Illinois Addiction Centers

When you or a loved one requires the attention of professionals due to an addiction of drugs or alcohol, reach out to Summer Sky. Summer Sky is different from other Illinois addiction treatment centers because we merge therapeutic activities with our exceptional clinical care mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of recovery are all addressed. We want to give you the best chance to have a full recovery and live a clean and sober daily lifestyle. Our Illinois addiction treatment center is fully staffed, so each patient gets individualized support and attention.

Do You Know the Signs That a Loved One Needs an Addiction Center?

If you wonder if you need to reach out to our addiction treatment center for a loved one, there are a few signs that can help alert you there is a problem. If the person has lost their moral compass, isolates themselves away from friends and family, is no longer interested in hobbies, and has started to struggle with work and finances, it could be due to addiction.

Do You Know the Importance of the Different Stages of Recovery?

Once you’ve noticed the signs, the next step is to admit yourself to addiction treatment center in Illinois, or to have an intervention if someone you care about needs help. Our addiction treatment center can help assist with the intervention, so you are prepared for the outcome.

After the patient is admitted, the detoxification happens in a comfortable environment with a medical doctor to oversee the process. You’ll start to notice after the detox is complete that you have more energy and feel healthier. Therapy activities and programs are chosen for you to participate in as you recover and learn skills that help with recovery and relapse prevention.

Do You Know How to Take the Next Steps?

Whether you are ready to be admitted today or you have a few questions, the next step is to reach out to Summer Sky. We keep our costs low to you and accept major insurance. Our admissions specialists will guide you through our treatments and let you know more information about programs for the entire family. You don’t have to accept addiction as part of your life or wait to get help. Get in touch, so you can start now.