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Addiction can leave many feeling defeated and hopeless.  But drug rehabs in San Antonio, Texas give people the tools, resources, and support needed to overcome addiction and begin the road to recovery.  At Summer Sky, our mission in life is to provide quality treatment programs designed to meet the individual needs of each and every person at Summer Sky.  Fight drug abuse in San Antonio and combat addictions at Summer Sky drug rehab.

A Top-Rated Rehab Facility

Summer Sky stands out among the rest as an excellent rehab facility that has been joint commission approved for drug treatment.  This highest certification ensures that you are receiving quality treatment at a top-rated rehab facility. Summer Sky strives to make treatment available to all.  They accept all major insurances and offer some of the most affordable treatment rates among San Antonio drug rehabs. The exceptional staff goes above and beyond to provide quality care for you and your loved ones.  If addiction has affected your life or the life of someone you love, take back control with proven treatment programs at Summer Sky.

Treatment Options for All

No two addictions are exactly alike.  That is why Summer Sky makes it a priority to provide unique and individualized treatment for all patients.  Our 30-day and 90-day adult treatment programs include both inpatient treatment programs and intensive outpatient treatment programs.  Family treatment programs are also available. Summer Sky wants to offer guidance from start to finish. That is why we also offer 10-day detox and stabilization programs.  At Summer Sky, we know that addiction and recovery is a long journey that sometimes leads to relapse. But don’t give up, even after a relapse. The Summer Sky relapse track is designed to help those who have fallen off the wagon get back on the road to recovery once again.  Our addiction treatment center offers therapy sessions such as pet therapy or equine therapy to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Whether you suffer from alcohol abuse disorder, heroin use disorder, or any other type of addiction, find encouragement and support to take back your life at Summer Sky drug rehab.  Please contact us today or visit our website to find out more information. Drugs don’t have to destroy your life. Break free from addiction with the help of drug treatment programs at Summer Sky.

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The staff here at Summer Sky truly cares about the health and well being of both you and your loved ones. If you have any questions about our facility, need assistance with referrals, or if you have any other questions about chemical dependency treatment, you can either reach us by phone at 1-888-857-8857 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, or you can fill out this contact form and someone on our staff will reach you within 24 hours.

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in San Antonio

Drug abuse isn’t the only problem residents of San Antonio face. Alcohol abuse is a problem across the country, and San Antonio is no different. Alcohol is a legal substance, which only compounds the problem of alcoholism. No matter where you are, alcohol is readily available. While the legal age for drinking is 21, the problem of alcohol abuse can begin at an even earlier age. Statistics show that drinking in San Antonio is problematic even before reaching the legal age of 21. In fact, according to the San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse reports that 11% of 4th graders, 21% of 5th graders, and 28% of 6th grades have tried alcohol. Another survey looked at alcohol consumption across the country in over 120 cities. Unfortunately, San Antonio came out on top as the top city with the highest level of alcohol abuse. These statistics show just how problematic alcohol abuse and alcoholism have become in San Antonio.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Many people turn to drinking to relax or unwind after a long day. But how do you know if your drinking has gone too far? If you suspect that you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol, look for some key signs of alcoholism. Some common signs of alcohol abuse include drinking too much, not being able to stop drinking, craving alcohol, experienced relational problems due to drinking, loss of job or money problems because of alcohol, continuing to drink even after relational or occupational problems, lack of interest in activities that you once enjoyed. If you notice any of these signs, it may be related to alcoholism. Treatment options at Summer Sky are available to help overcome alcohol abuse.

Short and Long Term Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol use can have significant short and long term effects on your health, especially on the body’s organs. Excessive alcohol use can lead to decreased brain function that damages pathways in the brain. It can affect motor skills, cause loss of balance, and affect memory and emotional responses. Too much drinking also takes a toll on the heart. Alcohol weakens the heart and can lead to high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat. In the long term, it can lead to heart disease or diabetes. The liver takes that hardest hit because of long term alcoholism. The liver breaks down alcohol and removed it from the bloodstream. However, this process can build up fat within the living. A fatty liver is a chronic condition that can lead to diabetes or liver failure. Before alcohol ruins your health and your life, find hope through San Antonio Texas drug and alcohol rehabs.

