Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs

What is a partial hospitalization treatment program?

A partial hospitalization treatment program (PHP) is a highly structured, short-term treatment program. Partial hospitalization treatment programs are structured to resemble an inpatient treatment program with an intensity level more comparable to an outpatient treatment program. Traditionally the partial hospitalization program level of care is offered to people that are stepping down from a residential treatment program. However, in some cases, a person may begin treatment at the partial hospitalization level of care.

People that attend partial hospitalization treatment programs are usually in a situation where they no longer need medical attention or can self-manage their medical needs. Depending on the treatment program and the modality of care of the treatment being offered will depend on if a person returns home at night after treatment is completed during the day. Most Partial hospitalization programs in Texas are offered for 5-days a week and 5-hours a day in duration.

What is a Day Treatment Program?

Day Treatment Programs are another name for partial hospitalization treatment programs. Substance use disorder treatment programs that offer partial hospitalization programs (PHP) often refer to a (PHP) as a day treatment program. These types of treatment programs are designed to allow a person to attend treatment during the day but return home at night.

PHP in Hospital Setting

Some partial hospitalization programs are in a hospital setting that provides treatment services. Partial hospital programs are usually organized with an intensive ambulatory focus. Many patients prefer to attend a partial hospitalization program to avoid attending an inpatient treatment program.

However, this is not recommended if a person needs medical stabilization or has acute withdrawal from addictive substances. Avoiding inpatient treatment is not recommended, especially considering medical and physical complications can present during the partial hospitalization phase of treatment if a person should need a higher level of care. Medical doctors and clinical counselors will perform an assessment to ensure that an individual is safe to attend a partial hospitalization program.

Free-Standing Treatment Programs (PHP)

For over 25 years free-standing substance use disorder treatment programs have been offering partial hospitalization treatment programs in their treatment centers. In many cases, free-standing treatment programs are preferred to a hospital-based setting because some of these treatment centers remove the hospital-like environment from the partial hospitalization program.

These treatment programs often call the partial hospitalization program a day treatment program. The important thing is if you need treatment, then it’s vital that you receive the treatment that is required for you to become successful no matter if it’s in a hospital setting or a free-standing treatment program.

Partial Hospitalization Programs with Boarding

Partial hospitalization is considered a level of care or treatment, and certain medical and clinical criteria must be met for a person to attend this level of care or treatment services. As stated previously, a medical doctor and clinical assessment must be performed with the individual to ascertain that an individual is safe to enter this level of care. In some cases, these individuals will be placed in a partial hospitalization program while living in a treatment setting or sober living environment.

While this is not an option for all individuals, some people will be recommended for placement in a partial hospitalization with a boarding program that is stepping down from an inpatient treatment level of care. These individuals are medically stable and not in acute withdrawal and display the absence of any medical or physical complications that would hamper participation in the program.

If a person lives far from the treatment facility partial hospitalization program and mobility limitations would prevent a person from participating in partial hospitalization, then boarding and PHP may be the best option to complete treatment. If a person’s family, social, academic dysfunction, or social and significant others are not supportive of a person’s recovery then often a treatment center will recommend PHP with boarding to avoid a substantial risk of reactivating the patient’s addiction.

Treatment Levels of Care     

There are several different levels of care that are provided by addiction treatment programs in Texas. The traditional levels of care treatment are medical detox, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization treatment programs, and intensive outpatient treatment programs. All these levels of care have an important function for people with alcohol use disorders or substance use disorders.

It is important that you speak with a treatment center’s admission department before deciding on which program is best for you, especially since each level of care has a certain criterion that must be met before participation in any level of care or treatment. Medical necessity will always be the medical and clinical guidance, along with a diagnosis before admission into a treatment program.

Summer Sky Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs

Summer Sky is a nationally recognized treatment provider for those experiencing problems related to alcohol or drugs. Summer Sky is a private free-standing treatment center located in the State of Texas that is Licensed by The Texas Department of State Health Services and accredited by The Joint Commission to provide substance use disorder treatment services.

Our Medical detox program, inpatient treatment programs, residential treatment programs, partial hospitalization treatment programs, and intensive outpatient treatment programs are all available for people looking to become free from alcohol or drugs. For those needing treatment including those interested in partial hospitalization or day treatment, please contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss the various treatment programs that we offer to help you become free from addictive substances.

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