Texas Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab Specials

Texas Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab Specials

If you are looking for alcohol treatment or a drug rehab program that can help you get sober or clean for good, then you have come upon the right promotional offer to set you on a path to freedom from a substance use disorder. Summer Sky Treatment Center located in Texas is a national provider of substance use disorder treatment that offers multiple substance use disorder treatment programs to help you break free from addiction.

Our Texas alcohol addiction treatment programs have been around for over 37 years, and we are staffed by an experienced treatment team that understands that addiction is a lifelong disease and the urgency of getting help now is of utmost importance. To make the process of going into treatment simple and easy we have consolidated the admissions process to make it so quick and fast that if you choose to enter one of our Texas Drug Rehabs you can admit into the treatment program on the same day as you call to schedule your admission into one of our alcohol or drug rehab programs.

Below is a breakdown of our monthly promotional offers and a small program description that explains a little about each treatment program. We hope that we can help you determine which treatment program will be best for your situation. There are obvious benefits to choosing one treatment program over another treatment program and we hope we can help you make a better-informed decision on which rehab program is best for your situation.

Detox Now Program™ $4200.00

This is a 10-day medical detoxification & stabilization program that is primarily focused on alcohol withdrawal or drug withdrawal from addictive substances. It is by no means a comprehensive treatment program as it is primarily focused on removing the addictive substance from the body and stabilizing the acute symptoms of withdrawal.

It is excellent for people who need immediate medical intervention and must become abstinent from alcohol or drugs quickly. The Detox Now Program™ is included in the price for treatment in our 30-day treatment, 60-day treatment & 90-day treatment programs as well as other select specialty treatment programs.

Medical Detoxification Programs are often the pre-requisite to all other forms of addiction treatment programs and without detox & stabilization people rarely become substance-free from addictive substances, so it is highly recommended that people choose an alcohol rehab or drug rehab program that offers a medical detoxification program no matter which treatment program you choose to attend.

Why would people choose the Detox Now Program™ to begin their treatment journey? The reason is always varying from one individual to the next, but some people have a history of treatment and recovery in the past and they don’t believe they need traditional treatment services, because they may have had multiple treatment experiences in the past.

Other people have explained they utilize the Detox Now Program™ because they are planning on entering an alcohol rehab program that does not offer detox services for their primary treatment and because we offer a Detox Now Program™ option they elect to use these services to be stabilized before entering a residential addiction treatment program.

No matter the rationale for choosing the Detox Now Program™ we have gone out of our way to keep the cost of the detox program affordable so that more people can access this program. Since this is a high-demand service please check with our admissions department for availability as this service is utilized by people from across the State of Texas and the United States.

30-Day Alcohol & Drug Rehabs ($8,000.00 Detox Included)

The 30-day alcohol & drug rehabs are the most popular type of substance use disorder treatment programs in Texas and across the United States. Since the 1970’s people have utilized 28-day treatment programs for their alcohol or drug problems and in early 2000 the additional two days were added to make most treatment programs 30-days in length.

The Summer Sky 30-day alcohol & drug rehabs are centered on providing immediate detox services along with helping an individual deal with the acute and post-acute symptoms of the withdrawal process. The 30-day treatment model helps an individual to identify the causes and conditions that contribute to their addiction and then offers solutions.

In addition to learning about what keeps a person locked into their addictions an important function of the 30-day treatment program is to offer strategic solutions to help the individual deal with an addiction. The introduction to recovery-based skills and solutions is critical to the success of people in treatment and recovery.

The 30-day treatment programs are great for people who have never been to treatment before or for people that are highly motivated to participate in treatment and recovery. It’s important to note that while 30-day treatment programs are comprehensive they are still considered short-term addiction treatment programs.

Who is The Best Fit for A 30-Day Treatment Program?

While anyone can benefit from entering a 30-day treatment program some people do extremely well when they enter a 30-day model of treatment. This is not to say that only these types of people will be successful after completing a 30-day treatment program. However, it will give you an idea of which types of treatment programs are best for certain types of situations. Below are some points to think about and some recommendations for certain types of circumstances.

30-day Addiction Treatment Points & Recommendations

  • If you have had no prior treatment episodes and you have a high motivation to experience sobriety or desire to be substance-free, then a 30-day treatment program may just be the best fit to get you on the path of recovery.
  • Do you already have an established positive support system? If so, then 30-day treatment programs are a good fit for people with established support systems.
  • Do you have minimal environmental factors for the risk of relapse after treatment is complete? Some examples are (Negative influences, living with someone who uses, unsupportive spouses, etc.
  • It is important to be able to privately pay for treatment or have health insurance that can cover the cost of the 30-day treatment program. However, keep in mind that most people who complete 30-day treatment programs will need outpatient treatment, private therapy, or aftercare services after discharge from treatment.
  • Do you have available resources for continued care treatment and support groups in your home area following treatment? If so 30-day treatment programs are great services to enter for substance use disorder treatment.
  • If you already have an established employment opportunity following treatment, then 30-day treatment programs can complement entering for treatment services.

60-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $16,000.00 (Detox Included)

The 60-day addiction treatment program at Summer Sky is an addiction treatment program that allows an individual the needed time to further deal with the causes and conditions of their substance use disorder while allowing an individual more time to prepare for the daily practices of personal recovery.

For some people, the extra time in treatment allows for time to not be rushed through their treatment work so that they can make sure they are ready to deal with everyday life without the use of alcohol or drugs. The intensive level of treatment and evidence-based treatment therapies are utilized during the 60-day treatment program.

If you are looking for a solution to solving your addiction-related problems and you already know you will need more time to heal from your addiction because of severe addiction problems or psychological struggles, then consider attending our 60-day drug rehab programs.

Keep in mind that some severe addictions are more complex than other substance use disorders. Example: If you will require more time dealing with the medical detoxification process because of severe withdrawal symptoms or you have a history of experiencing disruptive post-acute withdrawal symptoms and cravings the 60-day treatment programs can be very beneficial for your situation.

90-Day Treatment Programs (21,000.00 Detox Included)

The Summer Sky 90-Day Treatment Program is the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” it is recognized as one of the best 90-day addiction treatment programs in Texas. This treatment program is led by veteran addiction treatment professionals who have extensive treatment and recovery experience. The treatment program utilizes the best evidence-based best practices along with teaching and individual advanced relapse prevention therapy techniques.

Learning how to practice recovery skills while in treatment is the essence of the 90-day addiction treatment program. Why wait to get out of treatment to practice recovery skills, we encourage people in our 90-day treatment program to begin using the skills of recovery while in treatment so that practice can become a reality before discharge.

This is a long-term treatment program than automatically increases your odds of staying clean and sober, especially considering that research has indicated that approximately 2/3 of all relapses or returns to alcohol or drugs for any addiction occur within the first 90-days. Based on this research, even if it is your first time in treatment, it is a good idea to consider attending a 90-Day Addiction Rehab.

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10-Day Medical Detox & Stabilization Program $4,000.00  

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $8000.00

60-Day Texas Addiction Treatment Programs $16,000.00

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $21,000.00

Detox Included with the above addiction treatment specials “Limited Time Offer”


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