Drug Addiction in San Antonio

When people think of San Antonio, they may first think of cowboy hats, historic landmarks such as the Alamo, or the southern charm associated with many cities in Texas.  But San Antonio has a darker side that many people are unaware of. Substance abuse is on the rise in the city as addiction affects many who live here. While addiction can happen in any city, no matter how big or small, several key factors affect the drug market in San Antonio much more than anywhere else across the nation.  

How is San Antonio Affected by Drug Addiction?

San Antonio is within 200 miles of the Mexican border, where a majority of drug cartels reside.  Because of its location, extensive road network, and a lower rate of law enforcement, San Antonio is a prominent place to move and sell drugs.  The ease with which drugs are available in this larger city is a danger to all residents who choose to live there. Where drugs flow free, addiction is common.  Addiction not only leads to health concerns but also destroys lives. According to the National Institute of Justice, those who suffer from drug abuse are 75% more likely to get in trouble with the law, 50% more likely to commit violent crimes, 70% more likely to neglect their children, 60% more likely to participate in vandalism or theft, and 75% more likely to become involved in drug dealing.  These statistics speak for themselves about the damage that substance abuse can do.

Drug Trafficking from Mexico

Drug trafficking abounds in San Antonio as it is considered by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy to be one of the highest-intensity areas for drug trafficking in the country.  In an effort to decrease the number of drugs that make their way across the border and into San Antonio, specialized units have been put into place to specifically address the problem of drug trafficking from Mexico.  Drug lords have formed cells within the city to further their operations and get a deeper grip on the drug market within city limits. While cities such as Dallas and Houston have some of the largest drug trafficking problems in the state, San Antonio is not far behind.  This can and does pose a serious problem for residents in the area. Addiction will take hold of lives, destroy relationships, damage futures, and ultimately cause chaos and destruction. Thankfully, support lies within the walls of San Antonio drug rehabs to address drug abuse in San Antonio, Texas.

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Drug Epidemic in San Antonio

Texas is one of the highest states for drug trafficking because it borders Mexico. Drug cartels in Mexico bring large quantities of drugs into the major cities of Texas, specifically San Antonio. This ease of access to readily available drugs has created a drug epidemic in San Antonio that has officials concerned. Drugs such as opioids, methamphetamines, cocaine, and marijuana run rampant throughout the city. Thankfully, there is hope for the residents of San Antonio through drug rehabs such as Summer Sky. Recovery is possible for those who seek help. If the drug epidemic has affected you or your family, drug treatment programs at Summer Sky may be the answer that you have been looking for to break the chains of addiction that have a grip on your life.


The opioid crisis across the nation has gained national attention opioid use has significantly increased in recent years. In the U.S., there were over 50,000 deaths due to drug abuse in 2015 and 33,000 of those deaths involved opioid drugs. Pain pills such as codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and methadone are prescribed for chronic pain but are powerful drugs that are highly addictive. Addiction can occur after just one use. Heroin can be mixed together with opioids such as fentanyl to create a powerful substance that is reportedly 50 times stronger than heroin by itself. Thus, opioid use more often than not leads to using stronger and more powerful drugs such as heroin. Heroin, specifically in a brown powder or black tar form, is largely brought into San Antonio from Mexico. It can be smoked, snorted, or injected as well as in pill form. If you suspect someone you love is addicted to opioids, look for peculiar patterns of behavior such as spending a lot more time alone, covering up arms with long sleeves or coats even in warm weather, nervousness, irregular sleep patterns, nausea, or muscle and bone pain as they are sure signs of drug abuse.


Because methamphetamines are largely produced in Mexico, bordering states such as Arizona, California, and Texas have experienced an increase in residents addicted to meth. Meth from Mexico is made with p2p that makes meth even more potent, powerful, and addictive. Major cities in Texas, such as San Antonio, are some of the first cities to receive meth shipments because of its close proximity to Mexico and the drug cartels. Crystal meth is such a powerful addictive that it has become an epidemic across the nation, reaching up even into Alaska where a major drug bust in 2017 confiscated around $60,000 worth of meth. Side effects of meth include meth mouth, or severe dental problems, sores from itching or scratching, weight loss, violent behavior, and paranoia. It is one of the hardest drug addiction to overcome, but certainly not impossible with the help of drug rehabs in San Antonio.


