Slam Dunk on Addiction During March Madness

Special March Madness Treatment Specials:

Every March Summer Sky offers a slam dunk on addiction campaign to help more people receive high-quality substance use disorder treatment. Our campaign is designed to provide more people with an opportunity to experience treatment at a recognized national and state substance use disorder treatment center. Treatment works and our evidenced based alcohol and drug treatment centers can help you stop the madness of addiction in your life or a loved one’s life.

March Madness Treatment Specials “Reasonable Private Pay Options” for Treatment:

Summer Sky Treatment Center is offering an amazing opportunity for people to receive alcohol and drug treatment at either our 30-Day Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs or our 90-Day Alcohol or Drug Treatment Programs during the month of March. We are slam dunking addiction by making treatment reasonable and affordable. Call us at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss private pay options. We also accept most private health insurance plans for treatment services.

Summer Sky Does Accept All Major HealthCare Insurance Plans: 

Some people desire to attend our evidence-based 30-day treatment centers that are looking to minimize the cost of treatment by utilizing private health insurance to pay for treatment. Summer Sky accepts most private health insurance plans even HMO or PPO plans. We are a preferred provider for major health insurance plans, and we are an in-network provider.

Medical Detox Includes in Our Treatment Programs

No need to go to treatment at multiple locations because our main treatment center offers medical detoxification and 30-Day treatment in one location. This allows for a smoother treatment experience by receiving treatment at one central location.

Do you need more than 30-Days of Treatment? Then Consider Our 90-Day Treatment Programs:

Individuals and circumstances sometimes require a person to attend treatment for a longer length of time. Summer Sky offers 90-Day Treatment Programs which are considered the Gold Standard of Treatment. During the month of March Madness contact our admissions staff to discuss reasonable and affordable treatment pricing for this program.

Specialized Treatment Programs:

Summer Sky offers a few different specialized substance use disorder treatment programs that individuals may need. Contact our admissions team to discuss our March Madness Specials related to our treatment programs.

Specialized Treatment Programs

Do you need treatment now?

If you need alcohol or drug treatment and would like to discuss treatment options, then please contact our Summer Sky Admissions Specialist. We can help you narrow down the right treatment program for your specific needs. Same day admissions can be scheduled 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

About Summer Sky:     

Summer Sky is a full-service 30-Day and 90-day substance use disorder treatment center in Texas. We are licensed by The Texas Department of State Health Services and accredited by The Joint Commission. We offer medical detox and residential treatment. You can contact us at 1-888-857-8857. 

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