Substance Use Disorder Treatment Special November 2021

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Special January 2022

Summer Sky has been offering alcohol & drug rehab services to people throughout the State of Texas and across the United States since 1985. Our alcohol & drug rehab programs are among the best rehab program in Texas. We are licensed by The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to provide substance use disorder treatment programs and Summer Sky Treatment Center® is accredited by The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission accreditation process demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement in patient care along with providing safe and high-quality care.

We are offering some amazing opportunities to receive special pricing for our rehab programs this month. This is one of the best times to save on the cost of treatment and remove some financial barriers toward the cost of treatment services. We also do accept most major healthcare insurance plans at in-network treatment rates which can dramatically help people save on the overall cost of treatment services.

Our private pay rates are for a “limited time only” and we are urging people to make treatment plans as soon as possible if they intend on securing our discounted rates for select treatment programs. We have dedicated a limited amount of bed capacity for our substance use disorder treatment specials this month. After bed capacity is full our regular retail rates will revert to full pricing for all rehab programs.

Medical Detoxification Programs (Included in all Rehab Programs)

We view medical detoxification as a critical service for helping people become substance-free from addictive substances. When a person is detoxified from mood- or mind-altering substances, they are more likely to be successful in other types of rehab programs. One good way to view medical detoxification is that it is a specialty service that is a prerequisite to becoming truly alcohol or drug-free from addictive substances. Once withdrawal symptoms are managed appropriately then the balance can be restored to the individual needing treatment services. Since Summer Sky is including this medical service with all substance use disorder treatment specials everyone that chooses to utilize our treatment program is dramatically saving on the cost of treatment because most treatment programs charge a separate price for this specialized service.

Medical Detox & Stabilization Program (10-Day Detox & Stabilization) $4500.00

Some people desire to just use our specialized medical detox programs to help them deal with the physical cravings, physical withdrawal symptoms, and psychological disruptions caused by becoming dependent on addictive substances. This program will help an individual to get to a state of physical abstinence, however, it is not considered a full treatment program. It is only one part of the treatment process and for treatment to be effective an individual should consider transitioning into other treatment modalities of care to treat their substance use disorder after completing medical detox services. Detox alone is not a full substance use disorder treatment service.

30-Day Residential Treatment Program (Detox Included) $8,000.00

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you when you look at this month’s private pay treatment special, we are making an impact by breaking down the cost of treatment. You will not find a better deal for the cost of treatment with detox included in the State of Texas. This is an unheard-of reduced treatment price that is unmatched for a rehab program in the State of Texas. We cannot stress the sense of urgency to secure your spot in our 30-day treatment programs because there is limited bed availability in these treatment spots available.

So, if you are planning on utilizing our deep discounts this month call ahead and secure your treatment bed ahead of time to check if a placement is available. 30-Day Treatment Programs are the most popular type of treatment programs that exist, and they are convenient for most people who need treatment services. They help with getting a person on the right path to treating their substance use disorder.

60-Day Rehab Program (Detox Included) $16,000.00

The 60-Day rehab program is great for someone who has a severe substance use disorder and needs more time in treatment to work through all the causes and conditions that keep them locked into their addiction to substances. Sometimes 30 days of treatment is just not enough time to deal with all the different problems that are disrupted by an addiction and the 60-day rehab program allows more time to help the individual develop good treatment plans and recovery skills before discharging back into their community.

90-Day Treatment Program (Detox Included) $24,000.00

We wish everyone would choose this treatment program because it is the “Gold Standard of Treatment”, and it truly is backed by more research than other types of rehab programs. The reality is that the more time a person is away from any mood-or-mind-altering substance the greater chance of their success in staying in personal recovery. 90-Day Treatments are effective because they allow the brain the proper time to heal while they are engaged in learning recovery skills to prevent relapses in the future.  Most people are easily able to work on their practical recovery programs during the 90-day treatment program to better prepare themselves for a life of personal recovery. The fact that they have more time time to dedicate to the treatment and dealing with problems while in treatment is helpful.

Treatment Recommendations for the 90-Day Treatment Program

If you have had two or more prior 30-day treatment episodes in the last 5-years, then consider trying out our 90-day rehab program for treatment services. People that have never been treated before also get a lot of a 90-day treatment program, because they can identify potential relapse problems while in treatment and design plans to interrupt the relapse process.

If you have struggled in the past with maintaining 6-months of sobriety or clean time after completing a 30-day treatment program, then consider our 90-day addiction treatment options. NOTE: Research shows that approximately 2/3 of all relapses for any addiction occur within the first 90 days. The above recommendations are to be used as a suggested guideline for recommending the correct length of stay. Based on this research, even if it is their first time in treatment, it is not a bad idea to utilize the 90-day option for treating a substance use disorder.

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