Cocaine or crack addiction, once it seeps into your life, can take over and completely control every aspect of your life. Cocaine users live for the next high and often think of nothing else. Once someone tries a drug like cocaine, they are more likely to become addicted and unable to stop even if they want to. Cocaine rewires the brain in such a way that the brain desires more and more of the substance over time to achieve the same results. Someone addicted to cocaine may have a constantly runny nose or suffer from frequent nosebleeds. Cocaine addiction use over time has serious long term health consequences. Withdrawal symptoms may include depression, nervousness, restlessness, or unexplained paranoia and suspicion of people around them. Freedom from cocaine addiction is possible, but it requires a lot of hard work and a long road to recovery. Support and guidance from a reputable drug addiction treatment program at Summer Sky can give you the tools it will take to overcome even the most powerful of addictions.

Marijuana and Synthetic Cannabinoids

Many people across the country don’t believe that marijuana has addictive properties. But drug admissions into rehabs for marijuana is one of the most common reasons that many seek help for addictions across the U.S., Texas, and even into San Antonio. Synthetic cannabinoids are even more dangerous as they are made from synthetic substances that can be harmful to the body. In fact, in recent years, reports of poisonings from synthetic cannabinoids have been released due to synthetic cannabinoids being laced with substances such as rat poison. All drug use can lead to addiction, even marijuana. If you feel substance abuse has taken over your life, it is time to take it back.

HIV from Injected Drug Abuse

Instances of HIV because of drug abuse have become more and more common in the U.S. and specifically in San Antonio, TX. HIV occurs from sharing needles or syringes while using drugs. It’s not always just sharing needles and equipment that can lead to HIV. HIV can also be contracted from washing equipment in the same water as someone else or even mixing up drugs in the same containers. Not only can drug use lead to addiction, but it can cause major health problems or even lead to HIV. The best solution for a healthy, happy life is freedom from addiction. For a better quality of life without drugs, contact Summer Sky drug rehab today.

San Antonio, Texas

The city of San Antonio, Texas is rich in history and culture.  Founded in 1718, San Antonio was the first town settled in Texas.  It was founded by San Antonio de Bexar, hence the name of the town.  This town offers a glimpse into the early Spanish colonial lifestyle.  Many historic landmarks can be found throughout San Antonio, making it a great place to live that is always full of fun and adventure.

San Antonio’s History and Culture

One of the most famous attractions in San Antonio is the well-known Alamo, where approximately 100 Texans took their last stand to defend the fort.  Other popular sites include the four Spanish colonial missions called Concepcion, San Jose, San Juan, and Espada. Walk, shop, or dine along the Riverwalk in San Antonio, a 15-mile urban waterway.  Spanish roots influence the unique San Antonio culture, and it can be seen throughout the city. Fiestas with a Spanish flair are held at different times throughout the city. Old heritage is combined with new developments to make San Antonio a diverse and exciting place to be.  

Demographics of San Antonio

San Antonio is the 7th most populous city in the nation and the 2nd most populous city in Texas.  With a population of 1.5 million, San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. Located in Bexar County, San Antonio is part of the area known as the Texas Triangle.  San Antonio is located in the south-central part of Texas, only 150 miles from the Mexico border. While there are numerous benefits of living in the city of San Antonio, its proximity to Mexico makes the population they’re more susceptible to drug abuse.  Illegal drugs coming from Mexico can affect the residents living in this great city. Thankfully, there is hope with drug rehabs in San Antonio Texas.

A Great Place to Live

The cost of living, weather, and attractions in and around the city are only a few of the top reasons to live in San Antonio.  In San Antonio, life can be as relaxed or exciting as you choose to make it. Fun attractions in a bigger city are a great option for having fun and staying busy.  Taking advantage of the many sunny days in San Antonio to walk, hike or play outside can be relaxing and enjoyable year-round. According to U.S. News, San Antonio is ranked number 14 out of 125 major cities as a great place to live.  All in all, San Antonio is a unique and culturally rich place to settle down, but it is essential that residents are aware of the life-threatening consequences of substance abuse and addiction.

The Effects of Drug Use in San Antonio

Drug abuse doesn’t just affect the user, it affects family members, friends, and loved ones as well. Substance abuse destroys relationships, ruins careers, and puts your health at risk. If you suspect that a loved one is suffering from addiction, drug rehabs in San Antonio can help them get back on the right track to recovery. Be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of substance abuse such as increased aggression or irritability, depression, unexplained lethargy, dramatic changes in habit, criminal activity, weight changes, or problems sleeping. Should you recognize any of these signs, seek help immediately.

