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In Texas, we do everything bigger and better, and substance use disorder treatment is no exception. Summer Sky is a nationally recognized substance use disorder treatment center located right in the heart of Texas in a small rural city named Stephenville, Texas. It’s been said that all roads lead to Summer Sky “The Gateway to Addiction Recovery” and thousands of people annually enter our Texas Drug Rehabs for assistance with their addiction to substances.

One thing is for sure we are among the best Texas alcohol & drug rehab programs. If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs or any illegal drug then give us a call and we will help you with treatment & recovery. We are offering substance use disorder Texas Treatment Specials from January 1st to January 31, 2022. These special treatment rates are for a “limited time” so call and secure your spot in one of our rehab programs today. Since this is a popular promotional offer and only available for a limited time, we ask that you call and schedule your placement into one of our rehab programs ahead of time. We have limited bed capacity for these promotional offers.

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Addiction Treatment Options

People who are dealing with an addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal substances often experience a feeling of hopelessness because of fighting to survive their addiction to substances. It can be physically, emotionally, and psychologically exhausting at times. When you choose to enter one of our alcohol or drug rehab programs you regain your options. We have designed several different Addiction Treatment Options™ because we understand that restoring an individual to healthy functioning depends on helping an individual regain their ability to exercise sound reasoning, clear thinking, and good judgments that their addiction has attempted to take away from them. In essence, we help you get your life back away from an addiction to a substance. You can contact our admissions department to discuss what are the best Addiction Treatment Options™ for your situation.

Brief Overview of Alcohol & Drug Treatment Program Specials

Medical Detoxification Programs ($4,500.00)

At Summer Sky we believe that medical detoxification is one of the most critical and needed treatment processes to help someone with a substance use disorder. The detoxification process will allow a person to be properly evaluated so that they can be stabilized physically and psychologically. Once a person has eliminated toxic substances from their body, they are more likely to choose the right course of action to treat their substance use disorder. There is nothing more amazing than having a clear mind free from addictive substances. Detox alone is not considered treatment all by itself, however, it is one component of the overall treatment process. Detox helps to foster an individual’s readiness for other forms of substance use disorder treatment services.

Detox Now Program™ ($4,500.00)

Some people need immediate detox services, and they need detox now to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms that surface when they stop using an addictive substance. Our Detox Now Program™ takes a minimum of 10 days to complete for most individuals. The Detox Now Program™ is utilized by people who require a higher level of medical care during the detoxification process. People who require detoxification from multiple substances find this program beneficial.

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs ($8,000.00 Detox Included)

One thing that makes our 30-Day Addiction Treatment Program appealing to most people is the fact that during treatment they will gain access to different types of therapy options. A person can choose from multiple evidence-based therapies to help them with healing from their substance use disorders. We have found that most people are more invested and productive during the treatment when they are presented with multiple options to treat their addictions or solve their problems.

The reality is an addiction takes control of an individual’s ability to function properly. However, once a person enters our 30-day treatment program they can quickly begin to regain insight, and judgment and begin making more healthy decisions. Everyone in our 30-day treatment program is guided through the treatment process with a solution-based treatment plan that will help to easily navigate through the treatment process.

While enrolled in our 30-day treatment program everyone will discover solutions to their problems and build confidence in their ability to utilize these new solutions to help them stay alcohol and drug-free. Below are some considerations for who are good candidates for our 30-day treatment programs.

30-Day Treatment Program Recommendations

  • If you have never attended a 30-day treatment program and this is your first time enrolling in treatment, then our 30-day treatment program is a great place to start your journey into treatment and recovery.
  • People that have a high motivation to get help and change benefit from a 30-day addiction treatment program.
  • Do you have an already established positive support system that you can utilize after completing treatment? If so a short-term 30-day treatment program can be beneficial for you especially since your network of support is ready and available.
  • If you can pay for intensive outpatient treatment, private therapy, and/or after-care support services in your home area following treatment then 30-day treatment may be a good option for you.
  • Do you currently have employment, or can you gain employment in the area you will be heading to after completing treatment? People can use the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) with their employers when entering a 30-day treatment program.    

60-Day Addiction Treatment Programs ($16,000.00 Detox Included)

Treatment is an individualized process and as result, some people will need more time in treatment for a variety of reasons. The 60-day addiction treatment program goes deeper into core issues that contributed to a person’s addiction to substances. While short-term treatment is focused on helping a person with immediate acute care issues and preparing an individual for recovery quickly some people will need more time and help to treat their substance use disorder.

