Nebraska Addiction Centers

Overcoming addiction alone, without the support and guidance from others, can be a difficult process. Success rates increase when you have others around you to support you throughout recovery. Medically detoxing on your own can also be dangerous as withdrawal symptoms can cause health problems that may cause permanent damage. If you have made a commitment to living addiction-free, Nebraska addiction treatment centers can offer you the care and guidance you need to begin the road to recovery.

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Summer Sky Is a Top-Rated Addiction Center in Nebraska

Summer Sky is a reputable addiction center in Nebraska that has been in business for 30 plus years. Thousands of people have found freedom from addiction through Summer Sky’s innovative and unique rehab programs that are tailored to each and every individual. Our team is highly trained and expertly skilled at guiding other through the recovery process. In fact, Summer Sky is Joint Commission Approved for Drug Treatment, which is the highest certification an addiction treatment center receive. They accept all major insurances and work hard to make addiction treatment affordable by offering some of the lowest treatment rates in Nebraska. You are guaranteed to receive excellent care from a top-rated rehab facility when you choose Summer Sky.

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What to Expect

It can be overwhelming to walk into an addiction treatment center not knowing what exactly to expect. You can rest easy that Summer Sky knows how difficult it can be to initially seek treatment so they do whatever they can to give you a homelike, caring, safe atmosphere you can feel comfortable in. A variety of treatment options are available to give you the highest chance of successfully obtaining and maintaining your sobriety for a lifetime. 30-day stays and 90-day stays are the recommended lengths of treatment stays to give you an adequate amount of time to learn the coping skills needed to stay sober when you leave a Nebraska addiction treatment center. Treat the whole body at Summer Sky where we recognize that physical, emotional, and spiritual needs must all be met. Therapy sessions are available for emotional support through group therapy, pet therapy, or even equine therapy. Nutrition plans and exercise plans address your physical needs. The stronger you are physically and emotionally, the more capable you will be to handle addiction triggers. Summer Sky combines unique, new treatment methods with traditional techniques to create a program specifically tailored to you and your needs. So don’t wait any longer to get the help you need and find out more information about starting your recovery journey at Summer Sky.