Dangers of Substance Use Disorders

There are short and long term effects that arise from drug use. These effects depend upon the substance, how often they are taken, and the person’s overall health and makeup. Short term effects can range from loss of appetite, irregular heartbeat, poor blood pressure, to heart attack, stroke, overdose or even death. Over time, drug use takes an even bigger toll on the body and its organs. Long term effects of drug abuse in San Antonio can cause cancer, heart or lung disease, HIV, mental illness, or hepatitis. Long term use can and will affect the brain. In fact, it can rewire how the brain works which can change how people experience pleasure in life. This affects stress levels, decision making, and the ability to remember and learn new things.

Traffic Fatalities Linked to Substance Abuse

Substance abuse of any kind impairs judgment. This can lead to more and more accidents, including traffic accidents that lead to fatalities. In San Antonio, despite safety measures in place, dozens of people die each year in pedestrian-auto deaths because of drugs or alcohol. Texas itself sees a high number of traffic fatalities that involved people that have been drinking or using drugs. In 2015 alone, 715 alcohol-related accidents caused 798 fatalities and 379 fatal crashes linked to drug use caused 448 fatalities. Every year, Texas, including San Antonio, has the highest number of drunk driving accidents of any state in the U.S. according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Driving under the influence of drugs is equally dangerous and puts many lives at risk.

Drug-Related Death Toll in San Antonio

Texas also has a high number of deaths related to the use of illegal substances. The growing opioid crisis in America as well as the high number of drugs brought in San Antonio from Mexico cause the drug-related death toll to skyrocket. In 2017, there were nearly 3000 deaths due to drug overdose in Texas, nearly tripling in numbers since 2000. Bexar County is seeing similar numbers. The number of fatalities due to cocaine overdoses rose from 40 in 2015 to 60 in 2017. 1 in 3 Texans report knowing someone who is addicted to pain pills, which shows the grip that drugs have on the state and on the city of San Antonio. Get help for drug addiction before it’s too late and take back your life.

The Most Commonly Used Drugs in San Antonio

A variety of drugs move in and out of San Antonio, but two substances are more prominently bought and sold in the city above all the others.  Heroin and meth use is on the rise in San Antonio. These substances are powerful, potent, and highly addictive stimulants that have serious short-term and long-term consequences for your health.  Because of the potency of these drugs, overdoses are on the rise, causing alarm among officials of San Antonio as they address the drug abuse issues that abound.

Which Drugs are the Worst in San Antonio?

Based on drug seizures in San Antonio and noticeable drug patterns within the city, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana are the most commonly used drugs, with marijuana at the top of the list.  Several tons of marijuana are confiscated each year, much more than any other drug seizure combined. Most marijuana confiscated comes from Mexico, although legalization within the U.S. has caused a spike in marijuana being bought and sold within our own borders.  Although many think marijuana has no addictive properties, on average, about one in four who seek treatment through drug rehabs for substance abuse are there for marijuana addiction. Meth has made a comeback in more recent years as more and more is being imported from Mexico into Texas.  Statistics state that over 80,000 adults in San Antonio have used meth at some point in their lives, which is a staggering statistic considering the hold that meth can take on those who use the drug. Opioid use has decreased, but heroin abuse has only increased. Methods put into place to avoid over-prescribing opioids have helped to curb the amount on the streets, but it has pushed many opioid users to turn to heroin instead as a means to get their fix.  According to a 2013 survey, an average of 40,000 residents of San Antonio have used heroin. The rise of substance abuse makes it necessary for rehabs across the city to offer inpatient drug rehab programs to combat the effects of substances that are readily available in San Antonio.

Other Commonly Abused Drugs in San Antonio

While not as prevalent as marijuana, heroin, and meth, other commonly abused drugs do affect the lives of many.  Drugs such as cocaine, opioids, inhalants, tranquilizers, PCP, sedatives, and hallucinogens also lead to addiction and drug abuse in San Antonio.  Addiction of any kind is both physically and emotionally harmful. Support is available through reputable San Antonio drug rehabs such as Summer Sky.  Cognitive behavior therapy, support medications, and assisted therapies are offered at Summer Sky to combat substance abuse and improve the quality of life for many.

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