Short-Term Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs

Short-Term Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs

Short-term alcohol & drug rehab programs are among the most popular types of treatment programs in Texas and throughout the United States. People choose to attend short-term treatment programs for many different reasons. However, the main reason is to deal with alcohol, prescription drug, or other addictive substances. People that have alcohol & drug addictions are dealing with a chronic health condition that is like other chronic medical conditions. The recurrence rates are very similar to diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. Scientific evidence has shown that substance use disorders are treatable medical conditions. While short-term alcohol and drug rehab programs do a great job at stabilizing the addiction to the substances, they will need comprehensive continuing care services because this is just as important as acute-care stabilization addiction treatment.

Short-term alcohol and drug rehab programs are attractive alternatives to longer types of addiction rehab programs. Treatment is a process that happens over time with a substance use disorder or addiction-related disorders. The duration of treatment is different for each individual and is based on the severity of addiction along with different needs that are presented during the assessment process of the evaluation. There is no doubt that people will require different levels of care of treatment and the level of care will be associated with each level of care of a need.

One example of the difference would be someone with an alcohol use disorder may require medical detoxification and this may take the individual around 7 to 10-days to fully stabilize from the withdrawal symptoms associated with their alcohol use disorder. However, another person may only need 5-to 6-days of medical detox services. These examples illustrate that each person is different especially when you add in multiple co-existing disorders like high blood pressure or diabetes or other medical conditions during the treatment process.

Most short-term alcohol & drug rehabs are designed to focus attention on all the primary acute physical & psychological related aspects of an addiction-related use disorder. While time is important to the individual receiving the treatment there will be times when more care is occasionally needed to heal properly during the treatment process. People are naturally looking for treatment services that are shorter in duration so that they can get back into the natural order of living their life alcohol or drug-free. Keep in mind that short-term alcohol & drug treatment will focus on the primary acute effects of a substance-related disorder. It is also important to remember that a substance use disorder is a chronic health condition and abstinence along with continued recovery support will continue throughout the remainder of an individual’s life.

What Are the Types of Short-Term Alcohol & Drug Rehabs?

If you are looking for a quick and easy fix to deal with your substance use disorder, there are no quick and easy fixes to a substance use disorder. Now, you can access treatment today quickly and begin working on the solution immediately. This is the good news if you desire to stop drinking alcohol or drugs there is help available. If you need immediate assistance, you can contact Summer Sky Treatment Centers at 1-888-857-8857 and an admissions specialist can help answer questions and guide you through the selection of what type of rehab program is best for your situation.

Medical Detoxification Programs

Medical Detoxification programs are utilized as short-term stabilization programs to help a person deal with the withdrawal syndrome associated with different physically addictive substances. Detox alone is not considered a full treatment for a substance use disorder, but it is a component of a substance use disorder treatment program. A medical Detox program will last around 10-days with stabilization included in the detox process.

30-Day Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs

This type of short-term treatment program is normally utilized by most people in our society. It is normally covered by most health insurance plans and involves more comprehensive services offered during the treatment process than a stand-alone medical detox experience. The continuing care process is just as important as the treatment techniques and strategies offered during the treatment process. In other words, while 30-day alcohol & drug rehabs are effective approaches to helping an individual get on the right path toward substance use recovery there will be a need for more treatment-related services after completing a 30-day addiction treatment program.

21-Day Specialty Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs

An example of a 21-Day specialty alcohol and drug rehab program is a program that is offered by Summer Sky called the Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Track™ and this program is designed for men and women who have had a history of relapse. Think along the lines of someone who has attempted treatment repeatedly, but some areas need to be addressed related to the relapse process that the individual is missing while in the recovery process once they leave treatment. The focus may be on medical detox & stabilization, learning to identify and manage post-acute withdrawal syndrome, relapse warning sign management, and a lot of other relapse prevention areas that an individual will focus need to work on during this type of treatment.

60-Day Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehabs

While 60-Days Programs may sound like a long time in treatment the days go by very fast, because of the amount of treatment offered in the 60-day rehab program most people report that the treatment experience goes by very fast. We tend to believe that is because of how much comprehensive treatment is being offered to the individual engaged in this type of short-term addiction rehab program. The fact is some people just need more time in treatment to deal with their substance use disorder and need more time to put the solutions into practice.

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