South Carolina Addiction Centers

Choosing a quality addiction center in your region when trying to overcome an addiction can take time, but it’s worth being selective about who you choose to work with. Not all South Carolina addiction treatment centers are created equally, so you should consider which facilities will have the best impact on your recovery from any kind of addiction.

Overcoming your addiction will not only improve your physical and psychological health but will also improve the quality of your relationships with the people around you, from yourself to your family and friends to your local community.


Consider These 5 Factors When Deciding on a South Carolina Addiction Center

These factors will help you to narrow down your list and ask questions of each addiction center you are considering.

  • Number of patients helped and success rate. This will help you get a generalized idea of how effective the treatment is at a particular addiction treatment center. Don’t forget that the level of commitment you have to your treatment makes just as much of a difference in the success of your rehabilitation.
  • Diversity in addiction treatment options available at the South Carolina addiction treatment center. It can be helpful to choose a treatment center that has a variety of options available, especially if you have stricter constraints, such as budget and schedule, or require more specialized care for your unique situation.
  • The environment and atmosphere. It goes a long way to have a warm, supportive and family-like atmosphere, as well as an environment that is overall uplifting and encouraging.
  • Socialization opportunities and activities with other patients. It’s helpful for newer patients to meet with other patients, learn that they aren’t alone in their journey, and can talk with other people who are in a similar position or further along in their treatment.
  • The level of quality care. You want to work with an addiction treatment center in South Carolina that uses the best clinical practices and goes the extra step to create a personalized treatment plan for you, since each patient is unique.

Choose Summer Sky as Your South Carolina Addiction Center!

Consider Summer Sky as your South Carolina addiction treatment center. We are officially approved for drug treatment by the Joint Commission (the highest available certification) and we are committed to helping you get personalized addiction treatment that will help you succeed in your rehabilitation.

Summer Sky provides some of the lowest rates available in the area, accepts all major insurances, and has a variety of short-term and long-term treatment options available. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we will help you succeed in overcoming your addiction.