Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Specials 2022

Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Specials 2022

Summer Sky’s mission is to provide the people we serve the best possible substance use disorder treatment possible while the individual is attending our alcohol & drug rehab programs. We understand that addiction is the most severe form of a substance use disorder and requires immediate and effective treatment to help people achieve recovery.

Our treatment programs provide some of the best alcohol & drug treatment in Texas. We help individuals and families to open the door to a lifetime of personal growth and peace of mind by treating the substance use disorder and guiding everyone into personal recovery.

We understand the impact and cost of addiction on the individual and family can be overwhelming, and we are offering promotional rehab pricing that we believe to be reasonable and affordable to remove some of the financial barriers that may keep people from getting the help they deserve. Below is a break of alcohol and drug rehab promotional offerings and a short program description.

Medical Detoxification Programs ($4,500.00)

Some people call Summer Sky to arrange for medical detoxification services only. Our medical detox program is open to all people in Texas and from across the United States. We have developed a medical detox & stabilization treatment program that takes about 10-days to complete.

While medical detox alone is not a complete treatment for a severe addiction to alcohol or drugs it is utilized by people that need to deal with the withdrawal symptoms associated with their addictions. Detox alone is the beginning component of the addiction treatment process.

If you need medical detox in Texas, we can help you with our 24-hour a-day detox center. We accept most health insurance plans that normally cover the cost of the detox services or you can use our private pay promotional special pricing.

30-Day Drug Treatment Programs” Detox Included” ($8000.00)

If you need a 30-day addiction treatment program, then this is the program to help you achieve freedom from your addiction to substances. When people choose to receive treatment from one of our 30-day drug treatment programs they will be joining over 20,000 other people in Texas that have utilized this popular type of treatment program. We can help you meet the challenges of recovery and help you design a new life of quality sobriety. The bottom line is treatment is effective and recovery is possible for anyone who wants to recover from their addiction to substances.

60-Day Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs “Detox Included” ($16,000.00)

When people think about severe addictions to alcohol, prescription drugs, or other illegal substances they may not realize that the brain is the most impacted part of the body system. The brain is impacted by repeated usage of large amounts of addictive substances. The changes to the brain or adaptations create neurological disruptions in the brain and the brains of people with severe substance use disorders often require more time to heal.

The 60-day addiction treatment program helps aid in this process, especially considering that addiction is a chronic medical illness. People who are addicted to multiple substances or who have other co-existing disorders choose to attend our 60-day addiction treatment programs.

90-Day Addiction Rehab Programs “Detox Included” ($21,000.00)

The “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment is the 90-day addiction rehab program. This is the most comprehensive and effective alcohol & drug rehab in Texas. Research indicates that an individual will need a minimum of 90-days to recover from a substance use disorder and this treatment program helps aid in allowing someone to achieve recovery along with evidence-based addiction treatment. To learn more about this treatment program contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857.

Summer Sky’s mission:

We lead substance use disordered individuals into a new life of quality sobriety through effective, compassionate, and comprehensive treatment services.  We strive to provide state-of-the-art substance use disorder treatment in a compassionate atmosphere. Our facility utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of those afflicted with substance use disorders. We believe that substance use disorders are treatable and by using treatment approaches that are grounded in evidence-based practices our patients can enter the recovery process.

We utilize 12-step and clinical methods that are relevant to each person seeking services in our treatment programs. All patients are set up with an individualized treatment plan that is continuously monitored throughout the treatment process. We have incorporated a family program to address the familial and social aspects of our patient’s needs.

Summer Sky believes that consumers should be able to have access to affordable treatment. We provide each patient with realistic financial options when seeking our services. We recognize that everyone is unique in his or her way and treatment must be tailored to meet the individual’s needs. We provide quality treatment for individuals who suffer from substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders.

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