Residential Treatment Programs

Residential Treatment Programs:

If you have a complex addiction, then it is best to utilize the services of a residential treatment program to treat your substance use disorder. In most situations, medical detox is the first thing an individual needs to enter followed by attending a residential treatment program.

Complex addictions to substances involve the need for medical detox and stabilization from the acute withdrawal symptoms that emerge once an individual stops ingestion of addictive substances. The body must have time to heal from the physical damage created during the active addiction.

Most people with more severe substance use disorders will require 24-hour detox followed by more medication monitoring to help the individual make the transition to abstinence. In certain situations, other medical conditions may have to be monitored or managed to help the individual recover.

Residential Treatment Program Medical Department:  

One of the advantages of seeing help from a medical detox program that also has access to residential treatment services is the full-time medical department that can accommodate helping an individual deal with medical conditions and problems daily.

We understand that not all residential treatment has a full-time medical department, however, Summer Sky Treatment Center® does provide 24-hour aces to medical staff when choose to attend their Texas Drug Rehabs. In addition to the 24-hour-a-day medical staff, we also have a variety of residential treatment programs that an individual can choose to attend to deal with their substance use disorders.

Residential Treatment Provides Access to These Four Dimensions of Life:

Physical Health Emotional Health Psychological Health Social Health


If you are struggling with an addiction these primary areas are normally in need of some form of help as and addiction to substances will exploit these areas of individual life and disrupt proper functioning as the addiction is a progressive illness. We can help you restore these areas of your health as you recover.

Physical Health:

Typically, people with an addiction to substances will require normal medical detox services to help them transition through the withdrawal symptoms. Summer Sky Treatment Center® medical and clinical team will work diligently to help an individual manage their withdrawal symptoms and any co-occurring medical conditions.

The medical staff is prepared to help with other medical conditions during the treatment process that may present during treatment. They may need to help someone with extended medical detox or other management of detoxification or psychiatric-related medication management.

Physical Exercise and nutrition are important areas of individual physical health restoration. Once an individual is cleared of medical detoxification our physical fitness department can help the individual design a plan for improving the individual’s overall physical health. An individual will have access to a personal trainer if they choose to improve the physical fitness area of their body system.

Emotional Health:

This area of treatment is a little different for most people. How we interrupt and respond to our environment can impact the overall quality of our life. We live in a world of stimuli and reactions. Unfortunately, addictive substances drive us by manipulating us through the drug stimuli or effects of alcohol or drugs. Each individual can have a different reaction as a result of the stimuli they experience.

When you stop using addictive substances the emotional stimuli and effects of the addictive substances subside, but emotions begin to rise or decrease depending on the damage that has been impacted in the brain’s function from the copious amount of addictive substances being processed in the body.

Residential Treatment Programs give the individual a safe place to allow the natural re-balance of the emotional system to begin to function correctly while having a safe place to process or deal with a wide range of emotions. Having access to counselors, therapists, case managers, and other recovery support staff helps an individual to get back in touch safely and effectively with their emotions naturally.

Psychological Health:

When people enter residential treatment, they do go through an entire psychological shift, from taking addictive substances to dealing with a wide area of new thinking that emerges. The obsession of the mind toward addictive substances is slowly transitioned to health-conscious thinking.

This is because the treatment is designed to help an individual shift their thinking from a negative worldview to a more positive healing mindset. This is accomplished through addiction therapy, dealing with a psychological problem, and learning coping skills and recovery skills during the treatment process. Bring the body to treatment and the mind will follow is a saying people share in recovery circles.

Social Health:

The impact of social health can involve interpersonal skills being learned or improved, relationship healing, communication skills spiritual development, or returning to spiritual beliefs, behavior changes, and along with a long list of other social-related healing that takes place during treatment.

Once an individual can clear their body and mind from the addictive substance, they often crave the desire to interact and form meaningful relationships. This is something that significant others, family members, or friends are always hoping will return when their loved one enters treatment. The individual emerges from the addiction to a recovery-centered life able to live comfortably and adapt to social situations.

Summer Sky Treatment Center Admissions Department:

We offer many Texas Drug Rehabs for people to recover from their substance use disorders. You can discuss our residential treatment programs 24 hours a day 7 days a week with an admissions specialist by calling us at our confidential hotline at 1-888-857-8857. We can even arrange for same-day admissions if you need help now.

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