Substance Use Disorder Treatment Special June 2020

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Summer Sky Treatment Center® is among the best alcohol & drug rehabs in Texas. We provide substance use disorder treatment for a wide range of addictive disorders. We understand that the current times in which we are living have created financial uncertainty for many people living across Texas and around the United States.

As a result of this reality, we are offering substance use disorder treatment specials to help people receive the treatment they need to overcome their addiction to substances. Addiction by its very nature impacts individuals and families physically, psychologically, socially, and financially. We believe by helping people in each of these areas we can help people recover from their addictions.

Summer Sky is offering Substance Use Disorder Treatment Specials in 2022, for individuals that need addiction treatment, but do not have private health care insurance or would rather pay privately for addiction treatment services. By offering reduced private pay treatment pricing we hope that we can help people receive treatment and help remove some of the financial barriers that block a person from seeking help for their alcohol or drug problems. Together we can help you make a difference in your life by providing addiction treatment and helping you recover from addiction to substances.

Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is a vital and necessary service for people with addictions. Addiction treatment is a great opportunity to help a person change from being addicted to substances that impair an individual’s physical, psychological, and social functioning to a state of personal recovery and freedom from addictive substances.

While the treatment process is multi-dimensional and requires that an individual be allowed time to develop new skills to address their substance use disorders, it is equally important to offer an individual enough time to help a person grow and change during the addiction treatment process.

Healing from addiction does take time to accomplish and while we do live in an ultra-modern quick society people with addictions need to recognize that treating a substance use disorder is not an overnight process. We are offing multiple treatment options that will help a person to complete treatment and recover from their addiction.

The Healing Process of Addiction

Addiction is an illness that is known to develop over time. How much time does it take before a person will become addicted to a substance that is not currently known? Drugs that are known to create a dependency with prolonged usage can begin the addiction process in a little over 14-days, however, when a person is being diagnosed with a substance use disorder the assessment process will focus on at least the last 6 months to a year of alcohol or drug usage.

We do know that people that repeatedly use a substance that is known to be addictive can rapidly develop an addiction in a relatively short period. For this reason, it is always best to contact an addiction treatment program to discuss treatment options if you or a loved one suspect that addiction to either alcohol or drugs have developed.

The healing of addiction is a complex process that involves evidence-based treatment along with scientifically researched treatment protocols designed to treat a person with a substance use disorder. Addiction is not a character defect or moral weakness and people have mistakenly believed this in the past. Addiction is a long-term illness like asthma, hypertension (high blood pressure), or diabetes.

The treatment involves treating a person at the physical, psychological, emotional, behavioral, and social levels to heal the addiction. Research has demonstrated that the longer a person is engaged in the treatment process the better opportunity the individual has at treating all areas that have been impacted by the addiction. For this reason, it is important to create a plan while in treatment that addresses all aspects of the addiction.

Treatment should involve addressing the physical dependency along with withdrawal-related symptoms followed by psychological treatment and withdrawal management of the addiction along with helping a person to adjust to the changes of not having addictive substances in their body.

When Choosing Help from a Texas Drug Rehab

It is important for people to realize that to heal an addiction the process requires time to heal the brain and body from the effects of the addiction. An individual will require treatment services that will provide an opportunity to heal the physical, psychological, and social health that has been affected by the addiction itself. Alcohol rehab or drug rehab programs will focus on helping a person to heal the mind, body, and any disrupted relationships that have been impacted by the addiction.

To properly heal from an addiction an individual will need a certain amount of time to heal from their substance use disorder. People that are motivated to participate in the treatment process will often discover that the treatment process is easier to complete. Everyone that enters a drug rehab program will be allowed an opportunity to face their problems and issues by honestly examining their problems with the guidance of addiction professionals that will help them identify and rank problems that are more severe than others.

When an individual is in treatment, they will have an opportunity to tap into honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness which will help them through the treatment process. By removing the symptoms of addiction an individual is more likely to examine their problems and be open to creating designed treatment plans that will help them solve their addiction problems.


New Promotions Offers for All Texas Drug Rehabs in 2022

Texas Alcohol Rehab & Drug Rehabs Private Pay Specials

Alcohol Detox Program

Texas 60-Day Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab

90-Day Texas Drug Rehab Programs

Recovery Month Addiction Treatment & Rehab Specials

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30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $8,000.00

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $24,000.00


We are offering both treatment programs at a discounted treatment rate in 2022. We hope that by offering addiction treatment that is discounted that we will be helping individuals and families to remove some of the barriers of the cost associated with receiving addiction treatment services. This is a limited-time offer and it is strongly encouraged that if you plan on utilizing the discounted prices you arrange your admission as soon as possible. Once these treatment beds are occupied, we will return to regular treatment rates.

Medical Detoxification “Included” with Substance Use disorder Treatment Special

If you require the assistance of our medical detox program, we will include this service with either the 30-day addiction treatment program or a 90-day addiction treatment program to further help individuals with the cost of addiction treatment. We have found that many individuals that need addiction treatment will also require medical detox at the beginning of treatment services. This is one more benefit for those who need addiction treatment.

Summer Sky Does Accept Health Insurance Plans

If you are covered by a health insurance plan and would rather utilize your health benefits to pay for treatment services, we can help facilitate that process by verifying that your health insurance plan is covered at our alcohol or drug treatment center. The process is rather simple and fast, and we can verify your benefit coverage and schedule an admission on the same day that you call for services.

Common In-Network Health Insurance Plans Accepted at Summer Sky

Aetna Anthem Beacon Health Options
Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS HMO BCBS of Texas PPO
Cigna ComPsych Federal BCBS
First Health Galaxy Health Network Health Smart
Humana Life Synch Humana Magellan
Optum PHCS/Multiplan MHNet
United Healthcare United Behavioral Health Scott and White Health Plan


Don’t See Your Health Plan Listed Above? Call us at 1-888-857-8857 to see if we accept your plan!


Addiction Treatment Programs Offered by Summer Sky

Summer Sky Treatment Center Additional Services

Same Day Admission Scheduling

Summer Sky operates a 24-hour admissions department 7-days a week and we can help individuals access addiction treatment services on the same day that they call to request addiction treatment services. Our facilities are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and accredited by The Joint Commission a third-party accreditation agency. In addition to being licensed and accredited, we are also a preferred provider for many health care insurance plans. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs or schedule an admission, you can contact us at 1-888-857-8857.

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