Recovery Focused Programming

What is Recovery-Focused Programming?

Recovery Focused Programming™ is a curriculum based on learning recovery skills during the treatment process. It helps people to learn all the different ways to stay in the recovery mindset while remaining abstinent from addictive substances. One thing that sets Recovery Focused Programing™ from other alcohol and drug rehab curricula is the special attention to teaching men and women how to interrupt the relapse process while practicing recovery skills.

Recovery Focused Programming™ involves equipping an individual with the right skills to remain addiction-free from addictive substances. Summer Sky utilizes a recovery-focused evidence-based addiction treatment curriculum designed to help an individual recover from their substance use disorders.

Why is Recovery Focused Programming™ Important?

Recovery is the overall solution for people with a substance use disorder. Addictions by their very nature impair people physically, psychologically, and socially. Recovery is an ongoing process of overcoming physical and acute psychological and long-term disturbances created by being addicted to alcohol or drugs. Recovery teaches a person how to remain abstinent from addictive substances without the need or desire for addictive substances.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® makes it possible for men and women to recover from any substance use disorder while in treatment. Summer Sky believes it’s important to transmit practical solutions to help individuals in treatment to understand their addiction-related problems while motivating individuals to participate in solutions that will allow an individual to move away from an addiction to a recovery-centered lifestyle. To help individuals to accomplish this goal Summer Sky offers a Recovery Focused Treatment Program to help people discover recovery.

Medical Detoxification (Detox Now)

Detox is essential for people that are physically addicted to either alcohol or drugs including many types of prescription medications. An individual will need medical detoxification services if they have developed a physical dependence on addictive substances.

Detox helps with eliminating toxic substances from the body and managing all associated withdrawal symptoms. Once an individual is physically detoxified then other psychological treatments and recovery can then be achieved. Detox alone is not a comprehensive treatment; however, it is a component of addiction treatment services. Summer Sky does provide medical detox services to all that need this type of service.

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs

It is crucial that people who complete medical detoxification enter either a 30, 60, or 90-day treatment program following detox services. Learning how to cope with their medical and psychological condition can help an individual not return to addictive use.

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs are great for addressing all primary acute aspects of addiction and helping an individual to become motivated for recovery. Summer Sky has provided 30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs for over 37 years helping individuals and families through the treatment and recovery process.

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs are considered the “Gold Standard” of addiction treatment programs. Research shows that approximately 2/3 of all relapses for any addiction occur within the first 90 days of becoming abstinent from addictive substances.

90-Day Addiction treatment programs help to increase the likelihood that an individual will remain alcohol or drug-free after completing 90-days of treatment services. People that have severe substance use disorders or a need for prolonged detoxification from addictive substances should seriously consider attending a 90-day treatment program.

While the shorter type of treatment programs may be appealing to most people, it must be noted that healing from addiction takes a minimum of 90-days to truly heal from the neurological damage associated with a severe substance use disorder.

When it comes to treatment the more time and dedication you can give to the treatment process the more likely you are to follow the recommendations of a recovery plan. 90-day treatment programs allow for more recovery-focused treatment as well as an opportunity to heal physically, psychologically, and socially from a substance use disorder.

Summer Sky Treatment Programs

Summer Sky Additional Treatment Features

What is recovery?

Very simply recovery is an ongoing process of overcoming physical, psychological, and social reliance on addictive substances. Recovery involves stopping an addictive substance that has contributed to addiction-related problems. People in recovery learn to live in a state of abstinence, without the need or desire for addictive substances. In recovery, one’s physical and mental state are adjusted so that chemical substances are unnecessary for happiness and gratification.

Recovery-Focused Treatment & Programing

  • Helps to promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • Learn skills to set recovery priorities
  • Learn how to stay clean and sober
  • Helps to remove the fear of failure
  • Relapse Prevention Plans are designed during the treatment
  • Relapse Warning Sign Identification
  • Developing a relapse prevention plan
  • Helps in developing a personal recovery plan
  • Learning the exact nature of a substance use disorder and how to recover from substance use disorder.
  • Opportunity for practicing recovery skills
  • Learning and utilizing different recovery tasks to help maintain abstinence from substances.

Summer Sky Treatment Center®

Summer Sky is a privately owned and operated Texas alcohol & drug rehab with multiple types of drug treatment programs in several locations. Summer Sky is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). In addition to providing substance use disorder treatment in Texas, Summer Sky is also accredited by The Joint Commission. Summer Sky has been providing addiction treatment services for over 37 years.

Summer Sky is providing advanced addiction treatment services to men and women who suffer from substance use disorders. If you are looking for a way out of addiction, then our treatment programs can help you recover from addiction.

Do you need immediate help with an addiction?

To access our Texas Drug Rehabs you can contact our admissions department 24 hours a day 7-days a week to discuss our treatment programs or to schedule an admission into one of the treatment programs. To begin the process of receiving treatment services contact us at 1-888-857-8857.

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