How much does it cost to go to rehab in Texas?

How much does it cost to go to rehab in Texas?

In Texas, inpatient & drug rehabs can cost around $8,000.00 to $16,000.00 for a 30-day drug rehab program. Some Texas Drug Rehab programs can cost up to $25,000 for 30 days of treatment services. There are a few 60-day treatment programs in Texas that range anywhere from $16,000.00 to $65,000.00. Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers residential treatment programs that are more cost-effective for people looking for a rehab program.

How Do Treatment Programs Set Their Prices?

Unfortunately, price is not an indicator that one treatment program is better than another treatment program. Most prices are set by the board of directors of these treatment programs and are decided by the overall company structure and the cost of doing business.

It does cost a lot to operate an addiction treatment program and as result, this cost is passed down to consumers and in some cases managed care insurance companies to cover the cost of operations. There are a lot of services offered at these rehab programs and very few of the services are covered by insurance companies.

Most treatment programs offer a wide variety of services at their drug rehabilitation programs. Any services that are considered experimental or not customary are not covered by the health insurance plans that do business in Texas. Only evidence-based practices or traditionally covered services are acknowledged by health insurance plans.

This means the treatment centers must absorb the cost of services that are outside evidence-based practices if they choose to add certain newer or more innovative treatment practices to the people who utilize their addiction treatment services. This does increase the cost of operations for a rehab program.

The Cost of Rehab & Why Treatment Programs Vary in Texas:

Try not to look at price as the indicator of success when you are choosing a treatment program to get help for your alcohol or drug problem. The old saying you get what you pay for does not apply when it comes to getting help at a drug rehab program.

Try to stay within your budget and look for a treatment program that will meet your immediate needs and also save on your financial pocketbook. You can’t throw money at addiction and expect that it will solve the problem. Instead, look for quality measures that indicate that a treatment program is operating at expected levels within the addiction treatment community in the State you live.

The overall cost of addiction is staggering to people living in the United States and Texas is no stranger to the cost of addiction and its impact on our society. While addiction treatment may vary from one treatment program to another the cost of operation of treatment programs does increase yearly.

Licensed Substance Use Disorder Treatment versus Accreditation:

The cost of drug rehabilitation services is impacted by the fact that certain standards of care must be followed by an addiction treatment program in Texas. There are unlicensed drug rehab programs and treatment centers that are licensed by the State of Texas. The best idea is to choose treatment from a licensed substance abuse facility as this will protect the individual who is entering the treatment program.

When an individual chooses to receive treatment from a licensed treatment program that treatment program must adhere to State required rules and regulations to operate their substance use disorder treatment programs. This helps to ensure safety and promote best practices across Texas that a facility is being governed by required rules that are set by state legislation.

When a treatment program is accredited, they have chosen to volunteer for more oversight of their treatment services from an outside agency that ensures to the public that treatment services are being audited and monitored to deliver the best quality services to the consumer. Many addiction treatment centers in Texas are both Licensed and accredited.

Evidence-Based Practices & Evidence-Based Treatment Services:

While there are a wide variety of evidence-based practices & evidence-based treatment services that are offered at most Texas Drug Rehabs there are some basic evidence-based treatment practices that need to be offered at a substance use disorder treatment program.

When choosing a treatment program it’s important to look at this aspect of the care you will be recovering when choosing the rehab program that you will be attending for treatment services. Below will help you determine some of the required types of services that need to be offered in treatment.

Evidence-Based Practices & Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Services Overview:

Access to 24-hour Medical Detoxification Motivational Interviewing
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Trauma-informed care/treatment
SBIRT – Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment 12-Step Facilitation Therapy & Groups
Co-occurring Disorder Treatment Relapse Prevention Therapy
Acamprosate (Alcohol Craving Drug) Buprenorphine (Opioid Use Disorders) MAT
Disulfiram (Alcohol Use Disorder Drug) Naltrexone (Alcohol Use Disorder & Opioid Use Disorder Craving Intervention Drug)
Drug counseling individual and group therapy Motivational enhancement therapy
Multi-dimensional family therapy Psychodynamic Supportive–expressive


Quality Treatment Services:

While it is true that addiction is a very complex illness it is also a treatable disease. When a person uses addictive substances for extended periods of time or for a prolonged time the brain is affected by the chronic use of addictive substances.

The overall function and behavior of the individual with substance use disorder are impacted by the addiction. The brain’s structure and function will result in changes that have been known to persist after alcohol or drug use has been discontinued.

There is an elevated risk of relapse as the brain is healing from the addiction. It is best that an individual be enrolled in residential treatment for a minimum of 90-days to avoid potentially devastating consequences

Quality Treatment Programs offer multiple modalities of care to help people recover from their substance use disorders. Below is a list of affordable treatment options that offer quality treatment services.

Summer Sky Accepts Most Private Health Insurance Plans

Quick Pricing of Quality Texas Drug Rehabs Below:

30-Day Addiction Treatment $ 8,000.00* 60-Day Addiction Treatment $16,000.00*
90-Day Addiction Treatment $24,000.00* Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Track™ $8,000.00*
Medical Detox & Stabilization Program* $4,500.00 Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program $4,200.00

*Detox Included with the above addiction treatment specials “Limited Time Offer”

Addiction Treatment & Recovery Texas Drug Rehabs Special Rates

Texas 60-Day Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab

90-Day Texas Drug Rehab Programs


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