Example: Let’s say that an individual is diabetic and suffers from an alcohol use disorder in addition to this they also have a history of anxiety & depression and for the last 15 years they have been going in and out of alcohol detox programs, psychiatric stabilization units, and emergency rooms. They were able to become sober for about 4-months once but relapsed after dealing with their depression and lost their job.

They also have a pending legal charge for a recent DWI, and the stress associated with this has only caused them to drink more because of the fear associated with the charge. This individual is having relationship problems and his wife has recently threatened to divorce him if he does not get help for his alcohol problem.

Which type of treatment program would give him a greater opportunity to deal with all his problems and issues that he will need to face? We would recommend the 60-day addiction treatment program because he has multiple medical, psychological, and social problems to address while in treatment.

He will need the extra time that the 60-day treatment program provides to deal with his alcohol use disorder, get his diabetes controlled and managed correctly, Get the right antidepressants started to manage his depression, and teach him new ways to deal with his anxiety without using alcohol.

If he chooses to enter our treatment program his attorney will be able to use his 60-days sober as evidence that he can remain sober and recommend probation instead of jail time for his pending DWI legal issue. Progress reports can be generated for his attorney by the treatment center to prove that he is making changes in his life. His wife and he will be able to participate in the family program and get personalized counseling while he is in treatment to help him deal with his interpersonal relationship.

During his 60-day addiction treatment program, he can utilize the services of our personal trainer and establish a physical fitness plan along with better eating habits to control his diabetes. By establishing a daily routine and better physical health he will be able to reduce his overall stress and use physical exercise to improve his overall health. Since he has more time in treatment, he can establish a comprehensive relapse prevention plan and identify any high-risk triggers that threaten his recovery.

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs ($24,000.00 Detox Included)

The “Gold Standard of Treatment” is the 90-Day Addiction Treatment Program because it is backed by extensive research related to the healing of the brain with treatment and recovery. It takes a minimum of 90 days of treatment to effectively treat a severe substance use disorder. This is where the 90-day treatment program is unmatched in its effectiveness. Research shows that approximately 2/3 of all relapses of any addiction occur within the first 90 days of abstinence.

Therefore, it makes sense that if you are in treatment for 90 days you can interrupt the relapse process while in treatment to avoid a return to alcohol or drug usage. Another interesting fact behind the research is that even if a person has never been in treatment before if they entered treatment for 90-days they can dramatically increase the likelihood that they will stay clean and sober because their brain takes a minimum of 90-days to heal from the damage created during a substance use disorder. Below are some considerations for people that are thinking about utilizing our 90-day addiction treatment programs.

90-Day Treatment Program Recommendations

  • If you have had two or more prior 30-day treatment experiences in the preceding 5 years, then choosing a 60 or 90-day treatment program is a good idea.
  • Individuals that have returned to alcohol or drug usage in under 6 months after completing a treatment program will fair better in a 90-day treatment program.
  • People that have health factors that contribute to hindering immediate full engagement in treatment. Dealing with multiple health issues while dealing with an alcohol or drug problem do better in a 90-day treatment program.
  • People that are treatment-resistant or have a low motivation level for staying clean and sober should consider a 90-day treatment program.
  • Low maturity level or prone to impulsive behaviors
  • Dual-diagnosed, co-occurring medical conditions or non-compliant with medications
  • If you have recently started a new psychiatric medication in the past 15 days or you are experiencing initial side effects, or the level build-up of the medications are not working anymore, and you need additional time to find the right medication during treatment then consider attending our 90-day treatment program.
  • If you need medical detox from a very high dose of heroin, methadone, or other opiates and you are experiencing strong cravings 90-day treatment could be more beneficial for your situation.
  • If you need medical detox from high doses of Xanax® or other benzodiazepines, have become addicted to Barbiturates or sedative-hypnotic drugs, designer drugs or you’re using a combination of alcohol mixed with other prescription drugs then our 90-day treatment program will be helpful to your situation.
  • If you have become addicted to Amphetamines, methamphetamines, or cocaine or you have a history of induced depression in early recovery (3 months or more) consider utilizing 90 days for treatment.
  • For people with alcohol use disorders that have strong post-acute withdrawal symptoms in early recovery or if you experience high anxiety, impulsive behaviors, difficulty managing your emotions, and tend to overreact to stressful situations this type of treatment program will work better for you.
  • If you have a history of relapse or chronic history of relapse episodes or other compulsive disorders along with a substance use disorder.

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