My GOGA Experience in Rehab


GOGA “Baby Goat Yoga”

As many of you have heard, yoga is an exercise that helps with pain management, flexibility, balance, stress relief, and even relaxation.  For any of your first-timers, it comes across as just a bunch of stretching.  Now the latest thing is “GOGA” or “Baby Goat Yoga.”  I will admit I was skeptical about the idea of baby goats running around, climbing, and jumping on me while I was trying to meditate in the lotus position.  This seemed like an oxymoronic idea.  How does one focus when you have a four-legged baby pygmy goat trying to be “king of the mountain” while in the child’s pose or sitting twist?

The truth of the matter is the benefits were astounding.  I found myself letting go of the seriousness of life and laughing at the goats and myself.  It was like being a kid again and remembering what it was like to be at least for the moment “carefree.”  I was no longer a prisoner of my own mind and thoughts.  It was relaxation with a fun twist.  I quit focusing on trying to do the poses correctly and let go.  I let go and just went with it and the baby goats.   I quit being judgmental of myself and others.  Frankly, I couldn’t stop laughing.

There were little goats standing on top of people while doing the plank.  One even curled up in the lap of another person and fell asleep.  It was a new twist to yoga, which was both relaxing and carefree.  It takes a very traditional form of exercise and adds the whimsical element, much like blowing a dandelion in the wind.  I for the first time looked at exercise as a moment of playtime rather than a daunting task that needed to be completed in order to get the benefit.

If anyone has any doubts about GOGA, I would suggest trying it first before passing judgment.  You may just find yourself leaping and bounding on the inside, just as the baby goats did in class.  Namaste!

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