Spring into Addiction Treatment Specials in 2021

Spring into Addiction Treatment Specials in 2022

It is that time of the year when Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Center offers individuals & families an opportunity to receive more affordable pricing for people who are looking for addiction treatment. Each month Summer Sky offers various discounted treatment options with a select few of its more popular addiction treatment programs.

Our Spring into Addiction Treatment Special is popular in the State of Texas as well as for people living across the United States. Summer Sky is among the best national addiction treatment centers to offer monthly affordable treatment options. We hope that by providing affordable treatment options more people will reach out and get the help they deserve.

We Do Accept Most All Major Health Insurance Plans


Offer Private Pay Options!


Medical Detox & Stabilization Programs (Detox Now™) 10-Day Detox Program

If you need medical detoxification services, then you will discover that our comprehensive medical detox services can help an individual who is physically dependent on alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or a combination of these drugs. Often a person who enters medical detox will require medical intervention with addictive substances that cause withdrawal symptoms. Summer Sky will help assist an individual to safely and comfortably detoxify from whatever addictive substance that the individual has developed a dependency upon. If you require medical detox as well as help with the management of withdrawal symptoms then this program can help a person detoxify from alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal substances, or a combination of other addictive substances. The Summer Sky Medical Detox & Stabilization Program™ is utilized by thousands of people in Texas and around the United States annually. We aim to provide the safest and most comfortable experience for your detox needs.

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs ($8,000.00)

It is well-established and known that a 30-day addiction treatment program is one of the most popular types of treatment programs. The Summer Sky 30-Day Addiction Treatment Program is no exception to this reality. Our 30-day addiction treatment programs have been utilized for over 37 years by residents of Texas and people from across the United States. Treatment is the most effective way to help someone who has developed a substance use disorder. In addition to providing an individual with 30 days of addiction treatment, we also include medical detox in this affordable price option.

60-Day Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs ($16,000.00)

Some individuals will require more treatment than 30 days and for these individuals, we have available 60-day addiction treatment programs. Some individuals will experience longer medical detox experiences, and this means more treatment is needed to help an individual to have the necessary time to work through physical and psychological problems that have been exacerbated by their addictions to substances.

This program is especially helpful to individuals that suffer from cravings, or a strong desire or urge to return to alcohol or drug usage. People that have completed a 30-day rehab program in the past may need to consider this addiction treatment option. To discuss these options further please mention at the time of your inquiry call with our admission specialist that you are interested in discussing our 60-day addiction treatment program. Some people do start in our 30-day addiction treatment programs and then transfer into our 60-day addiction treatment programs.

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs ($24,000.00) Limited Time Offer!

This is the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” and is utilized by individuals that require more physical & psychological treatment services. Many people have discovered that they need more time to accomplish all the healing required to address their substance use disorder.

There is no doubt that more treatment will always increase the likelihood that you are more prepared to deal with and face the normal stress associated with becoming alcohol or drug-free from substances. The 90-day addiction treatment program allows more time for the healing of the brain from the damage associated with severe substance usage. People that have been addicted to multiple substances for long periods are ideal candidates for this type of treatment. If you are interested in this type of treatment program mention it to our admission department at the time of the call to discuss this treatment option.

Do you need addiction treatment now?

Call us at 1-888-857-8857 and one of our 24-hour a-day admission specialists will help to assist you with more information or help you to arrange an admission into one of the treatment programs. If you need treatment today, we do offer same-day admissions for people needing immediate help. Individuals and families can also schedule an admission to secure our limited-time special price offers.

Addiction Treatment & Recovery Texas Drug Rehabs Special Rates

30-Day Alcohol Treatment Program (Detox Included) $8,000.00

30-Day Drug Treatment Program (Detox Included) $8000.00

90-Day Alcohol Treatment Program (Detox Included) $24,000.00

90-Day Drug Treatment Program (Detox Included) $24,000.00


Terms & Conditions:

Spring into treatment special is a limited-time offer and is offered on a first come first serve. There is limited availability for the “Spring into Addiction Treatment Special” so we are recommending that either the individual or family secure the bed ahead of time, due to the high demand for private pay discounts being utilized during January 2022. Spring into treatment offers is not available with any other promotional offerings, and no refunds are offered for discounted treatment specials, so please plan to complete treatment.

Relapse Warranties can be purchased separately to protect your treatment investment; however, all treatment costs and warranty must be paid upfront at the time of admission into the program. See the terms and conditions of the relapse warranty on the relapse warranty page

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