Substance Use Disorder Treatment Specials for September 2021

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We are celebrating National Recovery Month during September, and we are offering amazing, discounted offers for the cost of treatment at our Texas Drug Rehab Programs. Summer Sky is an evidence-based treatment center located in Stephenville, Texas that serves Texans from all major areas of the State of Texas. We are dedicated to helping people recover from substance use disorders. The reality is substance use disorders can be treated and substance use disorder treatment is one of the single most effective ways to help a person enter recovery.

Addiction Treatment Options

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers many different options to help a person deal with their substance use disorder. When it comes to treating an addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, or illegal drugs different levels of care are offered at Summer Sky to help a person enter recovery. Our overall goal with our Texas drug rehab programs is to provide the best treatment options available in Texas so that you can recover from your substance use disorder.

Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Options

Detox Now Medical Detoxification 30-Day Addiction Treatment
60-Day Addiction Treatment 90-Day Addiction Treatment Partial Hospitalization Program
Intensive Outpatient Program Chronic Relapse Track Prescription Drug Treatment
Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Alcohol Detoxification 10-Day Detox & Stabilization


Note: We offer many more levels of care and evidence-based treatment practices in our substance use disorder treatment programs to help you recover.

We Accept Most All Major Insurance Plans

Detox Now Program™ ($4,500.00)

Some people need immediate medical detoxification services, and they must begin the detoxification as soon as possible because of the withdrawal syndrome associated with their substance use disorder. They have very little time to make decisions because of the physical, psychological, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms they are experiencing, and they need to begin detoxification services now.

The Detox Now Program allows a person to enter medical detox the same day that they call us for help and begin the process of detoxification. Summer Sky will help the individual determine which addiction treatment option™ is best to treat their addiction to substances after the initial stabilization of the withdrawal symptoms. The individual is more likely to be in a better place to make a more rational decision about the course of treatment they need once medical stabilization is completed.

Medical Detoxification ($4,500.00)

Our medical detoxification programs are available to help people with a wide variety of addictive substances. People that choose our medical detoxification programs are normally planning on transitioning into one of our other treatment programs once the medical detoxification process is completed.

Since medical detox is considered a component of the treatment process, we urge all people who need medical detox services to consider transitioning into one of our other addiction treatment options™ once detox is completed. This will greatly enhance the likelihood that you will be able to treat your substance-related disorder and recover.

We include medical detox with our 30-day addiction treatment programs, 60-day addiction treatment programs, and 90-day addiction treatment programs which help in keeping the cost of treatment more affordable for people entering our substance use disorder treatment programs.

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs ($8,000.00 Detox Included)

For over 37 years Summer Sky has helped individuals and families to recover from alcohol, prescription drugs & illicit drugs. Our 30-day addiction treatment programs are the most utilized type of treatment program in Texas & throughout the United States. The treatment program is great for people who have had no prior treatment and display a high motivation to recover from their substance use disorder.

People that have an already established positive support system that they can transition into after completing treatment are ideal candidates for 30-day treatment programs. If for some reason this is not a reality for your situation, we can help you to set up continued care providers or sober living environments that are favorable to recovery after treatment.

It’s important to understand that while 30-day addiction treatment programs are effective at helping a person recover from their addiction to a substance there are external risk factors that can impede someone’s ability to stay engaged in recovery after completing treatment. Most 30-day substance use disorder treatment programs are short-term types of treatment, and some people need more than 30 days of treatment to benefit from the treatment experience.

It’s always a good idea to discuss with our admissions department your situation to make sure you are selecting the best type of treatment program for your situation. We have learned that if you will be completing treatment and transitioning back into an environment that is a low risk for potential relapse after treatment then 30-day treatment programs can be just the type of program to prepare you for recovery. Some people have established housing free of negative influences and their homes are free of people who drink or use drugs in the home. While others have employment or opportunities for employment to return to after treatment, which is an added advantage.

60-Day Addiction Treatment & Rehabs ($16,000.00 Detox Included)

Treatment is for those who cannot or will not stop their use of alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs. The need for treatment and help is serious and can have devastating consequences if an individual does not enter treatment as soon as signs of a substance use disorder are recognized. Most people who become addicted to substances experience physical or psychological dependency. In some cases, people will need more time to deal with the consequences of their brain disruptions that have been created with repeated usage over a significant amount of time of usage.

The longer the addiction is left untreated the more physical & psychological damage that is created and the need to intervene with longer time frames of treatment services needed. To help meet this need Summer Sky provides several longer types of addiction rehabs to help a person heal from the damage created by their addictions. Our 60-day addiction treatment programs are a great solution to help a person deal with more complex substance use disorder problems.

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs ($24,000.00 Detox Included)

There are all kinds of reasons people prefer to enter a 90-day addiction treatment program. People that have had two or more prior 30-day treatment episodes in the preceding 5 years often decide to enter 90-day treatment programs. However, people with severe substance use disorders are often the best candidates for a 90-day treatment. If you have recently been discharged from a 30-day treatment program and returned to active drinking or used substances less than 6 months after discharge, then consider the 90-day addiction treatment option.

The 90-day addiction treatment program is often described as the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment”, and this makes good sense considering that research has indicated that approximately 2/3 of all people who return to their addiction do so within 90 days of discharging from a treatment program. The 90-day addiction treatment model utilizes 90 days as a sufficient time to allow a person to work through substance use disorder problems and offers solutions and encourages healthy recovery skills to be practiced before discharging from the treatment program.

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30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $8,000.00 “Detox Included”
60-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $16,000.00 “Detox Included”
90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $ 24,000.00 “Detox Included”


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