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Lubbock, Texas is a busy, vibrant city located in the northwest part of the state.  It is the 11th most populous city in Texas with a population of about 260,000 and is a part of Lubbock County.  Lubbock is also known as the “Hub City” as it is the economical, education, and health-care hub of this region.  It is home to the 6th largest college in the state, Texas Tech University and also boasts of one of the top high schools in all of the United States, Lubbock High School.  The great atmosphere of this city and mild temperatures year-round make it a popular place to call home in Texas.

The History of Lubbock

Lubbock County was originally founded in 1876 and was named after Thomas Saltus Lubbock, brother of the former governor Francis Lubbock and a Texas Ranger.  The original town of Lubbock was a small town that merged with another small town named Monterey to become the city of Lubbock that we know of today.  Texas Tech was then founded in 1923 and has grown to one of the largest and most popular colleges in the state.  It was once home to Reese Air Force Base that is now known as a research and business park called the Reese Technological Center.  The major industries in Lubbock are cotton and farming.

Demographics of Lubbock

As of the 2010 census, there were reportedly 229,573 people living in Lubbock, Texas.  75% are white, 9% are African American, 1 % are Native American, 2% are Asian, and the remaining are of unknown descent or of two or more races.  Of this, 32% report being of Hispanic or Latino descent.  Lubbock is a family town with approximately 54,000 families living inside the city.  31% of the population has children under the age of 18 living in their homes.  The city of Lubbock has an inviting environment and many activities year-round and is a great place to raise a family.

Activities in Lubbock

Culture and arts abound in Lubbock.  It is home to museums such as the Buddy Holly Center and West Texas Walk of Fame.  Other museums in Lubbock include the American Wind Power Museum, National Ranching Heritage Center, Museum of Texas Tech University, and the Silent Wings Museum.  The Depot Entertainment District in downtown Lubbock has a variety of musical acts for everyone’s enjoyment.  Lubbock truly is an exciting place to be.

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Drug Addiction in Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock may be a great place to live, but it also has a dark side. It’s close proximity to the Mexico border makes it more susceptible to drug trafficking finding its way into the city. Highly addictive drugs such as heroin and cocaine are prominent in Lubbock. Most recently, methamphetamine has also become a popular drug of choice. Since 2008, prescription drug addiction has been on the rise. Marijuana use is common, especially among the younger generation. Substance abuse and addiction are prevalent throughout Lubbock, raising concerns among residents and local officials. It’s not only drugs that rank at the top of the list of concerns throughout Lubbock, but also alcohol consumption. A report conducted by the Board of Health showed that alcohol is the most commonly abused substance by youth across the state. College campuses like Texas Tech University also experienced its fair share of problems each year related to alcohol abuse. Drug rehabs in Lubbock Texas work hard to raise awareness about drug abuse and offer treatment programs for those in the throes of addiction.

How Is Lubbock Texas Affected by Drug Addiction?

Texas shares its border with a significant portion of Mexico’s 1,254-mile border. Close proximity to the Mexico border means that drug trafficking from Mexico is a real problem for the state of Texas. Since 2014, Lubbock has seen a rise in drug cartel trafficking coming into the city. Drug seizures have increased and larger quantities of narcotics are being confiscated. The “big three” cocaine, heroin, and crystal methamphetamine are the most common illicit drugs being smuggled across the border. It’s not only the quantity of drugs that is increasing, but also the quality. Texas is number one among all fifty states for cocaine, heroin, and marijuana seizures and second for methamphetamine seizures. With increased drug trafficking comes an increasing drug addiction problem throughout Lubbock County. In 2013, Texas reported over 40,000 admissions into drug rehab for treatment. Sadly, only about 10% of those suffering from drug abuse get the help they need. Lubbock, Texas drug rehabs are working hard to provide information and resources to offer addiction treatment more and more to people affected by substance abuse.

Which Drugs Are the Worst in Lubbock?

Methamphetamines remain the number one cause for concern in major cities across Texas such as Dallas, Houston, El Paso, and Lubbock. Number two on the list is cocaine. Opioid addiction has also increased drastically over the past several years. Opioids such as morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and fentanyl are prescribed for pain but have highly addictive properties. It isn’t uncommon for some to undergo surgery or experience an injury, be prescribed an opioid, and suddenly find themselves facing an addiction problem. Out of those prescribed opioids, 21 to 29% misuse them 8 to 12% develop an addiction disorder. Opioid addiction can lead to use of other drugs as well. 80% of all heroin users developed an addiction to opioids first. Additionally, cannabis remains a steady presence within Lubbock. The legalization of marijuana in several states has led to an increase in arrests for marijuana being brought into Texas cities.

