Tennessee Addiction Centers

Addiction treatment from Summer Sky is an affordable and effective way to recover from substance abuse and regain your life back. Our rehabilitation services focus on the individual because we know that each person and their addiction is different from others. We’re proud to provide patients with the best programs that increase success rates and assists patients in detoxing safely and recovering with integrity. If you’re searching for Tennessee addiction treatment centers, call us today or fill out the quick contact form online.

A Top-Rated Facility

We are Joint Commission Approved for Drug Treatment and take pride in holding the highest level of certification. By keeping our facility fully staffed with trained professionals and having a medical doctor
to oversee detoxification programs and other treatments, we are able to give patients the services they deserve when going through recovery. Not only do we adhere to the highest standard, but we always strive to improve and give patients and their families the best experience.

Skilled Professionals and a Neutral Environment

Our professionals at the addiction treatment center are highly skilled and properly trained in recovery. When your assisted with a staff that is knowledgeable, you’ll increase your chances of fully recovering without a relapse. We know that this is struggle that many will deal with for a long time, and we want you to be prepared for each phase of recovery from going through withdrawals to preventing a relapse.
Many people take advantage of our addiction treatment center in Tennessee because it provides a neutral environment with a range of activities. There are a lot of temptations when you stay at home or in the atmosphere that substance abuse was common. Our facility gives you a fresh start and removes you from those temptations.

Let Us Know How We Can Help

Contact our Tennessee addiction treatment center and let us know what your situation is. Whether you are calling for a friend or family member, or you are addressing your personal addiction, we’ll take the time to listen and help you find the right program. Your success is a important to us, and it only takes a few minutes to make that next step towards a sober life.

We Encourage You to Reach Out

Don’t wait another day to get professional help. A simple phone call can lead the way to sobriety and help keep your family together and healthy. Addiction affects more than the patient. Summer Sky has a variety of treatment options and timetables to allow for your own unique needs.  We are here for you and your loved ones. Call and get information today and find out how to give hope to you and the people that love you.