November Addiction Treatment Specials 2020

Addiction Treatment Specials Celebrating 37 years of Addiction Treatment & Recovery

Over the last 37 years, we have helped thousands of people to recover from substance use disorders. During January, we are extending an opportunity for individuals and families to receive high-quality addiction treatment at discounted private pay rates. We understand that there are a lot of individuals and families in Texas and throughout the United States that are searching for effective alcohol & drug treatment at more affordable prices. We are offering individuals and families several different addiction treatment options to help more people with treatment & recovery.

We are grateful to be able to help people recover from substance use disorders. In addition to great private pay treatment rates our facility also accepts many major health insurance plans for those wishing to utilize their health plans to pay for treatment. Our addiction detox rehab & inpatient addiction rehabs are all evidence-based treatment programs. We stand with the science of treating substance use disorders with the evidence of the most effective practices that produce the best results in treating a person addicted to substances. Results do matter and we do offer the people we serve a way out of their addiction.

If you need addiction detox services or addiction inpatient rehab services, we offer people an opportunity to recover from their alcohol use disorder & substance use disorders.

Limited Time Offer

While we do accept most major health insurance plans, we know that some people are looking for high-quality treatment at more affordable prices. This is completely realistic to desire a more affordable treatment option for addiction treatment. We believe that by offering reasonable treatment rates we can help more people recover from their addictions. The bottom line is that Summer Sky was founded on the principle that treatment should be accessible and affordable. Below is a description of our treatment programs and the price discount associated with our addiction treatment services.

30-Day Addiction Rehab Program $8,000.00

Yes, that is correct we are offering 30-days of treatment for $8000.00 which includes medical detoxification or more commonly called detox. Our 30-day addiction rehab programs are designed to give individuals a good foundation in recovery. If you are motivated to make a change in your life and you desire to become alcohol or drug-free this is a great rehab program for someone who has never been to treatment before or you need medical detoxification along with residential treatment.

People who have has previous treatment or relapses do utilize this rehab program just as much as people who have never had treatment in the past. 30-day addiction rehab programs are great for those who can only dedicate a short amount of time to treatment services. While the data does support that longer treatment is more effective than short-term treatment services, we have combined as many evidence-based best practices into our 30-day addiction treatment programs so that people can recover from their substance use disorders.

60-Day Rehab Programs $16,000.00

This incredible price break is amazing for the individual that needs more prolonged medical detox services. Some substances take longer to detox from and as result, they may require more time to stabilize. The extra time associated with this program allows for more time to work through core issues related to a person’s addiction.

People who access this program sometimes are addicted to multiple substances while others have had treatment in the past and relapsed or returned to usage after participating in a recovery program. Some individuals utilize their health benefits for the first 30-days of this program and privately pay for the remainder of the treatment program. If you are considering the 60-Day Rehab Program, please mention it at the time of the call to our admission department.

90-Day Addiction Treatment Program $24,000.00

Our 90-Day Addiction Treatment Program is the most advanced addiction treatment program available to help an individual deal with a substance use disorder. It is a very comprehensive alcohol & drug rehab program that will allow for the proper physical time to heal the brain from an addiction. It is truly the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment”. People that normally utilize this treatment program are those with more severe substance use disorders. Below is an overview of likely candidates who may need 90-days of treatment services.

  • History of prior treatment episodes
  • Substance Use Disorders with Dual Diagnosis
  • Professional Licensing and Professional Board Requirements
  • Pending Legal Issues
  • Less than 6 months of sobriety following prior treatment episodes
  • Health factors impeding immediate full engagement in treatment
  • Detox from an extremely high dose of heroin, methadone, or other opiates
  • Alcoholism or intense post-acute withdrawal symptoms in early recovery
  • High anxiety, impulsive behavior, difficulty managing emotions, overreaction to stressful situations, difficulty with abstract thinking (new concepts), etc.

NOTE:  Research shows that approximately 2/3 of all relapses for any addiction occur within the first 90 days.

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30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $8,000.00

60-Day Texas Addiction Treatment Programs $16,000.00 (Detox Included)

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $24,0000

Detox Included with the above addiction treatment specials

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Summer Sky Is a Texas-licensed alcohol & substance use disorder treatment facility located in Stephenville, Texas. Summer Sky is accredited by The Joint Commission and has earned The Golden Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission. Summer Sky maintains preferred provider status with many managed care health plans. Our admissions department is available 24 hours a day to discuss treatment options along with scheduling admissions into our addiction treatment programs 7-days a week. The admissions department can be reached by calling 1-888-857-8857.

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