Summer Sky Treatment Center Offers Incredible Private Pay Treatment Special

Summer Sky Treatment Center Offers Incredible Private Pay Treatment Special

Stephenville, TX—Summer Sky Treatment Center®, the Texas drug and alcohol treatment center responsible for helping over 25,000 individuals and families recover from substance use disorders, is pleased to announce an incredible Private Pay Treatment Special that is aimed at helping more people receive high-quality addiction treatment at a more affordable price point.

Summer Sky is aware of the impact of our society’s current economic climate and understands that many people are looking for more affordable addiction treatment options. We are making treatment available at more affordable prices in hopes that we can help more individuals and families who need treatment for substance use disorder treatment services. Summer Sky is offering incredible private pay treatment specials for a “limited time” so if you are looking for treatment services call us at 1-888-857-8857.

Medical Detoxification “Included” in 30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs

If you suffer from a substance use disorder and find it difficult to stop drinking alcohol, using prescription drugs, or any other mood-or-mind-altering substance we can help you safely detoxify from any physiologically addictive substance. Detox is a critical component of the addiction treatment process and unless a person is thoroughly detoxified there is little chance of an individual maintaining abstinence from addictive substances.

The fact is that a person must be detoxified from an addictive substance to benefit from psychological treatment services. However, once a person is properly detoxified and stabilized from physical withdrawal symptoms an individual is more likely to participate in other forms of addiction treatment services.

Medical detoxification is, therefore, a prerequisite to addiction treatment services that are necessary to help those with moderate to severe substance use disorders. For those who suffer from withdrawal symptoms from their addiction to substances the detox phase of treatment can bring about feelings of freedom and help a person to adjust to being abstinent from mood- or mind-altering substances. Once this process is accomplished then effective addiction treatment services can be utilized to teach an individual how to remain free from an addictive substance.

For this reason, we are including detox services with all 30-day addiction treatment programs to increase the likelihood that an individual will be successful in addiction treatment. Most treatment programs charge separately for detox services, but Summer Sky will bundle this service into the price for all 30-day addiction treatment programs for a limited-time offer. This should help individuals and families dramatically cut the cost of treatment services for those paying privately for treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment “Included” with 30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs

Normally Intensive outpatient treatment is offered separately from the traditional 30-day addiction treatment program, however for a “limited time,” we are offering all people who choose our 30-day addiction treatment program an additional 6 weeks of intensive outpatient treatment after discharging from our 30-day addiction treatment programs. This has never been offered by Summer Sky, but we believe that by encouraging an individual to attend our intensive outpatient treatment after completing our 30-day addiction rehab you will dramatically increase the likelihood that you will remain substance-free by your participation in our intensive outpatient treatment programs. This additional treatment benefit is only offered to those paying privately for treatment services during September 2022.

Do you need a longer length of treatment services?

Some people know that their addiction will require additional time to help them overcome addiction to substances. For these individuals, we are offering discounted pricing for our Texas 60-day rehabs & 90-day rehab programs. You can utilize your health insurance plan to pay for the first 30-days of either the 60-day rehab or 90-day rehab programs.

However, we do offer affordable private pay options for those that do not have health plans. To arrange or schedule an admission into our 30, 60- or 90-day rehab programs you can contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss the different addiction treatment options available.

30-Day Addiction Treatment Special (Limited Time Offer)

30-day addiction treatment programs are the most widely utilized type of treatment in Texas and across the United States. In, 2022, we are offering our 30-day addiction treatment program with medical detox included for a limited time at discounted prices. This price break is an unheard-of offer that ensures that an individual will be able to dramatically cut the financial burden of the cost of treatment by utilizing this private pay offer to receive treatment for a substance use disorder. We are excited to help individuals and families to receive high-quality addiction treatment services at more affordable price points.

Most 30-day addiction treatment programs charge separately for medical detox services. However, Summer Sky is including detox with the 30-day addiction treatment to further cut the cost of treatment services for individuals and families that are paying for their treatment privately. For those with health plans, you can utilize this same service using your health insurance and in most cases, your health insurance will pay for the detox & 30-day addiction treatment program.

By including medical detox & 30-residential treatment together an individual can save on the cost of treatment services to help them recover from their alcohol or drug problem. In addition to 30-day treatment with detox included we are also offering 6 weeks of intensive outpatient services for those that complete our 30-day treatment at no additional charge to help with a smooth transition back into daily life after treatment completion. We are serious about helping people get clean & sober and we hope that by offering these treatment specials we will help remove financial barriers that might otherwise prevent a person from seeking help for their substance use disorder.       

Summer Sky Treatment Center

Summer Sky is a Texas-based alcohol and drug treatment center located in Stephenville, Texas. Our treatment programs have a long history of helping people recover from various addictions to substances. For over 37 years we have helped people restore their lives from the damaging effects of substance use disorders. Helping people recover is one of our greatest aim in the fight to help people overcome their addictions. To learn more about our programs you can contact us at 1-888-857-8857.

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