Methamphetamine Use Disorder Treatment

Why does an Individual find it difficult to stop using methamphetamines?  

If you are one of the millions of Americans addicted to methamphetamines, then you know all too well the lingering physical and mental cravings associated with methamphetamine use. The cravings associated with stopping methamphetamines are the number one reason people continue to use methamphetamines after they have told themselves they are stopping. It is very easy to develop a substance use disorder while using methamphetamines.

The individual’s intention and plan to stop using the substance is usually sincere at the time they tell themselves they are done using the chemical. However, most people addicted to the drug never imagined they would experience a physical craving and psychological craving to continue to use the substance. The combined physical and psychological craving makes it difficult to stop using methamphetamines and even harder to stay stopped.

Methamphetamine Use Disorder Treatment:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® helps methamphetamine users deal with their cravings once a person stops using the substance. When a person attends our methamphetamine use disorder treatment center, they are automatically assessed by our medical and clinical staff to determine the level of medical severity that the addiction to stimulants has caused the individual.

Once the medical assessments and evaluations are completed, then a suitable medical detox protocol will be implemented along with a treatment plan. People with stimulant use disorders have different needs when they are coming off methamphetamines, and a person’s needs are taken into consideration during the detox and stabilization phase of treatment.

Methamphetamine Withdrawal Syndrome:

There is a mistaken belief associated with the withdrawal process of people that use methamphetamines. The mistaken belief is that a person does not need medical detoxification to become free from methamphetamines. This is not true; there is an identifiable withdrawal syndrome associated with stopping methamphetamines and a high risk of relapse once a person begins removing the substance from the body.

Treatment centers have witnessed the withdrawal syndrome over and over for many years. A medical detox program will intervene in a person’s withdrawal syndrome to provide an individual with a comfortable detox process. We have listed below the most common symptoms that people addicted to methamphetamines report when they stop using.

Most common withdrawal symptoms        

  • Fatigue
  • Agitation
  • Anxious feelings
  • General dissatisfaction
  • Restlessness
  • Fidgeting
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Dysphoric Moods
  • Vivid, Unpleasant dreams
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Increased appetite
  • Psychomotor impairments

When you examine the most common methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms, you can easily see why being in a medical detox facility with a stabilization program is so important once a person begins the elimination of the toxic methamphetamine from one’s body. Cravings for the substance often follow during the elimination of the methamphetamines from the body.

The Summer Sky Drug Rehab Program will help a person with all medical and psychological symptoms associated with detoxing from the addictive substance. In some cases, people are using multiple addictive substances, and the medical detox program will have to help eliminate other substances concurrently.

Medical Detox & Stabilization:

It is very important that someone seeking help from our drug rehab facility be prompt about getting into treatment as soon as possible. People with a methamphetamine use disorder often experience acute withdrawal symptoms (“a Crash”) after periods of high-dose usage of the substance.

To prevent this from happening, an individual will need to seek help immediately once the idea of seeking help enters his or her mind. Don’t hesitate to go to treatment, often hesitation only contributes to another binge of usage and can create more physical, psychological, and social problems and consequences.

Medical detox & stabilization along with residential treatment can help a person become methamphetamine free and help person learn how to live a life without the use of addictive substances. Treatment is the single most effective way to stop using an addictive drug. When treatment is available seek it quickly and promptly before the next craving cycle kicks in because putting off going to treatment can result in adverse consequences.

Medical detox and stabilization will help a person get past the methamphetamine withdrawal syndrome and allows a person to prepare for psychological treatment in our drug rehab programs. Our medical detox facility helps separate the methamphetamines from the individual’s body.

This elimination of the substance will give the individual an opportunity to begin to re-adjust their body and mind without the chemical in their system and therefore increase the likelihood that residential treatment will be effective in helping a person deal with their stimulant use disorder.

Methamphetamine Use Disorder Treatment:

Once medical detox and stabilization are achieved a person usually begins treatment in either inpatient treatment or residential treatment. It is important that people follow through with at least residential treatment following medical detox. Residential treatment is where the therapy happens along with education and techniques are taught to help a person learn not to return to chemical usage.

Some people explore emotional issues and psychological dynamics that have contributed to ongoing methamphetamine usage. Healing the body and mind is very important in residential treatment. Everyone’s needs are different, and treatment affords an opportunity to analyze problems and receive solutions to their problems. Some people have had negative consequences, and others are trying to avoid the potential negative consequences of their addictions.

Whatever your motivating experience is for seeking treatment, go ahead and call the treatment center and set up your admission date with the substance use disorder treatment program. This will help ensure that you follow through and don’t talk yourself out of going into treatment.

Summer Sky is a drug rehab program that will help a person design a personal treatment plan that is tailored to their individual situation and problems. This is important because not everyone will have the same problems, there may be similar addiction-related problems, however, some problems will be unique to your situation.

Treatment is the single most effective way to interrupt the cycle of methamphetamine addiction. Once a person enters medical detox and is stabilized from the addictive chemical, then treatment can be utilized to address important psychological and social issues that have been impacted by a person’s methamphetamine usage.

Treatment allows a person to deal properly with psychological cravings and learn skills not to return to methamphetamines.

What do I do if a person does not want to go to treatment?

Family and friends are often the frontline witness to the devastating effects of a person’s methamphetamine addiction. The frustration and concern can be overwhelming at times. If you are finding it difficult to encourage a person to seek help for a stimulant use disorder, then consider reaching out to our treatment center for a referral to a professional interventionist.

Summer Sky can put you in contact with a professional interventionist that can help you get your loved one into treatment. You do not have to do an intervention alone. Contacting a professional interventionist can guide you through the process and perform the intervention with you and your intervention team. The intervention process is very effective in getting a person motivated enough to go into treatment.

Types of Methamphetamine Treatment Programs:

There are a few different options for methamphetamine use disorder treatment available. Time is the major healer of the brain and finding a treatment program that will benefit your loved one will be determined by the type of treatment that you pick for treatment.

Since methamphetamines are a highly addictive central nervous system stimulant, it is important that detox and stabilization are experienced at the beginning of treatment. We suggest you pick a rehab program that is multi-disciplinary in its approach to treating people that are suffering from a stimulant use disorder.

Pick a facility that has addiction focused counselors that are licensed chemical dependency counselors on staff. This is important because they specialize in addiction treatment and counseling people that are addicted to substances. A licensed chemical dependency counselor is a specialized counselor that focuses on people with addictions.

Types of Methamphetamine Treatment Programs:

The above types of treatment centers are categorized by the amount of treatment that is experienced during a specific time frame. It is suggested that a person with a methamphetamine use disorder at least attend a 30-day residential treatment center and then utilize intensive outpatient treatment for another 6-9 weeks following the 30-day treatment center. If you can attend a 90-day treatment center, then you will greatly enhance your chances of staying chemical free. The main thing is to seek help today.

Do you need help now?

Contact Summer Sky Treatment center today at 1-888-857-8857, and our admissions specialist will discuss all available treatment options with you or a loved one. We look forward to helping you become alcohol and drug-free.

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