Recovery-Centered Drug Rehab Programs

Recovery-Centered Drug Rehab Programs:

Drug rehab programs focus on helping people with addictions so that an individual can recover from their substance use disorders. Addiction is a chronic health condition that if left untreated will spiral out of control and the individual with the addiction can experience unpleasant or adverse health-related consequences as a result of their active addiction to alcohol or drugs.

People that receive no treatment for addiction will progress into physical, psychological, and social problems as a result of the progression of the addiction chronic health condition. The illness gets worse over time never better without going into an addiction treatment program.

In Texas, there is a substance use disorder treatment facility named Summer Sky Treatment Center® that offers recovery-centered drug rehab programs. The facility offers advanced medical detox programs as well as some of the best drug rehab and residential drug treatment programs in Texas.

What is a Recovery Centered Drug Rehab Program?

The substance use disorder treatment program will offer a recovery-based curriculum at the treatment center that will help an individual transition from treatment into recovery. Recovery is an active lifestyle change that is centered around a person with an addiction healing their body, mind, and relationships. The reality is anyone can recover from addiction with proper treatment and recovery services.

When an individual is suffering from an addiction is difficult for the individual with the addiction to keep focused on things that are positive or rewarding in life as the addiction eventually becomes the central focus of the individual entire life. It’s as if the addiction begins to command the full attention of the individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

All addictions never start out consuming an individual’s thought life, but as time passes the individual with the addiction will slowly find themselves living for the addiction instead of focusing on normal life areas of responsibilities and social functioning. More energy, time, and thoughts are needed to maintain the demands of the addiction to stay satisfied. In extreme cases, the individual needs the addictive substance just to feel ok inside to attempt to carry on daily living.

Getting Help from Recovery-Centered Drug Rehab Programs:

To stop the addiction from progressing and the individual from disturbing more areas of their life the best thing an individual with an addiction can do is seek help from recovery-centered drug rehab. A recovery-centered drug rehab program helps an individual with an addiction to recapture joy, peace, serenity, and happiness as the individual enters treatment and begins to experience the treatment process. Typically, after the immediate acute physical symptoms of withdrawal are managed at the treatment program the individual begins to regain clarity of thought and a new determination emerges.

This newfound determination is experienced more and more as recovery-centered solutions are learned and experienced during the treatment process. Many people will notice a dramatic shift in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to the point that it’s as if another person awakens right before everyone’s eyes. As the chemicals leave the body and the brain begins healing from the addiction this recovery mindset becomes more obvious that a change is taking place in the individual who is in the treatment program.

Some people describe recovery-centered solutions as tools to help them awaken their spirits. The more experienced people in recovery call it the 4th dimension of existence, while other people liken the experience to a revolutionary re-arrangement of ideas, thoughts, and attitudes that are suddenly cast aside and replaced with a new set of ideas, thoughts, and attitudes. Whatever you call the experience it is a welcoming experience for the individual and family members of the individual in treatment.

All People & Beliefs are Accepted at Recovery Centered Rehabs:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® lives by the principle that all people and belief systems are important to each individual in our care, and we accept where you are at in your life journey. We are focused on helping every person in our care to examine any irrational beliefs that are disrupting an individual’s ability to get clean and sober and remain free from addictive substances.

What makes a recovery-centered drug rehab program so wonderful is that anyone can use recovery-centered solutions to recover from their substance use disorders. You can still be who you are and still experience a revolutionary change no matter your belief system or lack of belief system. There is something for everyone who needs to stop doing alcohol or drugs at a recovery-centered rehab program.

Why Are There 30-Day Rehabs & 90-Day Rehabs:

There are different lengths of treatment for many reasons, but the most common reason one program is offering a 30-day treatment program, and another treatment program is a 90-day treatment program is each treatment program is dealing with different severity levels of addictions. The evidence does support that if an individual is engaged in treatment for a minimum of 90 days there is more significant brain healing that enhances an individual’s ability to remain free of alcohol or drugs after completion.

However, people for years have utilized the 30-day treatment model as an effective form of treatment. For many people, it is just enough time needed to be introduced to recovery-centered thinking, behaviors, and solutions. Very simply 30-day treatment programs are immediate solution-based treatment programs, and 90-day treatment programs cover more areas of healing since there is more time available while the individual is in treatment to solve more problems.

Benefits of Recovery-Centered Drug Rehabs:

  • Recovery Solutions Offered
  • Dramatic Shifts in Thinking & Behavioral Changes
  • New Ideas, Daily Practices, and new attitudes developed
  • Stress Management Techniques Learned
  • Opportunity to Improve Physical Health (Personal Trainer on Staff)
  • Co-Occurring Medical Conditions Stabilized
  • Increased Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Enhanced
  • Learn to Maintain Recovery Solutions and Practices
  • Restore Values or create new values during treatment
  • Practice Principle of Recovery in Treatment

Recovery-Centered Mindset:

To accomplish a recovery-centered mindset the individual will need medical detoxification services followed by treatment in a residential treatment program. However, some of the solutions that will need to be provided in treatment must focus on dealing with how to get into recovery and stay in the recovery process as this is a major factor in staying clean and sober from an addiction to substances.

The Mind Must Be Chemical-Free for Recovery:

The acute aspect of addiction involves dealing with the physical health of the individual who is becoming free from addictive substances. While our mind is marvelous for all human beings, when it comes to dealing with an addiction to alcohol or drugs it takes untold punishment from the repeated use of addictive substances.

It is recommended that people enter medical detoxification programs to be detoxified from the harmful addictive substance before the mind can be clear enough to begin recovery solutions. Addiction to alcohol or drugs does exploit an individual ability to function properly. Detox will help to ensure that you are prepared to participate in other forms of treatment services.

Recovery-Centered Thinking:

We pulled data from client self-report surveys given to individuals in treatment at 7-day intervals in our treatment programs and compared individuals in our 30-day treatment program to those in our 90-day treatment programs and the results were significant.

We discovered that sobriety-based symptoms were more prevalent with the 30-day treatment program residents and the residents in the 30-day treatment expressed more intense difficulties with sleep disturbances, emotional overactions, and the ability to concentrate shortly after medical detoxification & stabilization was completed which is to be expected with sobriety-based symptoms.

People who had been enrolled in the 90-day treatment program showed a decrease in sobriety-based symptoms by 40% at day 45 of treatment. Residents at 75 days in treatment only reported on average two sobriety-based symptoms, but reported solutions learned during treatment were able to be utilized to manage the symptoms with ease and re-focus on recovery-centered thinking and practices.

Addiction as a Behavioral Problem:

We have learned over years of dealing with people with an addiction that the illness itself is a chronic health condition that will progress to more areas of health disturbance if left untreated. Some people only view addiction as a behavioral problem which is an inaccurate description of addiction.

All addictive disorders will eventually impair an individual’s behavior, but an individual can not just stop using an addictive substance because you urge them to do so, and even when the individual attempts to stop, they may only accomplish this for a short time without treatment.

People that have gone into jails, correctional facilities, or prisons stop using addictive substances at the time, but if they don’t receive treatment while in these types of facilities, they will have made no recovery-centered change and the addiction will return as soon as the individual returns into society. While abstinence from the substance is important, if not followed up with recovery-centered change the likelihood of a return to drinking or drugs is greater without treatment.

Immediate Help for Addiction:

If you are dealing with an addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or any other addictive substance we can help you recover from your addiction to substances. We offer medical detox, 30-day rehabs, 60-day rehabs, and 90-day treatment programs to help you recover from any addiction. Our Texas Drug Rehabs can be accessed 24 hours a day 7-days week by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

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