Spring is in the Air

spring is in the air
Animal Therapy in Addiction Recovery

Spring is in the air here at Summer Sky. Spring is a time for new beginnings with all things. It is a time that nature sheds the old dead leaves and you see a glimmer of life with the tiny sparkle of fresh green leaves budding from the trees and a glimmer of new life within the grass of your yard. What died and/or looks dead becomes alive and hopeful. The animals are all hyped up and there is new life coming from under the coldness of winter.

Just like the things in nature…We here at Summer Sky see a glimmer of new hope and new beginnings in the clients that walk thru our doors. We see our therapy dogs bring out the best in people and they too seem to have a breath of new life and energy.

Animal Therapy in Addiction Recovery
Summer Sky Treatment Center

It is never too late to seek out help. Your life is not at an end. There are new beginnings and a hopeful future for you. We at Summer Sky are dedicated to helping you start a new beginning in your life. You do not have to continue the path that is striping things from you. You don’t have to keep feeling alone, abandoned or that no one knows or understands. Many of our staff have been in your shoes and found a new beginning with years of sobriety and recovery themselves. Our therapy dogs and dedicated staff are here to help you find your new beginning. They sense your feelings of despair and are comforting to help get you on a path of smiles and feeling worthy of love and affection in your life again. They help build trust and love all they meet unconditionally. They help you learn to fill the void in your life and find coping skills to deal with life on life’s terms.

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It is never too late to start a new beginning in your life…. We have various levels of care (Detox, Residential, Partial, and IOP) programs and accept most major insurances. We have dedicated staff, 24-hour medical monitoring, one on one and group counseling. Give us a call today!!!

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