Substance Use Disorder Treatment Special February 2021

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Summer Sky is offering affordable substance use disorder treatment specials during November 2022 for those who are searching for affordable addiction treatment options. If you or a loved one need medical detoxification, 30-day addiction treatment, or 90-day addiction treatment services then consider one of our Texas rehabs.

In-network Health Insurance or Affordable Private Pay Options

Some people will desire to use their health insurance plan to pay for the cost of treatment while others may be looking for affordable private-pay treatment options. Summer Sky is a participating provider for most health insurance plans, and we provide affordable private pay prices to help those who need to pay privately for treatment services. Summer Sky is committed to providing people with the best addiction treatment options at the most affordable rates.

Medical Detoxification Services

Many of the people we serve will require medical detoxification services or more commonly referred to as medical detox. Detoxification utilizes medications that are aimed at reducing and managing acute intoxication and withdrawal symptoms.

To make this process easier to deal with financially we include detox services with our 30-day addiction rehabs, 60-day addiction programs, and 90-day addiction treatment services. This dramatically reduces the cost of treatment for people utilizing our addiction treatment programs. For those that only need medical detox services, we also offer a 10-day detox & stabilization program offered separately.

Detox Program Services Offered by Summer Sky Treatment Center

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30-Day Addiction Rehabs $8,000.00 (Detox Included)

Our 30-day addiction rehab program is utilized by thousands of individuals from across Texas. In January 2021, we are offering reduced treatment rates to help as many people as possible to access high-quality addiction treatment services. Our 30-day addiction rehab programs are great for people with no prior treatment episodes who can demonstrate a high motivation to complete treatment and a desire to become clean & sober from addictive substances.

We utilize techniques to treat people with addiction that has been extensively studied and demonstrated to be effective at treating a substance use disorder. Summer Sky is known for its use of evidence-based practices and for designing a tailored treatment plan to help each individual that we serve. Helping people to achieve long-term sobriety is the overall goal of our addiction treatment programs.

60-Day Addiction Rehabs $16,000.00 (Detox Included)

Some people require more than 30 days of addiction treatment to develop the necessary skills to remain free from their addiction to substances. The 60-day addiction rehab is a great treatment program for more severe substance use disorders. If you have had previous treatment episodes or need a more comprehensive treatment experience, relapse prevention education, and therapy & need time to develop relapse prevention skills then our 60-day addiction treatment program can help you develop the skills to recover from your substance use disorder.

We recommend our 60-day treatment program for those who have a difficult time establishing positive support following discharge. People with a history of relapse are good candidates for this type of treatment program. If you are a young adult who is struggling with the transition to adulthood and developed an addiction to substances our 60-day addiction rehab can help you develop the recovery skills necessary to recover from a substance use disorder.

However, keep in mind addictions do not discriminate based on race, age, sex, nationality, disability, or religion. Addiction affects all cross-sections of our society and it’s important that once a person develops a substance use disorder they seek addiction treatment immediately to stop the addiction from progressing to more severe physical, psychological, behavioral, and social disruptions.

90-Day Addiction Treatment Program $24,000.00 (Limited Time Offer)

We have reduced the cost of our 90-day addiction treatment program so that more people can experience the benefits of 90 days of treatment services. The 90-day addiction treatment program is considered the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment”. Research has shown that approximately 2/3 of all relapses of any addiction occur within the first 90 days. Based on research, even if a person has never been to treatment before it is a good idea to treat a substance use disorder with a 90-day treatment program. Below are some points to consider for people who may need a 90-day treatment program.

  • If you have had two or more prior 30-day addiction treatment episodes in the preceding five years, then choosing a 90-day treatment program is often the best choice for treatment.
  • Some people go to treatment and relapse or return to their addiction less than 6 months after discharge from a treatment program. If this has recently happened to you then consider utilizing the services of our 90-day treatment program.
  • People with addictions often develop health problems that impede immediate full engagement in treatment, and they require more attention to their health & substance use disorder to recover. These individuals can benefit from the additional days of treatment.
  • From time to time a person may be resistant to seeking help for their substance use disorder or they may have a low motivation for treatment & recovery. In this case, our 90-day treatment program can help a person to develop the motivation to recover.
  • Sometimes people have multiple issues that need to be treated for example people with dual-diagnosis disorders may need to become medication compliant along with a substance use disorder. Our 90-day addiction treatment program can treat the substance use disorder while allowing an individual to also deal with medication compliance for their other disorders.

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