Kentucky Addiction Centers

Addiction can take hold of people from all walks of life. Summer Sky addiction treatment center provides a gateway to your recovery, so you can lead a clean and sober life that is filled with family time and positive relationships. We know the road seems long when you’ve checking in to an addiction treatment center in Kentucky, but the journey is well worth the outcome.

Our facility has achieved the highest level of certification and we are top-rated. We are proud to have a large staff that allows us to give each patient individualized attention and support. Our Kentucky addiction treatment centers take all major insurance and we have the lowest treatments compared to many other rehabs. Contact us today to get more information.

Your Solution for Addiction Treatment Centers

Being your solution when addiction strikes your home is important to us. We want to make a difference in your life because we know that addiction can happen to anyone. There are many reasons people come to our addiction treatment center. Substance abuse can stem from both emotional and physical issues, and we work to get to the underlying problem and help you find ways to cope versus using drugs or alcohol. We want to be a permanent solution to your addiction, so you have confidence when leading a clean life.

Medical Doctors and Recovery Specialists by Your Side

When going through the detox, you’ll have a doctor to see you through. Our recovery specialists that staff our Kentucky addiction treatment center are not just experienced, but they are also supportive. We offer 30 day treatments, or if you need more time to recovery, you can sign up for the 90 day inpatient treatment.

Talk to an Admissions Advisor About Our Affordable Options

Addiction treatment should not be ignored because substance abuse dangerous for your health and can have a negative impact on your family. Treatment will help you realign your moral compass and rebuild your life. Sobriety is closer and more affordable than you think, and we are quick to respond to your call. By connecting clinical care to therapeutic activities, recovery becomes more attainable and enjoyable. Summer Sky is ready to be your choice for drug treatment center.