky we offer choices when it comes to alcohol rehab programs.

We are a Nationally Recognized Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Texas that treats individuals from all major cities in Texas monthly. We specialize in helping people who have alcohol use disorders as well as other substance use disorders who are living in Plano, Texas.

Summer Sky Treatment Center offers alcohol rehab services at its inpatient drug rehab program located in Stephenville, Texas for those needing medical detox, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment programs. Summer Sky is known as one of the best Texas alcohol rehabs.

Alcohol Rehabs

Alcohol rehab programs are helpful to people that have developed an addiction to alcohol or other addictive substances. Choosing to enter an alcohol rehab program can help you stop your addiction to alcohol. Treatment is the single most effective way to stop an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Some people that are addicted to alcohol are also addicted to multiple drugs on top of their alcohol addiction. Alcohol rehabs are designed to help people with multiple addictions at the same time.

Most people that are addicted to alcohol will need medical detox to help them detoxify their bodies from the alcohol. Those that do not need medical detox can enter an alcohol rehab program that offers residential treatment or intensive outpatient treatment programs without the need for medical detox services. However, it is very important to be screened and assessed for the level of treatment that is best for your needs.

What makes alcohol rehabs effective in treating alcohol addiction?

The Best alcohol rehabs will be licensed by the State of Texas and usually accredited by a third-party organization that ensures that the rehab is operating at higher standards than treatment programs with no accreditation status. The best alcohol rehab programs in Texas are accredited by The Joint Commission, which helps to ensure the facility is operating in a top-notch manner. Some alcohol rehab programs have earned special accreditation status.

The most effective alcohol rehabs are those that are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and accredited by The Joint Commission. Effective alcohol rehabs provide treatment using Evidence-Based Best Practices. Since these alcohol rehab programs rely on scientific evidence, research, and industry-wide best practices to deliver exceptional care, you can trust these providers over alcohol rehabs with no special oversight.

Summer Sky Alcohol Rehab Program

The Summer Sky Alcohol Rehab Program is like no other alcohol rehab program in Texas. For those living in Plano and the surrounding cities that enter our alcohol rehabs, you will quickly discover a solution-based approach during treatment at Summer Sky. We believe in identifying the causes and conditions of your addiction to alcohol and then helping guide you toward the most appropriate solution. Some of the alcohol rehab programs we offer are listed below.

Summer Sky Rehab Programs focus on providing a rewarding and beneficial experience while allowing an individual to heal physically, psychologically, and socially while in the treatment programs.

Summer Sky Intensive Family Program

During treatment, everyone is encouraged to work on building more meaningful relationships with significant others or family members. This means looking at the family dynamics and, in some cases, it means repairing interpersonal problems or strained relations.

The reality is others are impacted by an individual’s addiction to alcohol or drugs. Many families desire to be a part of the recovery support system and at Summer Sky we encourage significant others and family members to be a part of the team to help their loved ones recover from their addiction to alcohol which does make a difference.

Our family program is designed to help each family begin to restore their family relations that have been impacted by either alcohol addiction or drug addiction. We understand that treatment is the beginning of a lifetime of recovery and helping the family and the individual in treatment will begin the healing process which is a necessary and important part of recovery.

We understand that the individual that is addicted to alcohol needs the support of his family during the treatment process. The family is encouraged to participate in the family program to help each family member heal. The family program is available for each family while their loved one is in treatment.

Summer Sky Helps People Living in Texas & the Below Cities

We offer treatment services to the entire State of Texas and people enter our alcohol rehabs from other parts of the United States. People living in Plano, Addison, Dallas, Carrollton, The Colony, Garland, and Richardson utilize our alcohol & drug rehabs monthly.

We have a strong relationship with the community and want to be a part of the solution that helps men and women recover from their alcohol use disorders. Together we can make a difference by helping people with alcohol problems find a solution to their alcohol-related problems.

History of Alcohol Rehabs in Texas

Summer Sky has a history of helping the community of Plano, Texas with treatment for alcohol & drug addictions and we were the first treatment center to help many people who were addicted to heroin in the late 90s find recovery from the heroin epidemic that was causing record numbers of overdoses. While we are currently helping the nationwide opioid epidemic across all of Texas, we are focused on helping reduce the alcohol-related problems in the entire State of Texas with a special focus on the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

For over 37 years, we have been treating people living in the Plano community who struggle with alcohol or drug problems. The Plano, community is one of our largest areas of active alumni who are engaged in personal recovery. The truth is once a person who has been addicted to alcohol or drugs enters treatment and then returns to the community in personal recovery, they go on to do great things in life. The success stories are endless, and life in personal recovery without alcohol or drugs is amazing.

Do you struggle with alcohol or drugs?

If you or a family member has found yourself addicted to alcohol or any other addictive substance, then reach out and let Summer Sky Help you at our Nationally Recognized Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center. Our number is 1-888-857-8857.

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