Summer Sky Offers Affordable 30-Day Addiction Rehab Program

Summer Sky Offers Affordable 30-Day Addiction Rehab Program

Stephenville, TX – Summer Sky Treatment Center, the Texas drug and alcohol treatment center responsible for helping thousands of men & women reclaim their lives from addiction, is pleased to announce affordable 30-Day Addiction Rehab Programs at affordable special pricing.

While known for high-quality addiction treatment and their “Gold Standard 90-day substance use disorder treatment programs” the substance use disorder facility is offering individuals and families an opportunity to receive extremely beneficial treatment and recovery services at affordable prices for those looking for 30-day addiction rehabs.

Summer Sky has many different treatment options for those who need substance use disorder treatment. Summer Sky offers 30-day addiction treatment, 60-day addiction treatment, and 90-day addiction rehabs. If you or a loved one is looking for more affordable treatment options, then Summer Sky can help you out with different addiction rehab options.

The Summer Sky 30-day addiction rehab program option will allow more flexibility for those individuals whose current life situations dictate the length of their stay. Additionally, this rehab option also makes it more affordable ($8,000, including detox) this special pricing will help more people who may have financial constraints.

Other added benefits of the Summer Sky 30-day addiction rehab program include but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • Summer Sky Accepts Most Health Care Insurance Plans (Preferred Provider Status) In addition to accepting multiple HMO’S & PPO’S all treatment programs are covered by in-network insurance plans.
  • Medical Detoxification is necessary for those who experience withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop using an addictive substance. Summer Sky can help a person detox from any addictive substance.
  • Individuals will experience minimal distractions while in treatment at Summer Sky, which means more treatment therapy can be experienced during a 30-day addiction stay. For those needing longer lengths of treatment services? Our admissions department can guide you to other long-term treatment options offered at Summer Sky.
  • Immersion Into the 12 Steps, relapse prevention training, or cognitive behavioral therapy during treatment is available as well as multiple therapy options while in treatment.
  • Individuals will be able to experience power, peace, happiness, and a sense of direction during their treatment stay at Summer Sky. For those needing more healing and spiritual connection related to reconnecting with spiritual beliefs, our treatment programs can accommodate you during this process of your journey.
  • Everyone will learn how to hold themselves accountable for their actions by being taught how to function sober in society and everyday life. The root causes of your addiction will be explored along with practical solutions to overcome your addiction during treatment.

When individuals learn how to make safe and effective decisions about their lives through proper substance use disorder treatment the individual will begin to experience a sober lifestyle that is characterized by permanent recovery and abundance. Summer Sky is more than a treatment center it is a place to heal from addiction while learning ways to remain in personal recovery from an addiction to substances. Summer Sky is an excellent and exciting choice for substance use disorder treatment. To reach Summer Sky you can contact us at 1-888-857-8857.

Summer Sky Treatment Center ( is a Texas drug and alcohol rehab center that offers 90-day addiction rehabs as well as 30-day addiction programs for individuals designed around the principles of the traditional 12 steps to recovery as well as evidence-based substance use disorder treatment services. The Summer Sky Treatment team is passionate about its mission to help free themselves from alcohol and drug addiction to recreate and reclaim their lives.

November Addiction Treatment Special 2020

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $8000.00

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $21,0000

Detox Included with above addiction treatment specials


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Summer Sky Is a Texas licensed alcohol & substance use disorder treatment facility located in Stephenville, Texas. Summer Sky is accredited by The Joint Commission and has earned The Golden Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission. Summer Sky maintains preferred provider status with many managed care health plans. Our admissions department is available 24-hours a day to discuss treatment options along with scheduling admissions into our addiction treatment programs 7-days a week. The admissions department can be reached by calling 1-888-857-8857.


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