North Dakota Addiction Centers

Summer Sky is more than just your average North Dakota addiction treatment center. We place an
emphasis on returning to a fulfilling life and finding yourself in the process. Our addiction treatment
programs focus on treating the whole person: mind, body, and soul. Since opening our doors in 1985,
Summer Sky has helped thousands of people find freedom from addiction. Let us support you in the
rebuilding process so you too, can overcome addictions. As a top-rated addiction treatment center in
North Dakota, we have effective programs to give you education and tools to break the cycle of

Don’t Let Alcohol Drive Your Family Apart

Individual Patient Treatment

From the beginning, we make our patients the top priority. We acknowledge your individuality and
recognize that your addiction is not the same as others. Individualized addiction treatment programs
are designed specifically with you in mind. Whether this is your first time seeking addiction treatment
or you have made prior attempts to overcome addiction before, we offer hope and believe in your
success with our programs tailored to you.

We Encourage You to Reach Out

Supportive Surroundings

Attempting to do drug treatment on your own outside of a program can be difficult. Attempting to go it
alone in your own environment can lead to temptation and relapse. Summer Sky offers you a neutral
environment, free from outside influences, to be successful in your recovery. Additionally, our
counselors, medical professionals, and staff members support, guide, and encourage you through every
part of addiction treatment. Not only will staff support you, but patients who have walked the same
path as you can also offer advice and encouragement. When you have a support system around you,
you have the opportunity to build lifelong friendships, and your chances of success significantly improve.

A Top-Rated Addiction Treatment Center in North Dakota

Summer Sky stands out among North Dakota addiction treatment centers as a treatment center that is
Joint Commission Approved for drug treatment. This is the highest certification in addiction treatment
center can receive, ensuring you receive the highest quality of care and best practices. If cost is a
concern, know that Summer Sky also offers some of the most affordable treatment rates and accepts
most major insurances for both 30-day and 90-day stays. Find yourself once again and experience
freedom from addiction and one of the best treatment centers in North Dakota, Summer Sky.