Rehab Texas

Rehab Texas

The State of Texas has approximately 744 rehab programs throughout Texas that are licensed to provide substance use disorder treatment. Rehab programs in Texas provide a needed service for individuals and families who deal with alcohol and drug problems. The drug problem in Texas is being talked about by many different concerned organizations, agencies, employers, communities, and health care providers. The single most effective way to deal with the drug problem in Texas is to encourage more individuals that suffer from alcohol and drugs to call a rehab in Texas for help. Receiving help from a rehab program in Texas is the best approach to helping Texans deal with the drug problem.

Asking for Help from a Rehab in Texas:

It takes a lot of courage and strength to admit that you have an alcohol or drug problem. Rehab programs go out of their way to try and make the process of asking for help as simple and easy as possible. Rehab programs in Texas understand that it is critical when a person reaches out for help for an alcohol or drug problem and they understand what it means when you need to become free from alcohol or drugs. The rehab views your situation as urgent and will do everything possible to get you the help you deserve. Most rehab programs provide 24-hour phone support to individuals that are looking for a rehab program. The simple action of dialing the phone to discuss your specific situation is the first step to receiving help and becoming free from alcohol and drugs.

What is a Rehab Program in Texas?

A rehab program is a rehabilitation center that helps men and women receive help for an alcohol or drug problem. Rehab Programs are designed to help people become free from addictive substances and then return to normal functioning without the use of alcohol and drugs. Rehab programs help people deal with physical, mental, emotional and social issues that are impacted by addictive substances.

What type of Rehabs is in Texas?

Texas has many different types of rehab facilities, and each rehab program provides different approaches to treating people who have alcohol or drug problems. The Best Rehab Programs are focused on helping a person become abstinent from chemicals. The types of rehab programs offered in Texas are listed below:

Types of Rehabs:

The purpose of rehab is to stop the cycle of addiction that is affecting a person’s life. In some cases, a person who is physically addicted to a substance will require medical detoxification. It is important that you seek out a rehab that offers this level of care of treatment. Each rehab program should offer an initial screening on the phone or in person at the facility. During the screening process, you can discuss the type of substance being used, and the amount of substance you are addicted to and the rehab facility that offers a medical detox program will guide you to either medical detoxification, residential treatment or intensive outpatient treatment services. The phone screening can help narrow down which type of program is right for your situation.

What are the Levels of Care offered by Rehabs?

Medical Detoxification:

Medical Detox is one of the most important levels of care of treatment offered from a rehab facility. The reason that this is so important is a person needs to eliminate the substance from one’s body before psychological measures can be effective in helping a person. Detox helps a person deal with withdrawal symptoms. Individuals that are experiencing the withdrawal process may need to be medically observed and monitored as a person is eliminating addictive substances from the body. Medical supervision keeps a person safe and comfortable through the detox phase of treatment.

Inpatient Rehab Programs:

In some cases, a person may be dealing with co-existing disorders besides alcohol and drugs. These other medical conditions must be helped as a person is going through detox, but some may need additional help, and this is where an inpatient level of care is effective and needed with these individuals. Some rehab programs in Texas are licensed to offer this level of care and if you are the person who has additional medical issues alongside alcohol and drug problems then picking a treatment program that offers inpatient treatment at the rehab program is important. Inpatient treatment centers help people with more severe substance use disorders or addictions. Some have been referred to as “specialty treatment programs.”

Residential Rehabs:

Residential Rehabs Programs are environments in which a person lives at the rehab facility 24-hours a day while they receive addiction treatment services. They deal with people with mild to severe alcohol and drug problems. The Best Rehab Programs offer residential levels of care at their substance use disorder facilities. A person entering a residential rehab will need to be medically cleared either by a detox provider or addiction professional before entering this level of care. When calling a rehab program to discuss if medical detox is needed with the treatment center staff prior to admission into a residential treatment center.

Partial Hospitalization Programs:

A partial hospitalization program is a level of care that individuals that are finished with residential levels of care often step down into after completion of the residential level of care. Partial hospitalization program still helps with medical issues during treatment, but a person is safe enough to go home at night and return the next day. Don’t get this level of care confused with inpatient or a regular hospital stay. It is like an intensive outpatient treatment program accept its usually offered 5-days a week.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs:

Intensive Outpatient Treatment programs are designed to offer a lower level of intensity of treatment for those needing substance use treatment services. These individuals are stable enough to participate in treatment either 3 or 4 times a week often at night. In some cases, rehab programs have offered day treatment or morning treatment services. These individuals return home nightly after treatment services are completed for the day. Group Counseling is offered in these programs, and a person must be abstinent to participate in these programs.

Summer Sky Rehab Programs:

Summer Sky Rehab Programs offer all levels of care of treatment services in Texas. Our Nationally recognized alcohol and drug treatment centers have been helping men and women for over 34-years. Our treatment programs are licensed by The State of Texas and accredited by The Joint Commission. Our programs are contracted by almost all major insurance companies to provide substance use disorder treatment, and each of our treatment programs accepts in-network insurance. For those that wish to pay for treatment privately, we have some of the best affordable treatment rates in Texas. Contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss treatment options.

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