Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs in Texas

Intensive Outpatient Programs in Texas:

The intensive outpatient treatment program in Texas has become one of the most effective ways to treat a substance use disorder for people that don’t require medical detoxification or residential drug rehab programs. Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers residents of Texas evidence-based treatment programs for people looking for an intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP).

Substance use disorder intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOPs) can directly change an individual’s substance use to a recovery-centered way of living. The treatment programs are designed to help people with substance use disorders & co-occurring mental health-related problems break free from their addiction to substances. In addition to treating the substance use disorder, an individual can also use the intensive outpatient treatment program to help manage other co-occurring conditions simultaneously while in treatment.

If you don’t require medical detoxification or 24-hour medical supervision, then consider starting your journey in recovery by utilizing an intensive outpatient treatment program. The intensive outpatient treatment model is great for helping someone with an addiction-related disorder. People with addictions have psychological and social problems that need to be addressed during treatment. An Intensive outpatient treatment program can help someone to learn how to stay alcohol or drug-free.

IOPs are Alternatives to Inpatient Drug Rehabs:

There is no doubt that inpatient drug rehabs are effective at helping people to learn about their addiction and then stabilize from the physical, psychological, and social damage created by an addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or other addictive substances.

However, what if your circumstances don’t allow for the time away to participate in an inpatient drug rehab? Then the alternative is an intensive outpatient treatment program. The IOPs can help you treat your substance use disorder in an outpatient setting format and learn effective ways to recover from your substance use disorder.

The outpatient treatment format can help you learn about your addiction and what causes the addiction in your life. There are obvious benefits to learning effective solutions to help heal your body from the damage created by addiction. The intensive outpatient treatment programs are supportive treatment and recovery-driven treatment programs that offer practical solutions in real time.

Learning how to not return to alcohol or drugs is a central focus of the treatment provided when you choose an intensive outpatient program. A major area of focus of treatment is learning different types of coping skills, relapse prevention techniques, and how to heal from drug addiction.

IOPs are Alternatives to Residential Drug Rehabs:

Most people with severe substance use disorders will need either a 30-day treatment program, 60-day rehab, or 90-day treatment program to effectively treat their substance use disorder. However, some individuals can not commit to a residential drug rehab program. The Intensive outpatient treatment program then becomes the most logical type of drug rehab to attend for treatment services.

Relapse Prevention is a big part of the IOPs as all people should develop a relapse prevention plan to help prevent a future relapse from occurring. Summer Sky Treatment Center® specializes in relapse prevention and also offers this service as part of its intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of an Intensive Outpatient Treatment program?

Yes, most intensive outpatient treatment programs are covered by most major health insurance plans. To see if your insurance is covered or if you qualify for intensive outpatient treatment you can contact an intensive outpatient treatment provider to discuss your situation.

Most admissions departments can perform a short pre-screening to see if you are eligible for intensive outpatient treatment services. You can discuss your health plan with the admissions department, and they will help you determine if you’re a good candidate for Intensive outpatient treatment services.

The Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP) admissions department can call and check your benefits to see if you are covered by their substance use disorder treatment program. This can help with letting you know exactly what is covered by your health plan.

Can Someone Pay Privately for Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs?

Yes, you can pay for treatment privately if you choose not to use your health benefits associated with a health plan, or if you’re in a situation where you don’t have healthcare coverage. Contact the admissions department to discuss pricing and how to get this process started to enter treatment.

How Long Are Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs?

Intensive outpatient treatment programs typically last anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks in duration. However, a newer version of intensive outpatient treatment programs recognizes that a longer duration of treatment increases the likely hood that an individual will stay free from addictive substances with a longer duration of treatment services.

The newer model of intensive outpatient treatment programs in Texas has increased the duration of treatment to 24 weeks of intensive outpatient treatment services. To see if you’re a candidate for a longer duration of treatment you can call and talk to our admissions department to discuss this type of treatment program.

What are the benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment programs?

The number one advantage of an intensive outpatient treatment program is the quick and easy access to treatment services. The treatment does not involve staying in treatment overnight and for people that can maintain their abstinence from alcohol or drugs in their home environment, this is attractive.

Deciding to enter an inpatient treatment program or to enter an intensive outpatient treatment program is an important decision to make for treatment services. If you don’t believe you can maintain complete abstinence from mood- or mind-altering substances in your home, then choose to go into an inpatient treatment program.

It is more important to be safe and get the proper form of treatment than to just select an intensive outpatient treatment program only because it involves staying home and going to treatment. While it can be appealing to stay at home for treatment services, make sure you don’t need medical detox services or 24-hour monitoring to help stabilize yourself from the addiction.

Below is Some Top Reason to Utilize Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services:

  1. The intensive outpatient treatment program will allow you to stay working while being treated for a substance use disorder after the workday is completed. The freedom of being able to still work while going to treatment after hours is an advantage for some people.
  2. If you are in a situation where you have other responsibilities like caring for children or caring for someone else and you cannot go into an inpatient treatment program, then attending an IOP program can also be a better treatment option.
  3. If you have a supportive home environment that can encourage you to remain alcohol or drug-free while staying at home, then intensive outpatient treatment programs are sometimes a good fit versus entering an inpatient treatment program.
  4. All treatment programs will be focused on maintaining your confidentiality and strict privacy when you are enrolled in the intensive outpatient treatment program. When you choose to enter an outpatient form of treatment, no one will know you are enrolled in the treatment program except for the people you let know you are attending.
  5. The overall cost of intensive outpatient treatment versus an inpatient or residential treatment program is significantly reduced and a more affordable treatment option. Most residential treatment can cost from $10,000 to $40,000 a month if you pay privately.
  6. Developing a healthy lifestyle without the use of addictive substances can begin when you enter an intensive outpatient treatment program. You can learn effective ways to remain abstinent from alcohol or drugs without a struggle to maintain your sobriety or recovery.

Do you need an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program Today?

If you or a loved one needs intensive outpatient treatment services, then contact our admissions department today. We can help you break free from the bondage of your addiction and help you reclaim your life back from a substance use disorder. Contact us at 1-254-485-4015 to learn more about our intensive outpatient treatment programs.

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