Substance Use Disorder Treatment & Alcohol & Drug Rehab June 2021 Specials

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It is time to get clean and sober in November! For a limited time, Summer Sky Treatment Center is offering substance use disorder treatment & alcohol & drug rehab program specials at discounted prices during January 2022. We hope that if you are looking for high-quality addiction treatment and you are desiring to save on the cost of treatment then one of our rehab options will help you meet your need to become alcohol or drug-free.

Medical Detoxification

People with alcohol or drug problems often discover that they need medical detoxification services to help them get completely free from addictive substances. Summer Sky offers several different detox programs to help people with their immediate withdrawal symptoms. Medical detoxification is a good way to remove a substance from your body and help stabilize your addiction to substances. Once a person is cleared of withdrawal symptoms, they are more likely to think better and make more informed decisions about their life and engage in treatment services. You can contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss our detox programs.

Detox & Stabilization Programs

While detoxification, by itself is not a complete treatment for substance use disorder treatment it is often the first component of treatment services that an individual enters to begin the process of treatment. One good way to view detox & stabilization is it’s a necessary service to help evaluate, stabilize, and prepare an individual for substance use disorder treatment. For many people, it is a prerequisite to other substance use disorder treatment services.

30-Day Alcohol or Drug Rehab Programs

There are a wide variety of treatment options for people looking for alcohol or drug treatment. One of the most utilized types of treatment programs is the 30-day addiction treatment program. People have been attending 30-day rehabs because they allow an individual to address the acute care issues associated with most addictions. They are convenient and time-sensitive treatment programs that allow people to deal with the acute aspect of their substance use disorders. Once a person is medically stable from medical detoxification then often people step down into a 30-day treatment program.

60-Day Alcohol or Drug Rehab Programs

The reality is that some people will need more than 30 days of treatment to establish a good foundation for personal recovery. The 60-day rehab program was created to help people transition from core treatment issues into learning more recovery skills before discharge from a treatment program. The extra time is reported by people that utilize 60-day rehabs as helpful to internalize more solutions while in treatment and the extra time does allow the individual more time to heal their body. The body & mind is not always prepared for the recovery skills that are needed to remain clean and sober with a shorter duration of treatment programs. The 60-day rehab program is ideal for people with more severe substance use disorders.

90-Day Alcohol or Drug Rehab Programs

The 90-day alcohol or drug rehab is considered the “Gold standard” of addiction treatment. The 90 days will help to ensure a more balanced and stable recovery before discharge from treatment services. People with more severe substance use disorders, history of relapses, or co-existing health conditions utilize 90-day treatment programs to make sure they are prepared for personal recovery. During a 90-day treatment, most people can learn and apply more solutions to their problems. If you are interested in this program, contact our admissions department for more information at 1-888-857-8857.

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