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in Lubbock

Alcohol may be a legal substance, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without consequences. Alcohol use disorder is as much a problem as drug abuse and can lead to addiction and serious health concerns.   In Lubbock, 4.5% of women and 9.2% of men report participating in regular heavy drinking.  11% of females of 24% of males also report partaking in binge drinking.  Heavy drinking or binge drinking are signs of alcoholism.  If you notice someone that can’t go a day without drinking or begins to drink more and more to achieve the after-effects of alcohol, they may suffer from alcohol use disorder.  Alcohol addiction can lead to long term health conditions such as liver disease. Alcoholism not only affects one individual but can affect everyone around as well.  It can tear apart families, destroy friendships, or affect job performance.  When alcohol becomes the most important thing in your life, you may have a serious problem that must be addressed.  But addiction can be a hard cycle to overcome. If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse, treatment programs at Lubbock drug rehabs offer support to help overcome addiction.  Medical detoxification programs can help with withdrawal.  After removing harmful substances completely from the body, inpatient treatment or intensive outpatient programs can give you the tools needed to stay sober.

Opioid Epidemic in Lubbock

Opioid-related overdoses have drastically increased across the nation since the 1990s.  Every state has felt the effects of the opioid epidemic in some way, including Lubbock.  In 2017, there were approximately 47,000 opioid-related deaths, more than deaths from auto accidents or firearm incidents.  Texas reported 1,458 opioid overdoses in 2017, a rate of 5.1 per 100,000.  It has become increasingly clear that opioids are a highly addictive substance that can and will destroy lives.  Fentanyl or heroin are some of the most commonly abused opioids across the state.  In fact, fentanyl overdoses have nearly tripled in Texas over the past ten years, from 118 in 2007 to 248 in 2017 while heroin overdoses have doubled from 214 to 569 in the same time frame.  The problem begins with prescriptions.  Medical professionals in Texas wrote approximately 53 opioid prescriptions per 100 people in the state.  Because these drugs are so addictive, a simple surgery or injury can lead to a lifetime of addiction.

Methamphetamine Abuse in Lubbock

Large quantities of methamphetamine are illegally brought into Lubbock from Mexico each year.  This growing problem affects the state of Texas as a whole as well.  More Texans are seeking treatment for methamphetamine addiction than ever before.  Almost 7000 people sought treatment in 2015, up approximately 600 from the previous year.  In 2014, almost 16% of those entering drug rehab for substance abuse claim amphetamines as the reason for seeking treatment.  Meth addiction has become so bad that many claim there is not just an opioid epidemic, but also a methamphetamine epidemic.

Cocaine Addiction in Lubbock

One interaction with cocaine can lead to a lifetime of battle drug abuse in Lubbock.  Cocaine has extremely addictive properties and can be hard to quit.  With use over time, more and more cocaine is required to achieve the desired high.  Too much cocaine can lead to an overdose.  Attempting to quit cocaine can lead to significant withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, depression, or paranoia.  To overcome cocaine abuse, additional methods may be required.  Drug rehab treatment is designed to help fight substance abuse through therapy programs such as cognitive behavioral therapy.  Support medications and medical detoxification will help withdrawal symptoms.  Medical professionals provide 24-hour around the clock care.  Lubbock, Texas drug rehabs are the safest place to detox and find the support required to break the cycle of cocaine addiction.

Marijuana and Synthetic Cannabinoids in Lubbock

Marijuana is not a legalized substance in Texas, and law enforcement officials are continuing to crack down on marijuana possession across the state.  The Lubbock Police Department reported 1,014 arrests for marijuana possession in 2017, up from 875 arrests in 2016 and 710 in 2015.  Interstate 40, running through Lubbock is commonly used for transporting illicit drugs throughout the state such as marijuana.  Marijuana use has more dangerously been linked to meth abuse.  Lubbock County DPs reports out of 100 meth addicts, 99 stated they began with marijuana before moving to harder substances such as meth.  But it’s not just marijuana that law officials have to worry about anymore.  Synthetic cannabinoids become popular around 2008.  Substances such as K2, Spice, Yucatan Fire, or Blaze are seen more and more among the youth in Lubbock.  But synthetic cannabinoids are extremely dangerous.  They come in a potpourri which is sprayed with chemicals that are harmful when ingested.  In fact, synthetic cannabinoids have been made with such substances as embalming fluid and can lead to instances of poisoning.

Other Commonly Abused Drugs in Lubbock

Club drugs aren’t at the top of the list for drugs found in Lubbock, but they are still harmful substances that lead to addiction.  GHB, ecstasy, and ketamine are drugs that are commonly associated with nightclubs, parties, and concerts.  These drugs are not only dangerous because of their addictive properties but also because of what they are known for, which is date rape or sexual assault.  Hallucinogens like LSD and mushrooms can also be found in Lubbock Texas.  On the streets of Lubbock, youth ranging in age from as young as 12 to around the age of 17 are turning to inhalants like paint thinners or spray paint to achieve their high.  When ingested or inhaled, these chemicals can alter thinking and affect balance and eyesight, similar to other forms of drugs. Inhalants can alter the central nervous system, produce hallucinations or feelings of elation, and affect coordination.  They are extremely dangerous substances when not used properly and have been known to cause brain damage.  It is a crime in Lubbock to abuse inhalants in a way they were not intended.  5% of college students admit to abusing inhalants like gasoline, glue, or Freon.

