Texas 60-Day Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab Specials

Texas 60-Day Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab Specials

In Texas, we do everything bigger and better and Summer Sky Treatment Center is going all out to prove to the residents of Texas and the United States that we are serious about our commitment to serving people with substance use disorders. Our Texas-size promotional offer is sure to turn heads and more importantly help people to recover from severe addictions.

When you choose to enter our Summer Sky Texas 60-Day Addiction Treatment Program we are doing something that has never been done before in the State of Texas. We are giving away an additional 30-days of treatment for free when you choose to enter our Texas 60-day treatment program. This will allow a person to experience 90-days of treatment just by selecting our 60-day treatment program.

Texas 60-Day Alcohol & Drug Rehab Promotional Offer

We know this can sound too good to be true, but it is true, and it’s our way of helping individuals and families to heal from their addiction to alcohol or drugs. Our team is passionate about the care we provide to people who have been struggling with a substance use disorder. The staff at Summer Sky understands that more time in treatment equals a higher chance of remaining alcohol and drug-free.

We have developed a very innovative 90-day addiction treatment program that is the “Gold Standard of addiction treatment” and our treatment programs help people find the recovery they deserve. If you live in the State of Texas or any other State in the United States, then you should consider Summer Sky.

We do our best to provide the people we serve with as many different treatment options as we can so that the individuals receiving treatment will become empowered to put in the best possible effort to help themselves to recover from their substance use disorder.

Summer Sky Texas 60-Day Addiction Treatment Program $18,000.00

 (Make a Commitment for 60-days and receive 30-extra days for free)

Upgrade to our 90-Days of Addiction Treatment with this Promotional Offer

The promotional offer is good from June 22, 2022, to July 4, 2022!  

Addiction Treatment Commitment

Were committed to providing you with a “Gold Standard Treatment Experience” as you learn to apply recovery skills that will set you on the path to recovery. You can reclaim your life by entering one of our treatment programs as we show you the best possible way to recover from an addiction.

Addiction is a chronic disease similar to other chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

−National Institute on Drug Abuse

People with a chronic disease do require a commitment from the individual of the disease to follow the treatment recommendations, treatment plans, and various protocols to the best of their ability so that the lifestyle changes produced during treatment will become favorable to the individual during their recovery. An individual in treatment needs to learn how to prevent a relapse in the future and how to maintain ongoing recovery free from drinking alcohol or using addictive drugs. When you choose our addiction rehabs, we will help you learn the recovery skills necessary to prevent future relapses.


Research has indicated that, while we have not discovered how to cure a substance use disorder, we have discovered how to treat the substance use disorders so that individuals can learn how they can experience and live in recovery. The treatment combined with learning how to apply recovery skills will dimmish signs and symptoms of the addiction to the point where the person newly in treatment and recovery can learn to lead healthy and productive lives without alcohol or drugs.

Do you need Immediate alcohol & drug treatment help?

Summer Sky does operate a 24-hour medical detoxification program to help you deal with the immediate and dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can surface when you reduce or abruptly stop ingestion of the addictive substances.

Summer Sky’s Admissions Department is available 24 hours a day 7-days a week to help you admit into our medical detox program or other addiction rehabs offered by Summer Sky. You can reach us by calling 1-888-857-8857 for immediate help or to schedule an admission into one of our programs.

Summer Sky Treatment Programs

Summer Sky Additional Treatment Features

Helping Residents of Texas for Over 37 years

Texas Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab Specials

Summer Sky Annual Alumni Celebration & Recovery Meetings

We Accept Most All Major Insurance Plans

10-Day Medical Detox & Stabilization Program $4,000.00 

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $8000.00

60-Day Texas Addiction Treatment Programs $16,000.00

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $21,000.00

Detox Included with the above addiction treatment specials “Limited Time Offer”


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