Substance Use Disorder In-Network Treatment Centers

What are the benefits of attending in-network alcohol or drug treatment Center?
There are different types of alcohol & drug treatment programs available. Many alcohol and drug treatment programs choose to focus on accepting in-network insurance coverage for consumers. These treatment programs have contracted with insurance companies to help individuals and families save financial resources. When a consumer selects a treatment provider for alcohol or drug treatment that has contracted with a managed care health insurance company the consumer is making a choice of helping maintain the cost of treatment.

Addiction Treatment Center Levels of Care?

There are different types of levels of care available for those desiring to utilize in-network insurance benefits. Some of the available levels of care are medical detoxification, Inpatient Treatment, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization and Intensive outpatient treatment. Each level of care is covered by traditional health care coverage if a person can meet certain medically necessary criteria for that level of care. Each person is assessed to make sure they are appropriate for each level of care.

Quality Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs?

Many substance use disorder treatment programs are licensed by the state that they operate in, and if they are accepting in-network insurance, they are usually also accredited by an accreditation organization. Two of the known accreditation bodies are The Joint Commission and CARF. Both accreditation bodies help to ensure that quality addiction treatment is taking place at the treatment center. Something to consider is that those that are accredited are usually in-network treatment providers and this can help to keep the treatment provider focused on providing quality treatment for maintaining their accreditation status.

Contact the Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program

Remember to contact the substance use disorder treatment provider to find out if they are an in-network treatment provider for your insurance plan. They can verify that the coverage is accepted prior to admission into the treatment program. When you pick an in-network treatment provider for the treatment, you are also making a choice to protect yourself. To maintain an In-network status with insurance companies, treatment providers must provide quality treatment to maintain that status.