Texas 60-Day Drug Rehab Programs

Texas 60-Day Drug Rehab Programs

In Texas, we are known to do everything bigger, and when it comes to drug rehab programs, this is no exception. Some of the best drug rehab programs offer multiple treatment options for those who need substance use disorder treatment. Summer Sky is a Texas Drug Rehab Program that offers more than one treatment option. If you or a loved one is looking for a drug rehab program, then we have multiple treatment options to help you recover from an addiction to substances.

Summer Sky offers 30, 60, or 90-day treatment programs along with advanced specialized treatment programs to help men and women with a substance use disorder. Each type of treatment program is designed to treat people with severe or chronic alcohol or drug problems.

The fact is that treatment centers work effectively for people with addictions. The best treatment programs offer varying lengths of time in treatment, and some people progress faster than others during the treatment process. It is important to keep in mind that some people need more time in treatment than what is offered in a traditional short-term treatment program.

The 60-Day Drug Rehab Programs are unique in the fact that a person is offered more time to begin the process of healing in the area of neurobiology. Learning to practice skills that are recovery-based helps people who are in treatment apply solutions to their problems.

Allowing the proper time to heal the brain along with neurochemical re-adjustment is a process and the more time that a person can be abstinent from mood or mind-altering substances increases the likelihood that they can practice recovery skills. This is a benefit of the 60-day drug rehab.

The best results are 90-Day Drug Rehabs, and there is more evidence to prove that staying engaged in treatment for more than 90 days is more effective than 30-Day Drug Rehabs or 60-Day Drug Rehabs. No matter which treatment option you pick to attend it is a good idea to make sure you and your counselor at least design a treatment plan that will involve a minimum of 90-days of recovery support and this may include staying engaged in treatment services, aftercare, therapy, support groups, intensive outpatient treatment, or sober living for the duration of 90-days. In other words, if you don’t choose a 90-day treatment program, then after you are discharged from a residential treatment program, an individual should continue to stay involved in treatment after you are discharged from the treatment program.

Why do so many people choose to attend 30-Day Rehab Programs?

The 28-Day to 30-Day Rehab Model has been around for a very long time. Millions of people have effectively utilized this model of treatment to help them recover from a substance use disorder. It is considered an acute care model of treatment or a short-term treatment program.

Its primary objective is to detox and stabilize an individual who is actively using substances and provide a diagnosis of the problem and then begin the treatment process. 30-day rehab programs are great at stopping the cycle of addiction and helping an individual clear their mind from addictive substances.

30-Day Rehabs help by preparing an individual for more advanced treatment or therapies. Another reason people choose 30-Day Rehab Programs is that they do not cost as much to attend as your 60-Day Rehab Programs or 90-Day Rehab Programs.

The 30-Day Rehab Program is significantly more affordable. Most insurance companies prefer a 30-Day Rehab Program because of this reason, and it’s one of the leading reasons they prefer to pay for this type of treatment over the 60-Day Rehab Program or 90-Day Rehab Program.

Why do people choose the 60-Day Rehab Program?

The simplest answer is that people with severe addictions to alcohol or drugs need more time to heal from their substance use disorder. The 60-Day Rehab Program helps give a person the necessary time to begin the healing process.

These individuals who choose the 60-Day Rehab Program can often take the time to complete a 60-Day Rehab Program and enhance their recovery skills before returning to everyday life. If you are in the position to dedicate the time to this program, then we want to encourage you to choose the extra time in treatment and give yourself more time to heal.

Now, of course, there are hundreds of other reasons why people choose a 60-Day Rehab Program over other rehab programs. The attention to relapse prevention training is more advanced in this type of treatment program, and the healing of the brain from the physical damage is a reason people choose this treatment option.

