It’s True—Women Do Experience Addiction Differently

There are many unique health challenges that women experience differently than men, and addiction is one of them.  Women have only been recently included in the substance abuse studies, only as early as the 1990s, so the data is just now pointing out the substance abuse difference between men and women.  The findings report that addiction for women means more challenges as they find it harder to quit and are more prone to relapse.  Because addiction is so different for men versus women, it makes sense for treatment options to vary between men and women.  Rehabs for women specifically study substance abuse in women and seek to treat them according to their needs.  If you are a woman with an addiction problem, get the help you need and deserve at a Drug Addiction Rehab center.

The Differences Between Men and Women

Take a look at various studies and you will see that there is most noticeably significant differences of the effects of drugs on women as well as the rate of addiction between women and men.  Here are several examples that show just how different men and women can be.  Women are more prone to addiction based on several statistics.  In fact, between 1999 and 2010 women saw an increase of around 400 percent in prescription drug-related addictions whereas this type of addiction among men only rose 237 percent.  The fact that women are prescribed pain medication more than men and at higher doses could lead to this rising addiction problem among females.  Additionally, women are also more likely to be prescribed opioids and become long-term users after being prescribed these drugs.  For women, opioid use is usually associated with emotional misuse while for men it is more commonly used for behavioral problems.  So, not only is the dosage and ease of addiction not the same for men and women, but the reason for using in the first place is entirely different.  Because of the struggles of opioid addiction for women, opioid deaths are on the rise with statistics showing that these deaths have more than tripled in just a few short years, from 2010 to 2013. 

However, it’s not just drug use that poses a problem for women.  Smoking and alcohol abuse are also addictions that women encounter. Women have seen a rise in lung and heart problems related to smoking.  Alcohol specifically can be highly addictive to women.  Women are more likely to develop alcohol dependency faster and quicker than men, and therefore this leads to a higher rate of liver damage or brain injury.  Alcohol dependency is so strong in women that it alcohol addiction has killed more women than even opioid use.  In 2010, 26,000 women died from alcohol abuse compared to 13,000 from opioid addiction.  The reason women seem to have a strong tendency towards alcohol addiction is attributed to different body types.  For instance, women weigh less, have more fatty tissue, and don’t metabolize alcohol as quickly, causing substance abuse to develop at a quicker rate.  The fact of the matter is that substance abuse for women is a struggle.  Knowing this, don’t wait to seek treatment from Rehabs in Texas.  Summer Skye 30 day rehab in Texas recognizes the differences between women and men and works with you to treat your addiction based on what you need, not a one size fits all program.  So take your life back and work to overcome addiction today.

Treatment Options for Women

Women need treatment options tailored just to them.  For example, 80 percent of pregnancies among women with substance abuse are unplanned.  Therefore, Rehabs for Women should include not only programs and information about substance abuse, but also pregnancy.  We must recognize the need for different services for men and women.  Because pregnancy among women with substance abuse disorders is often unplanned, women are unprepared.  Along with addiction programs at rehabs in Texas, there should also be family planning classes tailored to these women.  It’s time to focus on women and their unique needs instead of turning to a general program to try to treat both men and women alike.  We recognize the differences and should tailor programs to meet these gender differences.  Specifically, women with substance abuse disorders who have children should not be looked upon as child abusers, but should be given the help and treatment they need to overcome addiction so they can be the best parent possible.  If we stop judging and focus on giving adequate treatment to women based on who they are, women and mothers, we can hope to see a decline in addiction and a rise in parents who have the knowledge and training to care for their children. 

It’s never easy to see someone you love go through addiction, and it’s even harder to watch their children suffer as well.  If you are a woman or know a woman with substance abuse problems, Summer Skye Drug Addiction Rehab can design a treatment program to fit your needs so that you can break free from addiction and live life to the fullest once again.

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