Substance Use Disorder Treatment Special July 2021

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Special January 2022 Click Here!

We are celebrating our freedom at Summer Sky during November and offering some amazing opportunities for individuals and families to save on the cost of treatment during November. We hope that by helping more people access treatment we can help them experience the freedom that others have attained by receiving substance use disorder treatment at Summer Sky.

We recognize that it takes a lot of courage to reach out and ask for help when you are dealing with a substance use disorder. We want to lessen the financial cost of treatment services by offering more affordable treatment options during January 2022. Call us and we can discuss all the available options to help you with your alcohol or drug problem. You can reach us 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.


Medical Detox “Included in Treatment Rates”

We know that the cost of medical detox along with inpatient & residential treatment has been known to keep people from reaching out for help. We have eliminated one cost for all individuals and family members looking for substance use disorder treatment. We are including the cost of medical detox services in the overall price of the treatment. This means one rate for treatment and further savings for the individual who needs substance use disorder treatment.

The medical detox “included in the treatment rates” should help more people cut the cost of treatment services significantly especially when you consider that no other treatment center is offering this type of special treatment rate. Medical detoxification services will be included with our 30, 60, & 90-day treatment specials.

We hope that by including this additional benefit to individuals and families we can help more people access high-quality addiction treatment services. We also believe these substance use disorder treatment specials are a great opportunity to help more people receive medical detoxification services along with some of the best addiction treatment services in Texas.

Medical detox is one of the single most important components of substance use disorder treatment. The medical detoxification process will involve managing the acute withdrawal symptoms along with helping a person to stabilize their overall health. The fact is that medical detox is a prerequisite for people to become substance-free from addictive substances.

When you choose to attend any of the Summer Sky Treatment Center Programs® you can receive all substance use disorder treatment services in one location, which will dramatically reduce the stress associated with entering a treatment center.

30-Day Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program ($8,000.00)

Summer Sky offers a 30-day addiction rehab program for people who are going to treatment for the first time or people with high motivation for recovery. If you have an established positive support system following treatment, then our 30-day treatment can be an effective type of treatment program to help get you on a path to personal recovery. 30-day treatment programs are the most popular type of treatment program in Texas and across the United States.

60-Day Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program ($16,000)

Some people just need more time to heal from their addictions to substances and this is where the 60-day treatment program will benefit people starting in recovery. Some people go through extended medical detox & stabilization periods as a result of severe substance use disorders. They need additional time to clear the body and mind from years of drinking alcohol or using drugs. Since everyone is different in their needs the 60-day rehab program provides an individual more time to heal and process personal issues that contributed to a person staying in their addictions.

90-Day Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program ($24,000.00)

The Summer Sky 90-Day Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program is the “Gold Standard of Substance Use Disorder Treatment”, and it is just enough time to experience the proper amount of healing time to make a significant difference with people entering personal recovery.

Since research shows that approximately 2/3 of all relapses for any addiction occur within the first 90 days this program wipes out this reality by giving an individual 90 days of complete abstinence along with proven solutions to deal with their substance use disorder daily.

It’s like jump-starting a recovery program with practical solutions that are tested out during the 90-day treatment program before discharge to other levels of care. While it does cost more for the program our 90-day substance use disorder treatment program is significantly more affordable than other treatment programs across Texas.

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