60-Day Drug Rehab Considerations:

  • For people with more severe addictions
  • People with co-existing medical and psychological problems
  • People with a history of relapse
  • History of Trauma or PTSD with substance use disorders
  • History of Intravenous Drug Usage
  • People that need longer medical detoxifications
  • Individuals with Opioid Use Disorders
  • Individuals with a Benzodiazepine Use Disorder
  • For people with multiple addictions to multiple substances
  • Diabetics with alcohol use disorders or other medical conditions

Why do people choose a 90-Day Drug Rehab Program?

The 90-Day Drug Rehab Program, a “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment,” has the most scientific research to back up its efficacy. It is recommended by the National Institute on Drug Abuse that people receive a minimum of 90 days of addiction treatment. Since research indicates that people with substance use disorders fair better with at least 90 days of addiction treatment, more people today choose the 90-Day Drug Rehab program over shorter lengths of stay in treatment.

Those that choose to enter a 90-Day Drug Rehab Program will increase the likelihood that they will stay sober or clean from alcohol or drugs. These individuals either make the time to complete this program or have the time to complete this type of treatment program.

Many people have been known to start out in our 30-Day Drug Rehab Programs and quickly enroll in our 90-Day Drug Rehab Program once they realize how much treatment they really need to recover from their substance use disorder. The Treatment curriculum is more robust than our other programs and time is permitted to work through more treatment assignments and therapy in this treatment program.

The Texas 60-Day Addiction Rehab Program             

The Texas 60-Day Addiction Rehab Program was created to offer people that need more time in treatment and who have more severe addiction-related problems. Summer Sky offers 60-Day Rehab Programs, 30-Day Rehab Programs, and 90-Day Rehab Programs.

No matter which treatment program you end up choosing to attend, we will help you design the most effective treatment plan designed to help you recover from a substance use disorder. The reality is the more time a person is in treatment the more psychological therapy a person can engage in before discharging from treatment. Long-Term Treatment Programs can increase the likelihood that you will remain clean and sober after discharging from a treatment program.

Advantages of 60-Day Drug Rehab Programs:

There are several different advantages or reasons people are choosing to enter a 60-Day Rehab Program. The best reason is that they are understanding that more time in treatment allows for more time to work through core addiction-related problems that contribute to the relapse process.

Relapse is now looked at as a process that takes place over time instead of as an event that just happens to people with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. People that dedicate time to the treatment process do get better results and place themselves in a more stable position to deal with life in general.

Research has indicated that addiction is considered a brain disorder that should be treated as any other medical condition and just like other brain disorders the treatment does take time to heal from the damage associated with chronic alcohol or drug use. People do not get well overnight and there are sobriety-based symptoms that must be managed once a person becomes alcohol or drug abstinent.

The additional time in treatment that people get utilizing the services of a 60-day drug rehab program is valuable time and well worth the time and investment to prevent a future relapse from occurring. The 60-day rehab program is now catching on across the United States and all across the State of Texas.

Texas Medical Detox Programs:

We don’t want to minimize the importance of making sure an individual is fully detoxified before then enter into a 60-day addiction rehab program. Treatment and recovery begin with removing toxic substances or addictive chemicals from the body. Summer Sky Treatment Center® will help people to detoxify from addictive substances in one of our Texas medical detox programs.

More Reasons to Enter 60-Day Rehabs:

The 60-day rehab takes into consideration that addiction is a complex but treatable disease. While the primary organ that is affected is the brain and its function and behavior people who complete 60-day rehab programs do recover from their substance use disorders.

Relapse Prevention Therapy is a big component of the 60-day treatment model and since the individual is in treatment longer than a traditional 30-day treatment program there is just more time to examine the relapse warning signs, post-acute withdrawal syndrome, denial, and defense mechanisms.

The time in treatment to work on the physical body is an added benefit of attending our 60-day rehabs, as people can utilize our trainer onsite weekly. We focus on healing the body, mind, and spirit while you’re in treatment at Summer Sky. Recovery solutions are some of the highest priorities to help you break free from your addictions.

To request help today from Summer Sky you can contact our Admissions Department 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 1-888-857-8857.

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