HIV from Injected Drug Abuse

Side effects from drug use can be life-changing and extremely dangerous.  Sadly, cases of HIV are on the rise across Texas and in the city of Lubbock.  Injecting drugs may render a quick and easy high, but it can also pose an HIV threat through the sharing of needles.  Sharing any drug paraphernalia for that matter can also lead to sharing HIV.  Even something as simple as washing drug supplies in the same water as other can cause HIV.  Health officials in Lubbock say they see three to five new cases of HIV each month, some of these related to injected drug abuse.  In Lubbock County, the HIV prevalence rate is higher than many other Texas counties at 144. 

Drug-Related Death Tolls in Lubbock

Fentanyl is a leading cause of drug-related death tolls in Lubbock.  The CDC issued a health warning in 2015 nationwide because of the rising trend of drug overdoses related to fentanyl use.  The ME in Lubbock also notes a significant jump in fentanyl overdose deaths.  Heroin is a dangerous drug that can result in accidental overdose and death.  Overdose from injected heroin poses a greater risk than most all other illicit drugs as it only takes a small dose.  Media reports that heroin use is increasing in Texas.  An increase in ER visits related to heroin overdose suggests that this problem has reached Lubbock as well.  Black tar heroin is a potent form of this substance smuggled in from across the Mexico border and into Texas and its leading cities.  Drug rehabs treat heroin use disorder with a specialized program tailored to meet individual needs to lead to recovery and freedom from drug addiction.

Traffic Fatalities Linked to Substance Abuse

Texas is the leading state in the US for traffic fatalities caused by drinking and driving.  In 2013, there were a reported 1337 deaths.  Statistics also show that Lubbock ranks high among Texas metropolitans for DUI related crashes and deaths.  In 2014, Lubbock ranked second only to San Antonio for DUI crashes per capita.  The average age for drunk driving incidents was between 21 and 25.  Those who binge drink at parties or special events were more likely to get behind the wheel while intoxicated and cause fatal accidents.  While Texas has a high rate of alcohol-related traffic fatalities, other substances can lead to fatal accidents as well.  The legalization of marijuana has become a problem as drivers get behind the wheel while high.  This too can lead to impaired judgment and accidents.  Driving while under the influence of any drug is dangerous and should always be avoided.

Dangers of Substance Use Disorders

Powerful substances like drugs can and will affect the brain.  Every drug has a different effect on the body and brain, but they can all ultimately lead to long term health consequences.  Drugs can be inhaled, injected, or ingested.  Injection has an immediate effect while the effects of ingestion are delayed, but all are dangerous.  No matter how drugs are used, they increase the dopamine levels in the brain which alter feelings of pleasure.  The brain, specifically dopamine, regulates emotions, motivation, and feelings.  Over time, substance abuse will interfere with one’s ability to make choices.  The brain requires more and more to achieve the desired feelings of a drug high which leads to intense cravings and addiction.  In the US, over 7 million people suffer from a drug disorder.  One in four will die from an overdose.  But the good news is that substance use disorders are treatable.  Drug rehabs offer treatment programs to help fight drug abuse in Lubbock.  But those affected by addiction must first know what options are available to them.  Rehabs work hard to get out information and provide resources to get help to those in need.  Knowing your options is half the battle, so contact a reputable drug rehab to find out more information if you suffer from substance use disorders.

Signs of Substance Abuse

If you suspect a loved one of drug abuse, there are tell-tale signs and symptoms to be aware of.  If more and more of a chemical substance such as drugs or alcohol is needed to get through the day, this is the number one sign of an addiction problem.  Attempting to quit using substances can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as shakings, swearing, depression, nausea, or headaches.  Those with an addiction problem may begin to act strange, avoiding hanging out with friends, losing interest in the things they once enjoyed, or having sudden money problems.  Their job performance can also suffer.  A growing need for drugs can lead to crime such as stealing money to buy drugs.  If you recognize any of these signs or symptoms in yourself or a loved one, seek treatment for addiction to get the help you need to break free.

About Summer Sky Drug Rehab

If you or someone you love is deep in the throes of addiction, Summer Sky drug rehab has treatment options that can meet individual needs.  Our programs are designed specifically with you in mind and no two treatment programs are exactly alike.  Traditional treatment methods such as cognitive behavior therapy and group therapy sessions are combined with innovative options like pet therapy equine therapy to meet the needs of the whole person.  Our supportive staff provides tools and resources to address the root cause of addiction and take the necessary steps to overcome the cycle, even outside of rehab.  With these tools in place, the road to recovery is made possible.  We will walk alongside you every step of the way to ensure you are supported throughout the journey.

Program Options

At Summer Sky, there is a program option for everyone.  Medical detoxification removed all traces of harmful chemicals from the body while medical staff can monitor and control withdrawal symptoms.  A 10-day detox and stabilization program can get you on the right track.  30- or 90-day inpatient treatment programs are available for additional support.  If inpatient programs aren’t feasible, Summer Sky also offers intensive outpatient programs for alcohol use disorder, heroin use disorder, and everything in between.  Family treatment programs are also available to support the whole family through this difficult time.  Summer Sky addiction treatment centers ensure you get the specific help you need when you need it for increased chances of success in living a normal life, free from the grips of addiction.

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