Ohio Addiction Centers

Choosing a high quality addiction center in your region is an important choice to make when beginning addiction treatment. Finding an Ohio addiction treatment center to help you with your addiction can dramatically improve the quality of your life, including your physical health and the quality of your relationships with friends, family, and your community.

What to Consider When Choosing an Addiction Center in Ohio

When choosing an addiction treatment center in Ohio, there are a few things you might want to consider as you narrow down your selections.

  • Success rate and number of patients helped. This will help you to determine how effective treatments are at a particular facility, although remember that you’ll get the most out of your treatment based on how committed you are to being addiction free.
  • Variety of programs offered at the addiction treatment center. This offers you flexibility in how you want to integrate rehabilitation into your schedule and budget.
  • How welcoming, supportive, and family-like the addiction center’s environment is like. A warm, encouraging environment goes a long way in helping you recover compared to a cold and dull facility.
  • Availability of socialization opportunities with others going through addiction. This helps patients connect with others, learn that they are not alone, and see first-hand that others are able to overcome their addictions.

High quality care that focuses on personalized treatment, using the industry’s best clinical practices. Rather than just throwing you through the same treatment model as everyone else, you want your treatment practices to be tailored to your needs.

Choose Summer Sky for Your Addiction Center in Ohio

Summer Sky is a Texas-based addiction treatment center, officially appointed by the Joint Commission to to treat drug addiction. We are a top rated rehabilitation facility that focuses on helping patients and their families get through addictions of all kinds, particularly through alcohol and drug addiction.

We have served over 10,000 patients since 1985, helping them with their physical, spiritual, and psychological needs as they recover from their addiction. We treat males and females, adults, and adolescents, as well as provide support for their related family members.

Our staff is friendly, respectful, and cultivates a family-like environment to help you feel at home and comfortable as you progress through treatment. We provide a personalized, evidence-based approach for treating you and your unique situation with addiction.

Contact us today at Summer Sky to learn more about Ohio addiction treatment centers and what we can do to help you overcome your addiction. We have some of the lowest rates in the area, accept all major insurances, and have a variety of treatment solutions available including 30-day and 90-day rehabilitation programs.