Music Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Music Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Summer Sky believes in the use of innovative types of therapy services to enhance a person’s addiction treatment experience. Not everyone responds to all types of therapies the same, so having access to a variety of approaches can help provide more ways for an individual to become free from addiction. When a person is presented with more addiction treatment options, they respond better to assessments, treatment matching, comprehensive services, treatment planning, counseling, and relapse prevention techniques. Music therapy becomes another tool to help people while in addiction treatment programs.

Some people respond well to traditional therapy approaches and for these individuals, they will require access to these services to help them with their addiction treatment needs. However, there are other people who do not respond well to traditional addiction treatment approaches or therapies. For these individuals, Music Therapy is a game-changer and it can make a difference in helping an individual who struggles to break free from psychological barriers or aid in the healing process.

Summer Sky Offers Multiple Addiction Treatment Approaches

When a person is seeking addiction treatment it’s important to offer as many different evidence-based treatment options. People need different options to choose from so that the individual can select the path that will bring the best result to their addiction treatment experience. Individuals will participate in their own treatment planning and develop goals and objectives with their addiction therapist to map out their course of treatment. The treatment plan will include different approaches to help them solve their addiction-related problems. Summer Sky provides addiction treatment options to help people recover from their substance use disorders. Below is a small listing of some of the different types of addiction treatment approaches that have been helpful in treating people with addiction-related problems.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Functional Family Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • FDA-approved Medicines
  • 12-Step Facilitated Therapy
  • Equine Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention Therapy
  • Seeking Safety for PTSD & Substance Use Disorders

Summer Sky offers multiple approaches to help people break free from their addiction-related problems. Every type of therapy that we utilize is designed to help people work through their problems and discover solutions that will help them heal from their addiction-related problems. Music Therapy in addiction treatment is a great way to help a person to become in touch with their physical, emotional, psychological, and social health. Music Therapy complements other psychological therapies working together to enhance a person’s addiction treatment, as well as help people, move past traumatic histories.

What is Music Therapy and How Does it Help People with Addictions?

Music Therapy has been around for over 60-years and it utilizes music-based experiences by a Board-Certified Music Therapist to help people overcome problems that are not easy to surmount by traditional therapy approaches. One of the strengths of music therapy is the wide area of health benefits that it can be focused on dealing with physical and psychological problems. The music therapy sessions can help a person develop healthy relationships with others as well as tap into things that are preventing a person from reaching their full potential. Music Therapy will help a person to move through the addiction treatment process with the music therapist and help in motivating an individual to participate in other areas of the treatment process.

During the music therapy, sessions and individuals will set realistic goals and objectives that are agreed upon by the individual and the music therapist. Together they will launch out on a vigorous course of action to deal with addiction-related problems. The music therapist will utilize different music-based experiences to reach the individual during music therapy. It is important that an Individual participates in the setting of their own goals and is guided by the music therapist through the healing process. Music becomes a tool of the individual and music therapists help a person move forward in dealing with their addiction-related problems with a focus on solutions.

Music Therapy will use all types of musical experiences to help the people they serve to achieve their therapeutic goals. Music therapy has the efficacy of treating people from a variety of backgrounds and health-related problems. As this powerful therapy continues to help our healthcare paradigm there is a movement to use music therapy as a tool to help individuals to heal their whole self. Every day our healthcare community is recognizing the benefits of utilizing music therapy as an additional tool to help people with their problems.

Music Therapy has a therapeutic value and research has shown that it has the potential to help more people deal with so many different health-related problems. The research and findings of music therapy are amazing with its ability to help people deal with physical problems, emotional issues, and help in healing relationships. Instead of just treating the symptoms music therapist strive to help a person heal their entire being so that they can overcome their addictions.

Music Therapy Benefits

People are starting to ask how they can use fewer medications, gain more inclusivity to better treatment for healing their whole being? It just happens that music therapy is exactly a tool or therapy to help people achieve better healing during and after the addiction treatment process. For many years music therapy was considered an alternative therapy only used by those who had discovered its health-related benefits, however as people search for different ways to think, believe, and heal from different disorders Music Therapy becomes another tool to help people address difficult problems.

Alternative ways of thinking and healing are on the rise as we move away from just treating the symptoms of a disease to a focus on providing more ways to prevent additional problems from surfacing as time moves forward. Music Therapy can help people with addictions from experiencing re-occurrences of medical and psychological problems. Our healthcare system is acknowledging that more must be done, and as integrated medicine expands, massage therapy, acupuncture, and other alternative paths are introduced to individuals as tools to reduce stress and prevent addiction relapses. Music therapy helps men and women to reduce their stress while dealing with their addiction-related problems, it is also utilized as a prevention tool to give people more ways to prevent potential relapses in the future. For some time, researchers have shared that there are other ways to help people deal with their emotions, psychological wellbeing and heal the soul as they overcome physical and psychological health-related problems. Below are some of the benefits of music therapy.

  • Elevate mood and improve affect
  • Facilitate positive reminiscence and satisfaction with life
  • Provide a sense of control over life through successful experiences
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Give structure, which promotes rhythmic and continuous movement or vocal fluency as an adjunct to physical rehabilitation.
  • Facilitate an outlet for emotional expression
  • Strengthen self-esteem
  • Encourage healthy communication

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