Medical Drug Detox Centers

Medical Drug Detox Centers:

When it comes to medical detoxification there is nothing more important than making sure someone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs is properly detoxified from addictive substances. Medical Detox is critical to people with substance use disorders.

Medical drug detox centers do a lot to help people become sober from alcohol or other addictive substances. When people decide that they are going to stop using alcohol, prescription drugs, or other addictive substances the individual is making a major decision to get on the road to recovery.


The first major hurdle that an individual will need to go through is the withdrawal process. This is something that a Medical Detoxification Facility can help you deal with immediately after you enter the detox facility.

You may be asking yourself what exactly is withdrawal. Withdrawal is a process that is made up of a group of symptoms that present when an individual decrease their use of an addictive substance or abruptly stops ingesting an addictive substance into the body.

When an individual goes into the withdrawal process, they are a response to the body’s desperate efforts to remain in stasis. The body fights to maintain a healthy balance even though the alcohol or drugs are not safe or unhealthy to ingest or consume.

In general, when an individual ingests a substance like alcohol or sedative drugs the addictive substances produce euphoria, numbing, sedation, and slower reactions. The body notices these changes and attempts to correct itself by speeding up the body and mind for proper functioning.

In contrast, when someone puts cocaine or methamphetamine into their body there is an opposite response from the individual’s body. The body attempts to put the brakes on quickly and attempts to slow the body and mind down to not experience disruptive functioning.

In both cases, the body is attempting to overcompensate for the changes it is experiencing. The withdrawal process begins as the individual decreases or stops using the addictive substance. The body tries to rebound from the changes and then attempts to re-adjust even without the substance in the body. The diminished effects of not having the drug in the body are the beginning of the emergence of withdrawal symptoms.


Detoxification, by itself, is a partial form of substance use disorder treatment. The detoxification process involves three important elements that people will need to complete as they detoxify from addictive substances. The first element is the evaluation that will be required to determine which detox protocols should be used to help the individual manage their withdrawal symptoms.

The evaluation is performed by the medical department at the medical drug detox center. This will help the individual and the medical team to physically manage withdrawal symptoms and help the individual to adjust to the removal of the addictive substance from their body. Detoxification is performed in a comfortable, safe, and effective manner with respect and dignity.

Careful attention is made to making sure that the physical and psychological signs and symptoms are minimized or reduced during the detox process. This is why the evaluation procedure is so critical to the success of the detox process. In some cases, the evaluation procedures will identify co-occurring medical, psychiatric, and physical conditions that need immediate attention.

Medical Detox & Stabilization:

The second element of importance during the detoxification process will involve stabilization. This will include the medical, biological, psychological, and social functioning of the acute intoxication and withdrawal symptoms being experienced.

The medical drug detox center nursing department will help assist the individual to a state of stability. This is achieved by administering FDA-approved medications until the individual is fully detoxified from the toxic and harmful addictive substances.

The medical nursing department, medical doctors, support staff, and counseling department will fully support the individual during this medical detox & stabilization process. The goal is for the individual to become substance free and returned to a state of abstinence.

Preparing an Individual for Ongoing Treatment Services:

The third element of importance is preparing the individual who was just detoxified from addictive substances for ongoing treatment and recovery services. Detox alone is one part of the treatment for people with substance use disorders.

An individual will need to develop a plan of action to help assist the individual in the entry of other treatment services. Some of the other types of treatment services may include inpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient services.

Once an individual is stabilized the counseling staff will help the individual to become familiar with all available substance use disorder treatment programs options. Many times different types of levels of care are needed for different people because of the severity of the substance use disorder.

In some cases the counselor may need to involve the individual’s family, significant others, friends, employers, or other significant people who are a part of the individual’s recovery support team. This can be beneficial as the supportive team encourages and helps the individual choose the best treatment options. Especially, when it involves 30, 60, or 90-day treatment program attendance.

Medical Detox in Texas:

Medical drug detox centers throughout the state of Texas are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to provide medical detox in Texas. It is a good idea to choose a medical detox program in Texas that is also accredited by The Joint Commission.

Medical detox programs in Texas will vary from cities like Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, and San Antonio as some are stand-alone medical drug detox centers and others have quick access to other forms of substance use disorder treatment programs.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is one of the Best Medical Detox Centers in the State of Texas. It has been in operation for over 37 years and helped advance medical detoxification and addiction detox best practices that are well developed and safe and effective. We only use detoxification protocols that are considered safe and effective. We believe in helping people to become comfortable during the addiction detox process.

Immediate Medical Drug Detox Center Admissions:

We understand the urgency of dealing with withdrawal symptoms with people with substance use disorders, and for this reason, we do offer 24-hour 7 days week detox admission access. If you need a medical detox program or to enter one of our Texas Drug Rehabs. Learn More About 30, 60, and 90-Day Addiction Treatment Solutions by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

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