Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Texas

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Texas:

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Texas are a needed service for men and women who need a higher level of treatment care. Inpatient Rehabs are the highest level of treatment care besides medical detoxification that can be utilized by people with a substance use disorder. Not all drug rehabs in Texas offer inpatient drug rehab treatment.

What is an inpatient drug rehab in Texas?

Inpatient drug rehabs are treatment programs that offer a higher level of care of treatment services. A person that needs an inpatient drug rehab level of care requires more medical and psychological attention. People that are discharged from medical detoxification sometimes enter an inpatient drug rehab.

Inpatient Drug Rehabs Perform a Needs Assessment:

The needs of someone who has experienced alcohol and drug addiction are not always the same. However, inpatient drug rehabs equipped with the ability to address medical and psychological issues are best drug rehabs for someone who needs medical detoxification.

Medical detoxification is the first phase of treatment, and nothing can take place without first removing the harmful chemicals from the body. Once someone has completed detoxing an evaluation and an assessment is utilized to determine further treatment care. The evaluation and needs assessment will help guide the medical and clinical team on determining if inpatient drug rehab is the next step of treatment. Some people will not need inpatient drug treatment but will need residential drug rehab treatment. Depending on the assessments and evaluations a determination of which level of care is needed next will take place.

People that receive help for a substance use disorder experience a full continuum of services in many inpatient drug rehabs in Texas. Inpatient drug rehabs often include interventions that can meet a wide range of individual’s needs. There are various needs assessments provided by medical and clinical treatment teams during treatment. People transition through different levels of care in treatment. The transition is greater or lesser intensity, depending on medical and clinical needs.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Medically Managed Withdrawal Management:

Medically Managed Withdrawal Management (MMWM) Is the process of helping someone with a substance use disorder eliminate toxic, addictive substances from the body and managing the symptoms of withdrawal to bring a person back to normal functioning. This process involves the use of FDA medications and protocols for detoxification. The entire process is done to address acute physical health care needs requiring medical and nursing care.

Summer Sky Offers an Inpatient Drug Rehab Program:

The good news is Summer Sky has one of the best inpatient drug rehabs in Texas. Since individuals admit into our Texas Medical Detox Treatment Programs and if a person needs inpatient drug rehab services, they can transition into our other treatment programs all in one centrally located drug rehab program. The benefits of being a drug rehab program that offers all levels of care are the fact that someone can receive all services in one location.

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Texas that Offer Medical Detox:

People with alcohol and drug problems often need medical detox before maximum benefits of treatment can be achieved. Medical detox helps with clearing the mind and body of the addictive substances. It takes a lot of courage to request help from a medical detoxification program. However, it is necessary to ask for help and then follow up with a facility that has an inpatient drug rehab. We can not stress the value of this service for someone needing to become alcohol and drug-free. All other treatment services can be effective once a person is medically stable.

Clinically Managed Adult Residential Programs:

Once a person has completed medical detox or inpatient rehab then the next level of care is a residential rehab program. Residential Rehab Programs offer the main treatment services that bring about the most change in a person’s life. Once a person is in a residential treatment program, then psychological help is easier to understand. People in residential treatment are offered treatment solutions and goal setting to make progress during their treatment stay. Each person in treatment will learn about their substance use disorder and how to deal with issues of relapse. The residential level of care is an opportunity to experience freedom from the bondage of addictions. Often residential treatment will help you become successful for the rest of your life. Once a person completes a clinically managed adult residential program, then another transition takes place to either intensive outpatient treatment or an outpatient program.

In some cases, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) may be another option depending on the person, and the exact addiction one is dealing with in treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services:

Some individuals enter treatment for substance use disorders directly from an outpatient treatment setting. These individuals are having a milder to moderate substance use diagnosis that allows them to be able to participate in an intensive outpatient program. If during intensive outpatient treatment an individual experiences a relapse or begins active drinking or drug use while in an outpatient treatment program, then they can transition up to a higher level of care of treatment services.

Summer Sky Treatment Center:

Summer Sky Treatment Center has been providing broad-based support of treatment levels of care and treatment programs. Helping men and women with a substance use disorder find recovery through effective treatment is one of our main objectives as an alcohol and drug rehab program. We utilize a wide variety of clinical support while offering a robust approach to treatment. We offer small, focused groups and small caseloads so that everyone receives one on one counseling support while in treatment.

Need an Inpatient Rehab in Texas?

Summer Sky Treatment Center is full-service alcohol and drug treatment program located in the State of Texas. We have been offering medical detoxification, inpatient rehab, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient treatment for over 34-years in Texas. We are one of the best alcohol and drug treatment centers in the State of Texas. If you or a loved one need an alcohol rehab or drug rehab, then call our admissions department and speak with one of our admissions specialists at 1-888-857-8857.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Locations:

Summer Sky has a longstanding relationship with men and women from Austin, Abilene, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Waco and San Antonio, Texas. We have developed an extensive network of treatment provider relationships and Alumni in all these regions. We are truly Texas-based alcohol and drug treatment center.

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