Residential Treatment Centers

Residential Treatment:

The most common level of care of addiction treatment is inpatient rehabilitation treatment that takes place in a residential treatment setting. People often receive addiction treatment services at residential treatment centers in Texas and across the United States. To be considered for inpatient rehabilitation treatment, an individual will need to be diagnosed as having a substance use disorder to qualify for residential treatment. Most, people begin treatment services by attending a detoxification program and then step down into a residential treatment setting once medical detox is completed. It is important that people be medically stable before they enter an inpatient rehabilitation level of care for treatment. If a person is addicted to physiological dependent substances, then they will require the assistance of a medical detoxification treatment program prior to residential treatment. Medical detox helps a person manage physical withdrawal symptoms and stabilizes an individual so that the next level of addiction treatment services can be experienced. Detox is the first stage of treatment. Detoxification is a process that helps a person eliminate toxic, addictive substances from one’s body.

Detox is Prerequisite to Residential Treatment:

People that use addictive substances like alcohol or drugs need the assistance of a medical detox program to minimize the acute effects of physiological signs and symptoms of withdrawal when a person begins to stop using alcohol or drugs. It can be potentially dangerous to stop using some addictive substances without the help of a medical detoxification treatment program. Detox alone is not treatment, but one component of addiction treatment. Once a person enters medical detox, they will receive an assessment, and then a diagnosis can be made for a substance-related or addictive disorder. The diagnosis and severity level of the addictive disorder will help determine what level of treatment is needed after detox. Often a person will be referred to inpatient rehabilitation treatment after successfully completing the detox phase of treatment.

Residential Treatment Center:

Residential Treatment Services is the next level of treatment for those with an addictive disorder. Since residential treatment usually follows medical detoxification treatment, then it is important to find a residential treatment center that offers both medical detox and residential treatment at the same location. When calling a residential treatment center, make sure to ask if the facility offers medical detoxification and residential treatment services. Some residential treatment centers offer multiple levels of care for treatment services at their addiction treatment centers. Summer Sky a facility licensed by The State of Texas and accredited by The Joint Commission offers medical detox, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient treatment programs at their Texas substance use disorder treatment programs. Finding a facility that offers all levels of care at one location is very helpful to people looking for alcohol or drug treatment. Ultimately the assessment process followed by the medical doctor’s diagnosis will determine which level of treatment a person will need following medical detoxification.

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