Indiana Addiction Centers

Summer Sky is an established addiction treatment center that makes individualized care for our patients a top priority. No two journeys are going to be the same, and we encourage our patients to let us know what their vision is for sobriety, so we can help them reach their goals. We provide clinical care and therapeutic activities, so each person is able to experience a healthy approach to recovery that also teaches life skills moving forward.

Our Indiana addiction treatment centers are Joint Commission Approved for Drug Treatment. While we have some of the lowest treatment costs, we never compromise on our treatments. Our mission is to help you recover with integrity in every phase from realizing there is a problem with addition to detoxing to developing skills to prevent a relapse.

We Have Many Rehab Programs to Choose From

When you choose to get addiction treatment, our addiction recovery expert will give you more information about the treatments and what you can expect from each one. There are 90 and 30 day rehab treatments as well as outpatient programs. You can also get involved in an intensive family programs, holistic care, and more.

We Provide the Best Care for Our Patients

At our addiction treatment center in Indiana, we have doctors on staff and all of our professionals have specialized training and experience in addiction recovery. One on one and group counseling are available, and we don’t just gloss over topics, but we explore them to ensure you get the most out of each session. Throughout the clinical care and therapeutic activities, you will start to notice a transformation for the better.

Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out to Summer Sky for Affordable Prices

The prices for our Indiana addiction treatment center are affordable and private. We accept insurance and an admissions specialist can answer all of your questions, so you are prepared for the stay at Summer Sky. Don’t leaved your addiction untreated because it can be dangerous to your health and harm relationships with family and friends. Let us be your solution for a sober life and begin by contacting us today. Simply call or fill out the quick online contact form for a quick response.