I placed my alcoholic husband there twice. The staff was phenomenal. They were incredibly patient, kind and understanding. I attended many of the family events and found them helpful too. I highly recommend them.

KCC Big Country
May 12, 2018 Google My Business

The staff was very friendly, from the start. I called to get some information for a family member and the representative in the admissions department was very knowledgeable and not trying to rush any of my questions. My family member end up coming here. They enjoyed their experience with the staff and the facility, that they extend their time here. I would recommend this place to other families.

Jennifer Sanchez
Apr 29, 2018 Google My Business

I am very grateful for Summer Sky. I went there in January 2018 when my life was in shambles. From the very start, the staff was extremely nice and caring. They were also very understanding when I had problems develop on the outside while in treatment and very helpful in getting the issues situated when needed. I did stay for 30-day treatment and then went on to their Intensive Outpatient Program. They taught me very important tools and skills of which I have learned how to be clean from alcohol and stay sober. I now have my life back on track thanks to God and Summer Sky. I would recommend Summer Sky to anyone that wants to get clean/sober and get their life back on track. I would like to say “Thanks” to Summer Sky, and to keep up the tradition.

Ryan H
Mar 21, 2018 Google My Business

I love Summer Sky and the staff. The doctor and Bessie and others saved my life and continue to do so. They care about me and understand. I can call and count on them in my crisis of life events. I am 12 years sober with a soberity date of 7-18-06 I can say without my higher power and summer sky I would not have the years I have had. Addiction is a disease and left untreated can lead to some bad situations in life. Self-medicating to deal with my divorce using alcohol and then drugs. Having panic attacks and ativian from Er doctors to deal with them. I was missing something in life but didn't know what and didn't care if I lived or died. Summer Sky staff helped me reconnect with who I am and fill the void I have always felt in life. Life is not easy but i know I can count on them to be there anytime I need support or just to hear I'm worth it and this too shall pass. They gave me the tools and I have to use them for the rest of my life to see the beauty and rainbows around me. I have learned that to stay sober I have to give it away and to let go of what I can not control...this is not easy to do and requires retraining old habits, changing surroundings and takes time. Summer Sky is the place to be to do just that. Thank you so much for all you do. I could of kept switching substance one for another and ended up dead if not for them.

Lj Curtis
Mar 21, 2018 Google My Business

Thanks to the caring staff of Summer Sky, I have my life back. I would recommend this place to anyone wanting to get sober.

Rick Henry
Mar 21, 2018 Google My Business

I'm so thankful to Summer Sky it changed my life in so many ways. If it wasn't for Summer Sky helping me through a tough time in my life.

cedric Louden
Mar 20, 2018 Google My Business

Awesome faculty. They mean business and give people the tools to turn an addicts life around. Not the faciest place in the world, but if a person wants to get better, things like that dont matter.

Danielle Black
Nov 26, 2017 Google My Business

Summer Sky helped a family member through an addiction. I knew as soon as I met the staff at Summer Sky that this was the place we needed to be. They have understanding counselors, doctors, RNs and admissions staff. They taught me how to help him and to help myself. Thank you Summer Sky!!

Greta Walker
Oct 16, 2017 Google My Business

I went to Summer Sky in October/November 2007. They gave me every tool and taught me how to be clean from drugs but I relapsed a month after getting out. Not their fault but mine. Went again 4 months later and it was absolutely great! 2 days after getting out I relapsed and stayed that way until June 18, 2008 - my clean/sobriety date. It's a great facility and they'll teach you how to recover but the work is up to the addict/alcoholic. I HIGHLY recommend Summer Sky!! The willingness belongs to the addict/alcoholic.

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Christina Calahan
Sep 25, 2017 Google My Business

I hear awesome feedback about this place I offer rides to/from this location from DFW or Love Field airport for more info check out my profile wingz.me/p/javieraa advance scheduling required.

Jay R.
Apr 21, 2017 Google My Business

Cured me of my pork n beans addiction . What a relief i was up to six cans a day . I had hit rock bottom . And was giving sponge baths to get my pork n beans fix . They wined me off the hard stuff . And on to butter beans little by little . Oh and on weekends we would do hoop scotch for recovery tournaments .

James Cooper
Aug 24, 2016 Google My Business

Good place great staff!!

Amanda Landrum
Jul 26, 2016 Google My Business

I live in Washington state, and i traveled down to Texas just to go to this facility back in 2011. I spent the full 30 days in treatment there then returned home with there teachings and am proud to say i have been clean since the day i walked in there doors, 5 years ago. All of the staff was friendly and caring. They care about each individual person and know not all addicts are the same. They have awesome activities, like bowling, horse riding, zip lining, and more all the show and teach you that you can have fun without being high. They also have a bus that comes by on Sundays to take those who want to church and back. They also have yoga and massages to help with pain. The doctors there truly care about your recovery, the doctor even cared and helped me even after i was back home. Thanks to summer sky i was given a new better life. I strongly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a good recovery treatment. These guys are the best.

christell Allers
Mar 15, 2016 Google My Business

This place saved my life and my family there's not a better bunch of people I can say iv been sober since 4-14-14 and it was a long time coming.

Henry Deaton

If you are looking for help for your self or a loved one look no further. This facility gave me the tools to change my life. The staff is top notch and supportive through you entire Recovery process. The facility is nice and the food was great. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of help with what ever your hang up may be. I'm sober today thanks first to god followed by summer sky. I hope my review helps who ever reads this in taking the step to change

Lee Williams

It's hard to say "loved it" when thinking about drug treatment, or rehab (and I was there for detox) but I have to acknowledge it is no wonder this is one of the top ranked programs in the country. The program is 12 step based and I must confess I have some misgivings about AA programs in terms of their success rates, but Summer Sky is 12 step plus, I would say. The staff, many of them recovering addicts themselves, are kind, responsive and do an amazing job considering what they are up against on a daily basis. Had I not been contractually bound to return to another facility after detox, I would have stayed at Summer Sky for sure. I credit them (and some "free" advice from one of their staff members when I walked out of the other facility early) playing a major role in my recovery. I am sober close to two months today. "Thank you" does not even begin to convey how I feel about the team at Summer Sky.

Joel Wyatt

I can't begin tell anyone how wonderful the staff and counselors helped me to begin my journey to recovery.


Went here twice once in 2008 and I remained sober for 4 years but went back to my old lifestyle and just got out like a month ago and I am great and blessed. This place was and is amamzing the workers care and understand. You become family. Best place in texas and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with alcohol or drugs.

Fernando Bernal
Jun 29, 2013 Google My Business