Medical Detoxification Facility

Medical Detoxification Facility

In Texas and across the United States there are medical detoxification facilities that are designed to help people remove the toxic build-up of addictive substances. It is a vital and critical service for people who are dealing with substance use disorders.

A medical detoxification facility is often utilized as a prerequisite to all forms of treatment for people with a substance use disorder. Without an individual receiving medical detox services, there is a reduced chance of an individual becoming chemical-free from addictive substances.

For this reason, one of the best practices for treating a substance use disorder is to encourage an individual to enter a medical detoxification facility to clear the toxins from the body of the individual who is experiencing acute intoxication as the facility will help remove the addictive substance from the body system.


The medical detoxification facility will utilize a set of interventions that are focused on managing acute intoxication and the withdrawals of someone who has developed a physical & psychological reliance upon physically addictive substances. We call this the detoxification process as each addictive substance requires a set of protocols administered by trained medical professionals.

These trained medical professionals work diligently with the individual who needs detoxification to help minimize the physical harm that has been caused by the addiction. One thing is certain a substance use disorder can create a lot of different medical-related problems in the background.

These medical conditions are often the result of years or months of elevated alcohol or drug use that have been causing disruptions in the individual’s body system. Therefore, it is so important that an individual choose a substance use disorder treatment program that offers detoxification services. Detoxification is important for people with substance use disorders.

It is recommended that people do not attempt to stop using addictive substances without the assistance of a medical detoxification facility. It can be dangerous to decrease or abruptly stop using certain addictive substances that the body has relied on to function and can create dangerous withdrawal symptoms when an addictive substance is reduced or abruptly stopped.

Severe Substance Use Disorders

People who become severely addicted to alcohol or drugs often experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop ingesting the addictive substance. The withdrawal syndrome associated with severe substance use disorders can be intense and, in some cases, dangerous.

Therefore, it is always best to have access to a medical detoxification facility if you are planning on stopping your addictive substances. There are co-occurring medical conditions that can surface once a person begins the detox process.

During the initial consultation regarding admission into a medical detox facility, the admissions department will pre-screen for a wide variety of symptoms. Gathering this information is very helpful to the medical professionals who will oversee the detox process.

For this reason, this is a good time to discuss all aspects of your history with substances, previous attempts at stopping your usage, or other signs and symptoms of withdrawal you may have experienced recently or in the past.

It is common for people to have been so intoxicated that they don’t recall certain details about the withdrawal process so the doctors and nursing staff will monitor and observe any bio-medical changes that are taking place with you during the detox process.

Immediate Medical Attention

Below is a list of signs and symptoms of other conditions that require quick medical attention. If you are actively experiencing physical problems in these areas, please seek help at a medical detox facility and if none are available in your area then utilize an emergency room to stabilize symptoms.

The below signs and symptoms are indications that the withdrawal process is already taking place and medical attention will need to start as soon as possible to avoid other adverse consequences. Again, withdrawal syndrome can be dangerous without medical attention and observation.

 Symptoms and Signs of Conditions That Require Immediate Medical Attention

  • Change in mental status
  • Increasing anxiety and panic
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Temperature greater than 100.4° F (these patients should be considered potentially infectious)
  • Significant increases and/or decreases in blood pressure and heart rate
  • Insomnia
  • Abdominal pain
  • Upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Changes in the responsiveness of pupils
  • Heightened deep tendon reflexes and ankle clonus, a reflex beating of the foot when pressed rostrally (i.e., toward the mouth of the patient), indicating profound central nervous system irritability and the potential for seizures

Overview of Detoxification

It is important to consider that detoxification alone is not a substitute for other forms of substance use disorder treatment. While medical detoxification is vital for people with severe substance use disorders the medical detoxification facility is only one part of the greater whole of addiction treatment.

When a person enters a Medical Detoxification Facility it is a good idea to be thinking about the other types of substance use disorder treatment that you plan on attending after detox is completed.

Detoxification is one part of substance use disorder treatment and rehabilitation services. Detoxification seeks to provide focused medical interventions that are designed to help a person deal with the immediate acute symptoms of the withdrawal process.

The medical staff at the detox center will utilize medication protocols to help minimize and reduce the symptoms of acute withdrawal while also allowing the individual to safely detoxify from the addictive substances as comfortably as possible.

The detoxification process is a short-term component of a substance use disorder treatment program. A Detoxification Program will not by itself resolve longstanding psychological, social, and behavioral problems including emotional and traumatic problems. However, it will remove addictive substances and help manage withdrawal symptoms that complicate

It primarily deals with acute abstinence syndrome (AAS) or more commonly referred to as detox or the withdrawal process associated with becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs.

While detox services or entering a medical detoxification facility is a vital service, we don’t want to paint a picture that detoxification alone is sufficient to treat a substance use disorder all by itself as a standalone treatment service. When someone enters a medical detoxification facility three components often will take place concurrently in a series of steps listed below.

  • Evaluation
  • Stabilization
  • Fostering the individual’s entry into treatment


The evaluation will involve testing for the presence of an addictive substance that is causing the addiction and screening for potential withdrawal symptoms. This is important because many people may not even be aware of those multiple substances that can disrupt the detox process. With the help of individual and advanced testing, a medical detoxication facility can evaluate the scope of the problem by detecting substances in the bloodstream, measuring concentrations, and screening for co-occurring mental and physical conditions.

The evaluation will help medical professionals to determine which course of action is needed to help the individual safely detox properly from the addictive substances. It also involves performing various assessments and examining medical, psychological, detox, treatment, and social histories. Most medical detoxification facilities will develop an initial substance use disorder treatment plan from the information collected during the evaluation.


The number one priority of the stabilization phase of medical detoxification is to make sure an individual is medically and physically safe from acute withdrawal symptoms. The medical detox facility will assist the individual through acute intoxication and withdrawal to help the individual to become substance-free.

Once an individual is free from addictive substances then the attention is turned toward making plans for future substance use disorder treatment services. Discussion about addiction treatment options and other forms of substance use disorder rehabilitation is planned out with medical and clinical staff at the medical detox facility during the stabilization phase of the detox process.

Fostering the individual’s entry into treatment

Right after detox & stabilization are completed the individual in the medical detoxification facility will discuss with medical and substance use disorder counselors the best course of action to move forward after detox is completed.

The medical and substance use disorder counseling staff will assist the individuals in matching the correct level of care for treatment services. It can include a wide variety of treatment modalities or approaches.

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