Intensive Outpatient Programs in Austin Texas

Intensive Outpatient Programs in Austin Texas:

There is a lot of great alcohol or drug treatment program located in Austin, Texas. Summer Sky Treatment Center® has been offering substance use disorder treatment services for over 37 years. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are known all over the “Great State of Texas” and across the United States.

Currently, we are offering online intensive outpatient treatment services to the residents of Austin, Texas, and the surrounding community. This is a unique opportunity to receive treatment from the comfort of your home or at other locations of your choice to experience substance use disorder treatment services.

Online Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs:

The world we live in is changing and the treatment process is currently adapting and changing to the needs of the people we serve all across the State of Texas. More people are looking for alternatives to treating their substance use disorders. Choosing an online intensive outpatient treatment program is a different way to treat your alcohol or drug problem.

Online Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs are an innovative way to experience treatment services. In many ways, it leverages technology and creates an environment of comfort while participating in treatment in the comfort of your own home. It eliminates drive time to an office-based site which is helpful for people who have to deal with the stress of big city traffic as the click of a mouse on a computer or logging in from a cell phone is more convenient.

Online Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs for People Living in Austin, Texas: 

For people living in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding Austin Metro Area we offer solutions to treating your substance use disorder. Our online alcohol and drug treatment services can help you break free from your addiction to substances.

If you are a busy individual or professional who must maintain responsibilities in your home life or professional life, then consider utilizing our online alcohol and drug treatment services in the convenience of your home. Our treatment program can help you achieve long-term recovery while providing you with better options to recover from substance abuse.

Call Summer Sky Treatment Center® to Learn About Online Intensive Outpatient Services:

Our online intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) Is great for people who have just discovered that they have an alcohol or drug problem or for those who have recently just been discharged from medical detox facility, Inpatient treatment program, or a residential treatment program, but you still need a continuum of care to treat your substance use disorder.

When you choose Summer Sky Treatment Centers® Online Treatment Program you will discover that this form of treatment is just as effective as a traditional intensive outpatient treatment program. The treatment has many advantages and offers privacy, and convenience to meet treatment on your terms.

Many people have reported that they believe online intensive outpatient treatment does provide for a more focused and less distracted treatment experience and they believe there is an advantage to receiving treatment in the comfort of their own home versus traveling across the city of Austin and fighting traffic to get to an in-person intensive outpatient treatment program.

Two Online Intensive Outpatient Treatment Options:

Over the years Summer Sky Treatment Center® has learned that people like having options when it comes to receiving substance use disorder treatment services. We also believe it provides for a better treatment experience when someone can choose the type of care they are provided as they are more likely to follow through and participate in the treatment services when offered a variety of treatment options to help them recover from their substance use disorder.

Summer Sky Online Intensive Outpatient Treatment Options:

  1. Summer Sky Online Intensive Outpatient Treatment (6-Week Program)
  2. Summer Sky Online “Gold Standard Intensive Outpatient Treatment” (24-week Program)

Our treatment programs were designed to maximize the amount of time you can dedicate to the treatment process, and we get down to the causes and conditions of why people develop a substance use disorder and then teach the people in our treatment programs recovery-based solutions.

Why Choose Our 6-week Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program?

The 6-week treatment program is effective at helping an individual to learn about their addiction and the solutions that are required to maintain recovery from a substance use disorder. If you are someone that doesn’t have a lot of time due to other responsibilities and you don’t need inpatient treatment or residential treatment services, then an intensive outpatient is a good option.

If you struggle with anxious feelings or anxiety disorders along with a substance-related disorder, then choosing this type of treatment program may be an advantage for you as participating in an online treatment program is a less stressful experience than in-person physical treatment locations for treatment services. It all depends on the individual and their comfort level.

The thing we often hear over and over again is how simple it is to access the treatment services and how comfortable the individual is with the online format. It is interesting to note that more people are likely to not miss an online IOP session as they are so easy to attend, and appointments are more stress-free.

Summer Sky Online “Gold Standard Intensive Outpatient Treatment” (24-week program):

The longer the treatment the better prepared an individual is to face the daily stress of living without alcohol or drugs. We noticed that some people just need more time to heal from their addictions. This program allows for more things to be covered during the treatment process.

Learning different guidelines to follow in recovery is critical to being successful in treatment and recovery. This program will help you eliminate the fears of living free from an alcohol or drug problem and help you focus on the problem and solution so that you can be successful in your life.

  • Learn effective relapse prevention skills
  • Increase your self-esteem and restore confidence in yourself
  • Learn what the problem is and break free from any denial in your life
  • Restore overall health and learn new coping skills to remain chemical-free.
  • Learn to take responsibility for your actions and heal relationships
  • Discovery underlying problems and employ solutions to problems


Learn More About Online Intensive Outpatient Services:

We accept a wide range of addiction-related problems, and our main focus is to help you discover the truth about yourself and your substance-related problems. If you have been struggling with an alcohol or drug problem, then we can help you recover.

The immediate benefits of utilizing an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program are the fact that you can sign up and begin the process quickly. The process of signing up for treatment services is confidential and discreet as the treatment is more private and secure than other forms of treatment programs.

While this is an alternative to traditional treatment programs it’s not for everyone. So, make sure to discuss with our Summer Sky Admissions Department to see if this is the right type of treatment program for our situation. To call our admissions department call us direct at 1-254-434-3105.

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