Relapse is the return to drug use after a significant period of abstinence. When someone who is in recovery is preparing to return to alcohol or drugs there is a process that takes place before drinking alcohol or using an addictive substance. There are relapse warning signs that alert people that they have entered the relapse process. People in recovery that are trained to see these warning signs can prevent the relapse process and re-enter the recovery process to avoid returning to active addiction.

The Relapse Process

Relapse does take place over time which means that with appropriate addiction treatment along with relapse prevention therapy an individual can learn to identify if they are experiencing warning signs associated with the relapse process. If you are fixing to enter an addiction rehab program it is always a good idea to find out if the treatment program offers relapse prevention training and education. More advanced addiction treatment centers will also offer relapse prevention therapy.

The Phases of the Relapse Process

When an individual leaves the recovery process and enters the relapse process they will begin to experience different phases of the relapse process. The major phases of the relapse process are listed below.

The Phases of the Relapse Process
Phase I: Internal Warning Signs of Relapse
Phase II: Return of Denial
Phase III: Avoidance and Defensive Behavior
Phase IV: Crisis Building
Phase V: Immobilization
Phase VI: Confusion and Over-Reaction
Phase VII: Depression
Phase VIII: Behavioral Loss of Control
Phase IX: Recognition of Loss of Control
Phase X: Option Reduction
Phase XI: Return to Addictive Use or Physical/Emotional Collapse


Relapse Prevention Therapy

Relapse prevention therapy is based on experience with individuals who generally struggle with the relapse process. It is especially useful to people who have had a history of relapse or more severe substance use disorders. If you are someone who enters treatment and then enters recovery after completing treatment and then struggles with the recovery process, then relapse prevention therapy can be a useful type of therapy while in an addiction treatment program. Relapse prevention therapy will help break down the recovery process into specific tasks and skills. When a person learns these skills then they do recover from their alcohol use disorders or substance use disorders. Learning the techniques and how to identify and intervene upon the relapse warning signs can help a person recognize the beginning of a relapse.

Chronic Relapse Prevention Tracks

Some people with substance use disorders may need more focused attention to the relapse process and will need the assistance of relapse prevention therapy to remain alcohol or drug-free. An example would be the Summer Sky Relapse Prevention Track which is designed for people with a history of relapse. The chronic relapse prevention tracks help people with alcohol or drug addictions to anticipate relapse by helping them recognize the relapse process and how to use coping skills and techniques to stop the relapse process.

Relapse Prevention Task & Therapy

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Approach
  • Identify High-risk situations for relapse
  • Assisting an individual in maintaining recovery
  • Behavioral Solutions
  • Preventing relapse

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Relapse and Sobriety-Based Symptoms:

The first requirement of dealing with an addiction is to get medical detoxification as this must take place to clear the body from the addictive substances. Once this is achieved then effective substance use disorder treatment can begin as the individual has more mental clarity to participate in treatment and substance use disorder therapy.

The second requirement is participating in drug treatment services which will involve helping the individual to heal the body, mind, and relationships that have been damaged as a result of the substance use disorder. The individual will look at the core reasons why the addiction has manifested and learn skills to prevent a return to alcohol or drugs.

An individual in treatment at Summer Sky Treatment Center® will be introduced to relapse prevention skills that are designed to help the individual interrupt sobriety-based symptoms. The relapse process can be complex without drug treatment. However, we can help educate you on how to interrupt the relapse process before it begins and teach you effective ways to prevent a relapse from occurring. To learn more about our Texas Drug Rehabs you can contact our admissions department to learn more.

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