South Dakota Addiction Centers

Summer Sky is a top-rated addiction center in South Dakota where you can seek immediate assistance
to deal with addictions. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe and may require medical help. Summer
Sky medical detox programs have a team of doctors and nurses who can stabilize any withdrawal
symptoms you may have and help you choose a rehab program where you can learn the skills needed to
get sober and stay sober. Summer Sky South Dakota addiction treatment center has helped many men
and women break the cycle of addiction since opening its doors 30 plus years ago. You, too, can find the
strength to overcome addiction when you choose Summer Sky addiction treatment center.

Don’t Let Alcohol Drive Your Family Apart

Are You Looking for an Addiction Treatment Center?

There are several options when you are seeking an addiction treatment center that is right for you. Your
stay depends on what type of program you feel best meets your needs. Summer Sky offers 30-day and
90-day treatment stays as well as extensive outpatient programs if a long stint away from home isn’t the
right option for you and your family. Whatever program you choose, you can rest assured each program
is specifically designed to meet your needs. No two programs are exactly alike. Get the help you need
and deserve to overcome addiction at Summer Sky.

We Encourage You to Reach Out

Do You Have a Support System?

Attempting to break addiction alone at home can prove to be a difficult feat. Temptations abound in
your home environment that can trigger past habits. South Dakota addiction treatment centers are a
safe and neutral space where you can find support and encouragement to overcome addiction without
temptation. Caring staff member such as doctors, nurses, and counselors give support and guidance to
help you throughout the recovery process. With expert care and encouragement from staff and
patients around you, you can find the strength to get sober and stay sober.

About Summer Sky

Summer Sky is Joint Commission Approved for drug treatment, meaning they have finished an extensive
process to ensure they offer only the highest quality of care to receive this highest level of certification.
As a top-rated drug rehab, they are also affordable. You deserve to be able to receive the care you need
without fear of financially burdening your family. That is why we offer some of the lowest treatment
rates among South Dakota addiction treatment centers. Summer Sky also accepts in-network plans to
further lower the cost of addiction treatment. Receive high-quality care at affordable prices and get
your life back when you choose Summer Sky for addiction treatment.